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Beginners in Airsoft


For a beginner, airsoft may seem quite complicated and requires a long preparation of the game, however - this is not so. Now in all of Russia there are enough airsoft clubs that not only look for experienced players, but also provide training for everyone, either provide equipment and weapon rental services, as well as organize small events for parties, corporate parties and just having fun with friends .

How to learn to play airsoft

First of all, if you want to start playing airsoft on an ongoing basis, you will need to go to any airsoft club closest to you - most representatives of professional airsoft players are very friendly to beginners. The knowledge from our article will be more than enough for you not to look like a complete layman and teapot.

Contrary to popular belief, physical fitness, although highly desirable for playing airsoft, is not absolutely necessary. Moreover, people with disabilities can even play airsoft - at some events they are assigned appropriate roles that do not require constant movements and high physical exertion.

You can also watch a series of detailed instructional videos, such as “Airsoft for Dummies,” which explain in detail and clearly not only the game process, but also all the terminology used by airsoft players. From video tutorials you will learn a lot of both the basics, the minimum necessary for the game, and small tricks, and subtleties that are by no means obvious even to relatively experienced airsoft players.

What do you need to play airsoft?

The minimum set necessary for the game is, first of all, the weapon itself. There are a lot of varieties of airsoft replicas of this weapon - they can imitate original models both in terms of weight and size and in rate of fire. At the same time, the cost of the cheapest weapons options may differ from the most expensive by twenty or even fifty times. Weapons are represented by pistols, submachine guns, machine guns and even sniper rifles, providing a firing range of more than 150 meters.

Also, airsoft guns differ in the construction principle - they can be either spring products called “spring” - when the shot is provided by the energy of a self-charged spring, or gas-cylinder models, where the shot comes from the energy of compressed air or other gas in a pre-purchased sealed container. The most popular for airsoft are electromechanical drives, where the shot is provided by the battery, which is responsible for pumping air by the piston, feeding the projectile from the hopper into the hop-up camera and the subsequent shot. Electromechanical actuators make it possible to fully realize the possibility of fully automatic fire, while springs require manual jerking of the shutter after each shot, and gas-cylinder models provide only semi-automatic firing.

In addition to the weapons themselves, you will need protective equipment. Its main element is durable ballistic glasses, which can be purchased at any airsoft gun store. They must withstand the impact of the ball at a speed of more than 170 meters. The choice of points should be approached very responsibly and, be sure to test them with a point-blank shot at every airsoft event.

The body of the airsoft player is usually protected by high-quality tight camouflage, unloading and other necessary elements of military clothing. With such a minimum, you can be sure that you can easily participate in almost any airsoft event. Of course, many experienced reenactors-airsoft players devote much more time to their clothes and equipment - this applies both directly to the elements of clothing and the weapon itself. So, during the reconstruction of any specific special forces, only such assault rifles, pistols and rifles that are used by him in reality are allowed to be used, and clothing should fully comply with the prototype.

Airsoft Limitations

Many beginners are interested in how many years you can play airsoft in Russia. Such restrictions are often set individually, depending on the airsoft club and specific events. In general, everyone who has the appropriate equipment and has reached the age of majority is allowed to participate in large-scale events, however, it is often possible for people of 16 years of age to participate in such games if they have permission from guardians or parents.

Smaller events allow children from fourteen years old to participate, and specially organized games using weakened weapons and carefully prepared training grounds with professional supervision can be safe for younger children.

Limitations for playing airsoft also include the presence of various diseases, however, the responsibility for informing them lies directly with the participant himself, so you need to adequately assess your strengths and capabilities. In any case, at most events and in most clubs, airsoft players will try to provide opportunities for participation to any person, even with a disability, so almost everyone can participate in such events.

How to start playing airsoft?

In order to try to play airsoft, for starters it’s enough just a desire and an amount of about 1000 rubles (it costs about 3 hours to play with rental equipment in the city’s clubs).

To start playing airsoft is best with a visit to one of the airsoft clubs in your city. For example, in the city of Yekaterinburg at the time of writing, there are 3 clubs: the Stalker club, the Center club and the Delta airsoft club.

There are 2 options for playing in the club:

  1. If you have friends from 6 people who want to play airsoft, it is best to order a separate game in the airsoft club. So you can get acquainted with the basics of airsoft in relatively calm conditions.
  2. If you don’t have the right amount of friends to play, you can visit one of the open regular games, which are usually held in airsoft clubs several times a week. Anyone from a beginner to a professional can take part in such games. Here, it’s most likely that it’s impossible to get acquainted calmly. You will immediately fall into the heat and thick of the battle. But the adrenaline and sensations here are definitely more hapnet.

Why is it worth starting an acquaintance with airsoft precisely from visiting a club? I already wrote in an article about choosing an airsoft weapon, but I think it’s worth repeating the main points in this article:

  1. The club usually employs experienced instructors who will tell you all the rules before the game, show you how to handle airsoft guns, teach you the basics of safety, show how to charge stores, change batteries, switch fire modes, etc.
  2. In the club you can hold several airsoft guns in your hands, which is very useful before buying your own kit.
  3. In the club you can meet exactly the same loners as you, find a team and start attending airsoft games together
  4. To play in the club you do not need to have your own equipment, you can rent everything.

After the first visit to the club, it usually becomes clear whether you like airsoft or not.

What is recommended to do before buying an airsoft gun?

The most correct decision would be before buying to try to find a team, and already based on the requirements for the equipment of this team to start assembling a kit. Information about the city’s teams can usually be viewed at the local airsoft forum. For example, in Yekaterinburg there is a forum, and there is a team section on it.

But usually in this way, few people go and buy equipment and weapons based on personal preferences, and only then when they find a team everyone sells and buys what is needed.

What else do you need to buy besides airsoft weapons?

For a full game, in addition to airsoft weapons, you need the following equipment:

  • Protective glasses. I must say right away it is worth buying only specialized glasses and in no case should you buy construction glasses. You can put yourself at risk of losing your eyes. Suitable glasses cost from 500 to 1500 rubles (you can and more expensive, but there is no special meaning).

  • If you plan to play in buildings, be sure to buy yourself lower face protection. The best option is a mesh mask, as it is easy to breathe in it.

  • Comfortable berets or military boots . Playing in berets is much more convenient than in sneakers especially in clubs where the concrete floor is often strewn with balls. In sneakers, you will slip and fall in corners. Checked. (By the way, here is a reviewer of one good model of shoes from Garsing)

  • Gloves with knuckle and finger protection. Everything is very simple in knuckles and fingers often flies in and is pretty painful. It’s better to protect them. Gloves are better to buy full, without cropped fingers. To get a ball under the nail is not a pleasant pleasure.

  • Additional stores (mechanical or bunker) for your airsoft gun. Here I think everything is clear. And a loader, a device for charging mechanical stores.

  • Unloading vest with magazine pouches. It’s not convenient to carry shops in your pockets, it’s much more convenient to use special pouches for this.

  • The form. Run and wallow in dust, earth, etc. best in special tight form. Regular clothing will become unusable very quickly.

  • Extra batteries. Usually one battery with intensive shooting is enough for 3 hours of play (tested on regular games in the club). It is highly advisable to have at least one spare.

  • Balls. Here, too, everything is clear without them you can’t play. The only thing I want to add is different weight. For the building enough 0.2 gram balls. In open games it is better to take 0.23, 0.25 their wind blows less. The most popular manufacturers of balls: G&G, Guarder, Aim Top.

You can also immediately get a collimator or optical sight, depending on where you are going to play. To help understand the issue of choosing a scope, we wrote a separate article about which sights for airsoft guns happen and why they are needed.

If you buy all of the above, then in terms of equipment you are ready to play airsoft.

Where and with whom can I play airsoft?

  1. Go to regular games in the city's clubs. Playing with your equipment is much cheaper than with a rental. Usually from 250 to 350 rubles for 3 hours of play
  2. Ride open airsoft games, which are usually held during the summer period on Sundays and on holidays. This is much more interesting, since up to several hundred people can usually take part in such games. In time, such games usually last from 6 to 48 hours. Ticket price from 300 to 2000 rubles. Often these games can only be accessed by a team; for some games, loners are not allowed due to various organizational reasons.

Hence the answer to the question: "With whom to play airsoft?" If you want to get all the sensations from airsoft, look for a team.

So to summarize. To start playing airsoft you need:

  1. Desire to start playing
  2. Try playing at the airsoft club
  3. Buy airsoft guns and equipment
  4. Try to find a team
  5. Start attending airsoft games!

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1 - The airsoft drive is not an anti-aircraft gun, and not an ultra-precise rocket!

Not the optimal fire mode - a mistake that is inherent in so many airsoft players, and not only for beginners. This includes shooting too long bursts, and the tactics of “super sniper. In airsoft it is not necessary to aim at one enemy for a long time, planning to send him to the carrion from the first shot, with only one ball. Airsoft game where maneuverability plays an important role - participants almost constantly move from one position to another, and even an experienced sniper has a hard time targeting moving targets. What can we say about beginners, whose shooting skills are usually very far from ideal. So remember - if you are a beginner, do not try to sniper.

However, do not rush to the other extreme and water the enemy with generous packs of balls. Shooting in short bursts is considered the most effective - here, as everywhere, the “golden mean” rule applies, combining reasonable economy and competent ammunition consumption.

2 - Airsoft player not a cornered mouse!

The second unpleasant mistake of a beginner in airsoft is a very long stay behind shelter - in especially neglected cases, a beginner sits behind him throughout the game, only occasionally changing his position. Some newcomers, and not only newcomers, are very much afraid to be beaten, and as a result try not to hang out during the whole game because of shelter. Such tactics will not bring victory - after all, a static target is easier to destroy than a moving one. A more experienced opponent will very easily find a player who does not crawl out of cover, after detection will find a way to get to such an easy target, and eliminate it with minimal effort. In addition, a person sitting in a shelter and not protruding from it is poorly informed about the situation around him, information about what is happening on the playing field does not reach him, and therefore such a player cannot fully control the situation. Well, even if we discard all factors of tactics, it’s worth considering at least that sitting in a bunker is unlikely to make you feel the whole range of emotions from airsoft departure.

3 - Straybolist social creature

Silence and isolation is another mistake of a beginner in airsoft. Almost all airsoft scenarios involve team interaction. It follows from this that the more efficiently the players interact, the better and more successful the battle of the team as a whole will be. It is necessary to use gestures and voice to the maximum in order to communicate with the players of your team and to be in the know yourself. This rule always works, except of course when you are a sniper. However, snipers are most often experienced players, but it is better for a beginner to first learn how to correctly interact with teammates

4 - Came to airsoft, do not be afraid to get dirty

Bound movements and excessive caution. No need to be afraid on the site to make the wrong move, somehow get up wrong. Your stiffness in the hands of the enemy. It is necessary to try to be faster, more resourceful, sharper than him. No need to be afraid to fall behind cover, crawl to it. Remember - you’ll get dirty anyway sooner or later, it’s better to get used to it as soon as possible.

5 - The “killed” airsoft player is still happy with the game

Fear of "being killed" can greatly spoil the game, both for you personally and for your team as a whole. No need to be afraid that the enemy ball will find its target. This is a game, everything happens including injuries. In order to get rid of fear - it makes sense to ask someone before the game to charge you from the middle distance - this will help you get rid of unnecessary nerves about getting into the game.

It should be remembered that avoiding flying balls is much more efficient, there will be clearly planned movements around the training ground and competent calculation of several of your actions in advance. Everything is simple - the enemy, even more experienced, is also a person. He is just like you vulnerable, and just as afraid does not want to be killed - the more experienced, the easier the player will relate to such things. It is better not to think about defeat, and that you have to stomp into the carrion - you have to go into it anyway, but the constant fear of being killed will only spoil your impression of the game.

We hope that these tips will help you quickly change the status of "Newbie" to the status of "Inveterate Player"! Good luck in airsoft!