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Kristen Stewart Style: Just Be Yourself


The basics of the wardrobe of one of the main heroines of the Twilight Saga.

Andrey SadovApril 9, 2019

Kristen Stewart's style is a reflection of the girl’s inner rebellious world. Her first stellar outings did not differ in her special ability to select outfits, as well as combine fashionable clothes in one image. Her images more closely resembled the outfits of a teenage girl than one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. And only after meeting with the Chanel fashion house and personally with the genius Karl Lagerfeld, did the Stuart style undergo serious changes, and more and more often on the carpet paths could we see the lady in luxurious dresses and restrained combinations. In honor of her birthday, we decided to find out what the basics of Kristen Stewart's style are.

Jeans take a leading place in the wardrobe of the girl. In it you can find both skinny models and pipes, “boyfriends”. Stuart explains his jeans love very simply: it’s convenient to travel in them, and they also always look good and stylish. And the way Kristen combines jeans with t-shirts, massive boots and chains can only be envied.

Actress's lifestyle

With the naked eye you can see: Kristen is a freedom-loving person, and this, apparently, just impresses her fans. Before talking about makeup, hairstyle and her wardrobe - external attributes, I would like to draw attention to the fact that all this is a reflection of what a person has inside. Kristen Stewart's personality is seen primarily in how she behaves. She will never force herself to smile if she does not want to do this. But if she is in a good mood, Kristen is not shy to show her emotions - she laughs from the heart.

And she is not afraid to make a mistake, look stupid and not be perfect. If wrong - immediately apologize, and maybe even publicly. If you make a mistake, you won’t regret it and take it as a lesson for the future. And to be always and in everything ideal is impossible, she believes, and it is impossible not to agree with this.

The main thing to learn from this very young girl is to always act according to one’s own mind and not look back at the opinions of others.

This inner freedom dictates the external style. It manifests itself in the peculiarities of hairstyle, makeup and dressing, which can be described as Kristen Stewart's street style.

Luxurious and seductive look

In makeup, the girl adheres to naturalness. She does not like to use a lot of makeup, she only makes up her lips a little, using pale pink lipstick or a peach-colored lip gloss - that is, natural colors. It puts a little shadow on the eyes, and mascara on the eyelashes. But it is in everyday life. Formal ceremonies are another matter. It already uses bright pink lipstick and eye makeup with the smoky-eyes effect - a thick black line on the upper eyelid and a thin one on the lower eyelid, black and gray shadows. But in this case, Kristen Stewart looks natural - both for himself and for the celebration.

For social events, the star always chooses bright makeup, mainly with an emphasis on the eyes

She loves hairstyles with the effect of slight negligence. She has a cascading haircut with bangs, which Kristen puts on her side. Sometimes she makes a bun or combes her hair up. But most often she wears her gorgeous brown hair loose, curling it for special occasions.

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Speaking about the style of Kristen, one cannot but mention her parents. The Stuart family has always been different from others. Her father, first worked as an assistant director, and then as a producer of entertainment shows on the Fox channel. The actress's mom was a television script editor. Creative work of the parents disposed to an “informal” style. Mom Kristen could easily appear at work in sneakers and a stretched T-shirt, and dad hit colleagues with a luxurious long mane and tattoos. It is not surprising that the girl who grew up in such an open environment is not used to driving herself into any kind of framework. That is why her style can be described as bold, bold and even a little defiant. She easily demonstrates her personality and in this review we will explain in detail how she does it.

What impression does Kristen Stewart show?

The image of Stuart gives the impression of a rebel girl who is not used to obeying boring social norms. Her image speaks of a bold personality, free from prejudice and stereotypes. The style of our heroine is saturated with protest, audacity and freedom.

What demonstrates: rebellion, courage, challenge, insolence.

Now let's see in detail how she does it?

Prefers grunge style.

Kristen puts comfort at the forefront. The opinion of the people around her about herself does not bother her. Plus, she is a supporter of freedom from formalities. That is why grunge style is her favorite method of demonstrating her personality. Jeans, a checkered shirt worn over a T-shirt, comfortable shoes and an image are ready.

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Chooses a street style

In her wardrobe you can find casual t-shirts, boyfriend jeans and, of course, sneakers. As an adherent of a relaxed and comfortable style of clothing, Stuart could not help but use the style of street style. A stretched T-shirt falling from the shoulder brings swagger to the image and emphasizes its rebellious spirit against everything luxurious. The actress complements her outfits with sunglasses and accessories in the form of leather bracelets and metal pendants.

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Chooses leather clothes

Our heroine is a fan of leather wardrobe items. As a rule, she prefers leather trousers. Kristen chooses skinny pants and combines them with almost everything: a sweatshirt, an oversize sweater, an elongated jacket, shirt or sweater. She sets off the brutality of this element of clothing, completing the image with neat pumps and lipsticks of berry shades.

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Chooses a suit in combination with sneakers

Our heroine is a girl with a pronounced ability to demonstrate her personality. That is why she does not follow trends, but creates them herself. And the costumes that the actress combines with sports shoes are proof of this. She combines classic business trouser suits with T-shirts, already introducing relaxation and some protest against harmoniously folded classic combinations. Stewart completes outfits with comfortable athletic shoes, casually tucked-up jacket sleeves and bright lipstick.

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Chooses a crop top

Kristen, who joined the celebrity world, does not seek to surrender to him with all her heart. Instead of breathtaking maxi length dresses, wound Hollywood curls, the actress chooses a crop top and a midi length skirt. The wise director Woody Allen, not in vain invited her to the main role of the film "Social life". Unlike his heroine, Stuart is in no hurry to betray his worldview. But who knows, maybe the luxury and chic of social life will still prevail. In the meantime, she remains the same rebel who deviates from the long-accepted rules.

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Prefers mini length

Dresses and mini-length skirts emphasize the slender legs of the actress. In addition, this is another worthy way to demonstrate your bold and somewhere bold temper. In combination with high-heeled shoes, our heroine is irresistible. Unusual eye makeup emphasizes her personality. The right decision is the lack of catchy accessories, because this method attracts attention precisely to the person, and not to the image elements of its owner.

Kristen Stewart Clothing Style

The actress’s wardrobe consists of several basic elements:

  • Jeans. They can be called the hallmark of Kristen. It is difficult for her to do without this extremely convenient thing during numerous flights as part of promotions. Mostly she wears blue skinny models or narrow “cigarettes”. Sometimes he puts on boyfriend cut jeans.
  • Sneakers. In this shoe Kristen is almost always and everywhere. As an option - lightweight "converse" or T-shirts. But she exchanges them for heels with a great creak, preferring to wear her favorite shoes even for evening dresses. With her light legs, sneakers under the skirt are no longer considered bad manners.

Familiar "street" celebrity attire

  • T-shirt. Her favorite T-shirts are with the names of rock bands and other rock symbols. She wears voluminous models and often ties them on her side - this is Kristen's signature technique: it’s both more convenient and her tummy to demonstrate. Hole T-shirts are also in her style. Such things allow you to look and feel relaxed.
  • Shirt. Over rock t-shirts, Kristen often puts on her favorite plaid shirt in the style of American lumberjacks. There are other men's shirts in her wardrobe. She wears them wide open, and combines with narrow black trousers and - you guessed it right - sneakers.

A plaid shirt is one of the most beloved things in the star’s wardrobe.

  • Hoody. A comfortable sweatshirt with a hood replaces her men's shirt when you need to dress warmer.
  • Jacket-jacket. Black and red quilted jackets fit perfectly into her rock image.
  • Shorts. Kristen puts them on rock band concerts. They have a minimum length and the most democratic look. Can be trimmed from faded denim. Once she wore burgundy shorts, which she put on without any second thoughts, but it turned out that she had launched a new fashion. It always happens to individuals.

Shorts can be a great addition to even a stylish look.

It’s useless to imitate Kristen Stewart (although something, of course, can be adopted). To look like her, you must remain yourself.