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How to cook homemade citro


In the Soviet Union, the appearance of yellow tanks with the draft inscription “Kvass” was associated with the onset of summer, sometimes relaxing on shady streets and flowering of nature. Delicious barrel kvass was a kind of visiting card of the era. Modern manufacturers do not do this anymore. Despite the wide variety of sweet carbonated drinks, bottled kvass and beer of all sorts and tastes, many irresistibly want to drink the same, Soviet kvass with a rich aroma and special taste.

To try this wonderful drink, you will not need so many ingredients:

a) 3 liters of boiled water,
b) half a glass of sugar (130 g), can be replaced with honey,
c) a little raisin,
d) half a loaf of rye bread of any kind,
d) about half a pack of dry yeast (25-30 g).

Bread is cut into pieces and dried on a baking sheet in the oven without the use of butter. Readiness is determined by the appearance of a golden brown. After that, the bread is poured with boiling water in a three-liter jar. When the temperature reaches about 37 degrees, add half the sugar and yeast to the container, which are previously diluted in a glass of warm boiled water. We close the jar with a lid and leave it in a warm, shaded place for two days. Then we express the kvass from the bread into a new container, add the remaining sugar and raisins, mix, pour into convenient bottles, which we put in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The drink is ready!

In the USSR, the Citro carbonated drink became a household name - over time, it was so fond of people that they began to call it any kind of lemonade, not even lemons. The original drink is an incredibly tasty combination of citrus juices of lemon, mandarin and orange, as well as vanilla. To prepare soda, you will need:

a) 2 cups of soda or just sparkling water,
b) 2 cups of plain water
c) 1 cup sugar
g) 3 lemons,
e) 1 mandarin,
g) 1 orange,
h) vanilla.

Rub the zest of one lemon on a grater, add the juice of this and all other fruits to it. All the ingredients received are sent to an enameled pan with sugar and plain water. Boil for 10 minutes, filter after cooling. Add soda or soda water and send to the refrigerator.

Baikal was a kind of response to the release of American cola, but its composition was significantly different in a positive direction: useful extracts of Eleutherococcus, licorice root, St. John's wort gave strength and strengthened immunity, and essential oils of laurel, eucalyptus, lemon and fir gave a peculiar taste. Ingredients for home cooking:

a) 10 g of powder or licorice root,
b) 10 g of Eleutherococcus,
c) 10 g of St. John's wort
g) 10 g of fir needles,
d) half a lemon,
e) 200 g of sugar,
g) 3 liters of water.

Mix all herbs, fill with hot water and let it brew for three hours. Filter and heat so that you can dissolve the sugar and add squeezed lemon juice. Let cool. To make the drink carbonated, it must be passed through a siphon, or part of the water should be replaced with carbonated (add to the finished infusion).

This drink replaced sweets and cakes for Soviet children. It is not only tasty, but also improves digestion, has an antiseptic effect. To prepare one portion you will need:

a) 1 juicy pear,
b) a third of the lemon
c) 200 ml of soda or just sparkling water,
g) 1.5 teaspoons of sugar or sugar syrup.

Mix juice from pear and lemon with sparkling water, add sugar to taste and stir. The resulting drink is left to brew for 20 minutes, then cooled in the refrigerator or add ice to it.

The main component of the drink is tarragon (tarragon) extract, a popular Caucasian plant. It helps strengthen blood vessels, refreshes well and improves digestion. At first, the color of soda is yellow, the usual saturated shade is given to it by a dye that is better not to use at home - it does not add any benefit. Composition:

a) a bunch of fresh tarragon,
b) half a lemon,
c) 1 lime,
g) sugar or icing sugar to taste,
e) sparkling water.

Cooking homemade lemonade

We wondered, “How to make homemade lemonade?” Your appeal is exactly at the address. Today we will tell you about the three best recipes for making homemade lemonade based on the popular citrus fruits - lemon, lime and of course orange. Lemonade is prepared at home in a very small amount of time, your maximum preparation of one recipe will take about 10 minutes. Let's not beat around the bush, let's move on to our recipes.

Lemon lemonade

The first recipe will be classic, based on a lemon. You must admit that many of you associate the word “lemonade” with this citrus fruit. Homemade lemonade made from lemons is a very invigorating and illuminating drink that will help to cheer up after a hard day's work. The recipe for homemade lemonade on lemons is as simple as possible and requires a modest list of ingredients for its preparation:

  • 6 large thin-skinned lemons.
  • 250 grams of granulated sugar.
  • 600-700 ml of cold filtered water.

The list of products is clear, now the process of preparing a soft drink. We will outline the action plan step by step, so that you can handle the cooking without any problems and your family will not “die” of thirst while you “conjure” in the kitchen:

  1. You can use an electric juicer, or you can take a manual variation of the “pressure” of the juice. Wash all citrus fruits and pass through a juicer. As a result, you should pour about 200 ml of pure lemon juice. Whoever has neither a juicer nor a manual unit can do everything with handles. Here the preparation of citrus juice will be a little tricky. We put the washed citruses on the countertop, put a palm on one fruit and begin to roll it, rolled a little, switched to another citrus. And so with all the yellow fruits. We take a sharp knife and cut the sour fruit into 4 slices and squeeze the juice from these slices into a bowl.
  2. We take a large decanter, pour the crushed or squeezed lemon juice into it, pour sugar into the same place and pour in cold water. Well interfere. Done!
  3. We take beautiful cocktail glasses, pour our homemade lemonade from lemons there, insert the tubes, and we plant the beautifully sliced, thin slice of lemon on the wall of the glass. And the last “chord” is the addition of ice cubes.

All gentlemen, your sour, heat-saving drink is ready, drink it to your health!

Lime lemonade

The next recipe for homemade lemonade is lime, this variation of the soft drink is no less tasty and invigorating than in the previous recipe. Yes, and it is prepared on its own, in the same short time as the lemon version of the drink. There are few components for cooking:

  • 800-900 ml of water, naturally cold and filtered.
  • 3 limes.
  • Fresh sprigs of mint - 5 pcs.
  • Brown sugar - 1 cup.

The instructions for making this homemade lime lemonade with mint are not complicated. Culinary specialists, we repeat step by step for us:

  1. Take a ladle, pour 50 grams of water into it and throw 3 sprigs of fresh mint, put the ladle on a burning stove and boil water for about 2 minutes. Pour all the prepared sugar and start mixing. With constant stirring, cook mint syrup for another 15 minutes. At the end of time, remove the bucket from the heat and let the syrup cool completely.
  2. We wash all the limes, arm ourselves with a sharp knife and cut all the citrus fruits into quarters. We send lime slices to a blender, pour 200 g of cold water there too. We turn on the equipment, grind everything into a greenish "liquid". Ready slurry must be poured into a carafe, but only well filtered from the cake. We take a sieve and begin to pour the lime "solution" into the carafe. We do not throw out the remaining cake, but again we put in the blender bowl pour 200 ml of water and grind everything again. After filtering, and pour the tincture of lime into a carafe. We repeat all these manipulations once more.
  3. In boiled peppermint syrup, add 100 g of water, stir and remove all the mint branches. We pour the syrup through a sieve and pour into a carafe, mix everything.
  4. Pour homemade lime lemonade into glasses where ice cubes have already been added in advance. We drop cocktail tubes into glasses and bring the drink to our friends, exhausted from the heat!

Orange lemonade

The last recipe we have left is homemade lemonade made from oranges. Some of you who are a fan of variegated drinks can compare this homemade orange lemonade with a non-alcoholic pear. There are similarities between them, but you can only evaluate their identity when you cook both recipes. By the way, we will write instructions for preparing a non-alcoholic cooker in another article! Let's get back to our citrus drink made from sun fruit. Its preparation does not differ in sophistication, so even a schoolboy will cope with it on his own. Our recipe will be designed for 4 people, so you will need ingredients such as:

  • Sugar - 250 gr.
  • 8 oranges.
  • One small lemon.
  • 300 ml ordinary cold filtered water.
  • 300 ml of sparkling mineral water, make sure that the soda is not salty!

The products for cooking are taken apart, now the scheme for preparing a refreshing orange drink, naturally painted step by step:

  1. Pour plain water into a saucepan and add all the sugar there.
  2. Using a fine grater, rub the zest in the saucepan, previously washed lemon, mix everything and send the pan to the fire. We start to cook. The fire during cooking should be small. We bring the sugar “solution” with zest to a boil, add power to the fire of the stove and cook for another five minutes, stirring all the time.
  3. Pour the cooked syrup into a deep bowl and send it to cool in the refrigerator. We wait until it becomes cold.
  4. One washed orange is cut into beautiful mugs and sent to the bowl, where the cold sugar syrup is.
  5. From the remaining washed oranges, squeeze the juice, pour it into the carafe, pour the syrup with mugs of oranges into the carafe. We stir, pour a carbonated mineral water, and also fill in ice cubes.

A refreshing homemade oranges lemonade is ready to drink, so invite all homemade ones to freshen up! We told you the three best ways to make homemade citrus lemonade, you can complement these recipes with your own specialties that will make the drinks even better.