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Tips for arranging bedroom furniture, photos of successful layouts


The main purpose of the bedroom is to provide peace and relaxation to your household. The design of the bedroom should be based on five basic conditions - this is free space, a harmonious combination of shapes, sizes, choice of colors and style, environmental friendliness of decoration materials, furniture.

In the bedroom, a person should quickly fall asleep and wake up with a light head, rested and calm. When filling with furniture and bedroom attributes, individual interests and professional are joined. In close union of these two opposites, the birth of the ideal bedroom for the order occurs.

In the photo: Interior of a bedroom in an apartment in a classic style

What can cause errors?

Departure from the intended plan in one direction or another can be, but insignificant. Psychologists believe that shortcomings in the design of the interior design of the bedroom will lead to chronic lack of sleep, and, therefore, fatigue. There can be no sound, healthy sleep if the bed creaks at every turn, the mattress is in lumps, and fresh air does not enter.

Rating errors in the selection for the bedroom

People’s perception is completely different - someone doesn’t care what bed to lie on, and for someone raising the headboard is extremely important for normal sleep. To rule out errors, one must heed the advice of professionals.

  1. The size of the furniture in the bedroom should be combined with the proportions of the room. You need to know the exact size of the berth, as the bed itself can be much larger and not fit into the bedroom.
  2. Furniture configuration requires a minimum distance between pieces of furniture of at least 70 cm. For obese and elderly people, the passage increases to 100 cm.
  3. Custom-made furniture is made without sharp corners so as not to bruise if you have to get up at night and leave the room.

When repairing an apartment, it is necessary to take into account future furniture, for example, the location near the door of the wardrobe and bed, it is better to leave at least 10 cm, otherwise a “tunnel” around the doors may appear.

Mirrors in the bedroom

Typically, all wardrobes are made with huge beautiful mirrored doors, often inlaid. But Feng Shui experts do not welcome this attribute for a bedroom. It is believed that a person should not see his reflection in the mirror during sleep. This can lead to illness and other troubles.

Psychologists also support this point of view, on the basis that in the morning when rising after sleep, a person does not look at his best, which can affect a bad mood.

Everyone can decide whether or not to stay in the bedroom at the family council. A compromise can always be found. But in a small bedroom, mirrors increase the area of ​​the room, especially if you select the appropriate wall decoration.

Two factors can be taken into account: you can’t see your reflection on the bed and mirrors should not be located opposite each other, so as not to get a mystical straight corridor to “nowhere”.

On the photo: Interior of a bedroom in an apartment in the neoclassical style

Bed arrangement

There is room for design solutions. The bed can be installed on a pedestal, using it as a chest of drawers. In a wide drawer built into the bed you can fold blankets, pillows, ironing accessories, rarely used items.

But it should be remembered that if things are stored that are simply a pity to throw away, then the energy will be negative. All accessories from the drawer should often be taken out, ventilated and not held hostage to dust.

Choosing the optimal layout

Before you arrange furniture in the bedroom, you need to make a plan of the room. This will determine how the room will look after the purchase and installation of the headset. When developing a layout, you should consider:

  • placement of windows in the room,
  • wall sizes
  • the location of the sockets for the TV, cables,
  • door placement, the presence of niches, ledges.

After that, the necessary pieces of furniture are determined and included in the general plan. By comparing their dimensions with the dimensions of the room, you will determine which elements of furniture rationally put in the room.

Attention: when planning, make sure that objects do not clutter the front door, passages in the room.

Sample plan of a bedroom with furniture

Optimal arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

Scientists have proven that the location of the bed in the bedroom affects the quality of sleep. How to create an environment that is optimal for relaxation?

There are several options for how to put a bed in the bedroom:

  • according to the general rules of ergonomics,
  • Feng Shui - it is not recommended to place the bed with your feet to the exit, this draws energy. The best option is to put a sleeping place with the headboard against the wall,
  • on the cardinal points - sleep well in the east, or north direction.
Tip: the choice of one or another variant of the environment is determined by personal preferences and a sense of comfort.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Options - Favorable Bed Placement

When arranging the furniture, it is necessary to leave passages at least 0.7 cm wide. The safe distance from the berth to the TV is 4-5 m.

Feng Shui recommendations: do not install a mirror near the bed, it reflects the negative energy accumulated throughout the day.

In the bedroom, it is optimal to place the bed along a long wall.

In a large room with two windows, a bed can be placed between them. But you should choose a model with a low headboard, which will not impede the penetration of sunlight into the room.

Variant of bedroom furnishings in a house with two large windows

How to arrange a bed in the bedroom, if the above method does not work? With a non-standard layout of the room, the berth can be installed diagonally in the corner of the room.

Attention: it is necessary to provide free access to the bed from both sides.

Diagonal bed placement - ideal for non-standard rooms

By placing a chest of drawers in front of the bed, you will balance the space. If you install a TV on it, you do not have to buy a separate stand for it.

Note: two bedside tables will not take up much space, but you can put a table lamp, a TV remote control, a book on them, put a glass of water on them.

Comfortable bedside tables should match the height of the bed

Compact storage will provide a sliding wardrobe. He will fit into any layout, take up empty space in a corner, a niche. But with a limited area it is better to use a narrow pencil case.

A built-in wardrobe with a mirrored facade will add light to the room

If you plan to use the bedroom as a study, you will need a table and chair. To set up a reading space, place a chair and install several book shelves.

An example of a functional layout of a space of 20 square meters. m

Other ways to organize the decor of the bedroom - in the photo.

How to equip a combined bedroom

Studio apartment is found in many houses. The decor of such a room is carried out on the principle of compactness and zonality. The room is divided into two zones - a kitchen and a living room, delimiting them with a screen, a partition, a podium, a bar.

Rational zoning - studio-bedroom layout

A small apartment in Khrushchev is often represented by a relaxation room combined with a living room. With a large area, in one part of the room you can put a bed, fencing it from the rest of the space with a partition, shelving, curtain. If the common room is small, it is better to use a folding sofa for sleeping.

Tip: for receiving guests it is better to get a folding table, for sitting - use a sofa bed.

An interesting way to zone the space, the layout of the hall-bedroom

How to furnish a small bedroom

The layout of a small bedroom is 8 square meters. m. complicates the environment of the room, but the problem can be solved by using compact, transformable furniture. It’s a good idea to put a wardrobe bed along one wall that serves as a storage space and sleeping area.

Note: arrange a small bedroom with light furniture, this will visually expand the space.

Some models of transformable furniture include a workplace

In typical apartments, 9 sq. M. m. And this layout of the bedroom (rectangular or square), a standard suite does not fit. It is better to put modular furniture - a bed, two cabinets, a chest of drawers or a small cabinet.

Tip: in order not to clutter up a small space, it is better to purchase a bed with drawers.

A great way to use the space without compromising functionality - how to furnish a small bedroom, photo

In modern new buildings, a 4 by 3 m room is allocated for the rest room. The optimal arrangement of furniture is determined by the features of the layout of the bedroom, the number of its inhabitants. One can be put in the corner, and the rest of the space can be furnished with the necessary furniture. If the room is for two, then the berth is located in the center of one of the walls. There are nightstands on either side of the bed. If there is a niche, free space at the door, they have a small closet.

The layout of the bedroom is 12 square meters. m. - an example of interior design

Premises with an area of ​​14-15 sq. M. - Sufficient space to create a harmonious environment. Here you can implement various styling styles - from minimalism to classics. The layout of the room allows you to install a large comfortable bed, dressing table, arrange something like a dressing room.

All that is needed for comfort is the furnishings of a bedroom of 14 square meters. m

How to furnish a bedroom 15 meters? The layout of a room of such an area allows you to place a full bedroom set. The furniture set should be complemented with beautiful textiles to create a relaxed, relaxing environment.

Noble interior in beige colors on 15 square meters. - bedroom layout, photo

Whatever the size and configuration of the bedroom, everyone wants to make it as comfortable as possible. Proper layout, selection and arrangement of furniture will help create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere in the room. And the correct arrangement of the bed in the bedroom will provide a deep and healthy sleep.

All about mattresses

If a married couple sleeps in the bedroom, professionals of any level are not advised to keep two mattresses on the same bed. Spouses should have two pillows, one large mattress and one double blanket. Knowledgeable people believe that different mattresses will lead to divorce and treason.

Whatever the size of the bed, it is not difficult to solve the problem with one mattress. There are companies that will produce it in any size.

No. 1. Competent planning

To simplify your task and not to rearrange bulky furniture from place to place, it is better think about their location in advance. To do this, you can use special programs, some of which are so easy to learn that they will suit any user who is not even very experienced in these matters. Do not forget about the numerous mobile applications: it is worth setting only the parameters of the room and the dimensions of the necessary items and dragging them from place to place at least ad infinitum until you find the best option.

An even simpler way is draw a room according to scale, mark the location of windows and doors, as well as sockets and switches. All pieces of furniture can also be scaled out of paper and moved around a conventional room until the best solution is found. The only caveat is that you need to correctly consider the size of the furniture: it is good if you already know them for sure, and do not operate with approximate values. In the latter case, the likelihood that something will not fit and the plan for arranging furniture will have to be changed is increasing.

When choosing a place for all pieces of furniture in the bedroom, first of all, it is necessary consider ergonomic rules, because this is a place of rest, and it should be convenient to relax and sleep there. That is why passage width must be at least 70 cm. Today, the Feng Shui hobby is becoming more and more popular, so many people take this philosophy into account when planning a bedroom.

No. 2. How to arrange a bed in the bedroom?

Let's start with the most important and basic subject of the bedroom - the bed. In order for the sleeping place to be as cozy and comfortable as possible, and the sleep to be healthy, it is better to consider the following tips:

  • it is better to put the bed head to the wall. So a person subconsciously creates a sense of security and tranquility. If for some reason such a layout is not possible, then you can use a high headboard or move the bed to a high piece of furniture,
  • double bed it is better to arrange so that the approaches to it are on both sides, while not forgetting that the minimum width of the aisle is 70 cm. If the bedroom is very tiny and young people live in it, sometimes this rule is neglected and the bed is moved to the wall, which is not it’s worth doing if the bedroom belongs to people aged, because getting out of bed will not be very convenient for them,
  • single bed it’s better to move it sideways to the wall - so it will look more harmonious, and it will be more comfortable to relax on it,
  • It is not recommended to place a bed by the window. Although this is a rather romantic decision, the constant drafts and cold air from the window opening do not contribute to a pleasant rest. Moreover, the approach to the window will be difficult. An exception is the case when there are two large windows in the bedroom: then a bed can be placed between them, and if the climate in the region is not very severe and the cold winters are rather rare,
  • straight across from the door the bed is also not worth it. Firstly, it is uncomfortable for sleeping, and secondly, bright light from a neighboring room with a door suddenly opened can cause discomfort. It’s better when, upon waking up, a person immediately looks at something pretty and pleasing to the eye: a picture, a flower, a window, etc.,
  • the bed is also better not to have opposite the mirror, and indeed, if a mirror is provided in the bedroom, it is better that the sleeping people do not reflect in it: the same discomfort effect is created as with the door in front of the bed,
  • an interesting solution is to put the bed in a corner and diagonal. In this case, behind the bed you get a place for a cabinet or shelf for storing the most necessary things.

Naturally, bedside tables are located on the sides of the bed. Size and design can be anything. Of course, it is better to use the same bedside tables, but today some designers advise designing the bedroom asymmetrically.

Bedroom Decor Color

The choice of color, which will become the main one in the interior of a room, depends on its functional purpose. It has long been proven that different colors affect the human psyche in different ways: some relax, others support working capacity and so on.

The most popular articles on choosing home furniture:

Accordingly, in order to equip the bedroom, it is worth choosing neutral, soft shades. The design in light colors will help to solve two problems at once: create a soothing atmosphere and visually increase the room. If the bedroom is very small or lacks sunlight - light colors will be very welcome.

Even if the bedroom is large, you can still equip it using a beige palette. Such shades are the basis of the Scandinavian style, which is now popular throughout Europe.

In the interior of the bedroom, light blue walls and cherry furniture will be in perfect harmony with each other. Textiles will help to accent: for example, a purple canopy and purple bedding.

In general, light wall decoration in combination with dark wood furniture is one of the trends of recent years. In this case, the shade of one of them may be slightly darker than the main one.

Bedroom Decor Style

The style for this room is chosen, primarily, based on the preferences of the owner. There are many options for how to equip a bedroom, but the following areas are most often used:

A country-style bedroom will resemble a room in a private house. Distinctive features of this direction are pieces of wood furniture, bedspreads, fabrics sewn from rags, carpets, paintings in wooden frames. It is impossible to equip a room in this style without the use of natural materials: they are used in the design of floors and walls, as well as in decor.

The ethnic direction is a part of the whole culture, it reflects the features of life and mentality of the country in which it arises. Unusually and original look interiors in Japanese or Eastern styles.

Ecostyle suggests naturalness in everything: natural materials, simple fabrics and neutral tones will be appropriate here. It is important that the room is as spacious and bright as possible. Wooden furniture is suitable for this area; cotton and linen fabrics are used in the design.

Минимализм – специфический стиль, который характеризуется наличием двух-трех основных цветов. В минималистичном интерьере на первом месте стоит практичность, и все немногочисленные элементы декора являются функциональными. It is worth equipping the bedroom in this direction if you like spacious, calm rooms, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

The design in vintage style is bright, unusual, in which each item attracts attention. It is based on the use of antique furniture and accessories, as well as rich colors. For a vintage bedroom, pieces of furniture that are more than 40 years old are suitable: you can use your grandmother's wardrobe or dressing table. The main materials will be wood, metal and antique fabrics.

One of the most modern styles can be called high-tech. Here, special attention is paid to technology, and the basic colors are black, white, silver and so on. To create a bedroom in this style, you can use colors such as purple, green or blue to accentuate. Another feature of this direction is unusual forms. Any items of interior and decor, ranging from beds and armchairs to shelves and lamps, may have unusual shapes to the eye.

Selection and arrangement of furniture and accessories in the bedroom

How to equip a bedroom in the house? An integral part of this process is the selection of functional furniture.

You need to think about how to place a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe and other furniture on the available area, so that there is free space in the room.

The optimal width of the aisles for the bedroom is approximately 70 cm. It is important to equip the room so that all the doors and drawers open freely. If the area of ​​the room is small, you should completely abandon the traditional cabinets in favor of the wardrobe.

If possible, it is worth placing a large four-poster bed in your bedroom - so the room will look truly luxurious.

In general, a bed is the center of a bedroom, and you can’t save on this piece of furniture. Its quality affects not only the visual appearance of the room: first of all, it ensures the quality of sleep. Those who equip the bedroom should consider buying a full bed, not a sofa.

A good bed should be at least 213 cm in length, while the width for single models is at least 99 cm, for doubles - 152 cm. It is equally important to purchase a solid orthopedic mattress. The sleeping place should be located so that it can be approached from both sides, and also the front door was clearly visible.

Mirror surfaces will help to properly equip a small bedroom: a sliding wardrobe with similar doors will visually enlarge the room.

Those who before bedtime spend time watching TV shows or TV shows should think in advance about where it will be most convenient to place a TV.

If you prefer reading, it is important to correctly equip the bedside zone. There should be a bedside table or a table, and, of course, high-quality lighting.

In the bedroom, in addition to the bed and the closet, there may also be nightstands, armchairs or ottomans, and so on. What pieces of furniture are suitable for your bedroom? It depends on many factors, the main of which is the area of ​​the room, as well as its style. If you decide to equip the room in a minimalist style - the least amount of furniture and decor is welcomed here, while a full-fledged headset will be appropriate in the classic interior.

Nevertheless, to equip a bedroom is not only to purchase furniture. It will take a lot of time to select textiles and accessories. In accordance with the style of the interior, curtains are chosen - more or less dense, neutral or bright.

One of the most practical elements of the design of the bedroom, of course, is a mirror. In addition to its main function, any reflective surface makes the room wider and free. Any surfaces can be decorated with mirrors, just do not place them opposite the bed.

An optional, but rather functional part of the bedroom is the dressing room, which is much more than a compact wardrobe with swing doors. This is a full room where you can store all your belongings, as well as change clothes. Of course, far from every room you can equip not only a place for relaxation, but also a dressing room: for this you will need an impressive area.

Wardrobe area can be located:

In the corner of the room. This option is optimal for arranging the wardrobe area in a small room due to significant space savings.

Near the bed. In a rectangular bedroom, the berth can be located near a long wall. If you use the methods of zoning the room, next to it you can arrange a place for changing clothes.

Along the wall. It is very convenient to arrange the wardrobe along a long wall in which there is no doorway.

You can allocate a place for the dressing room using a plasterboard partition, but this will only be appropriate in a room with a large area. In this case, it becomes a truly separate, independent room inside the bedroom. Another option is to equip the wardrobe by separating it with a screen or curtain. This method of zoning can be considered more acceptable for medium bedrooms, while the presence of such a border will reduce even a very small room even more.

In the question of how to beautifully equip a bedroom, decorative elements play an important role. To make the room more comfortable, these decorative components will help: paintings, photographs, elegant souvenirs. In the bedroom of spouses, paired objects always look great, whether it be vases, lamps or souvenir figures.

Bedroom Lighting

Lighting in the bedroom is different from other rooms in the house. Since it is necessary to equip a place for rest, one lighting device with bright light will not work here. It is better to install several lamps with shades that would create a soft light scattered around the room.

A great option for a bedroom - halogen lamps. They can have different color shades, and also allow you to adjust the lighting, that is, make it more or less bright when you need it.

Consider the location of the lamps so as to provide illumination of the bedside zone, mirrors, chest of drawers and so on.

A combination of general lighting with local and decorative lamps will help to equip the bedroom and make it as comfortable as possible. This will allow you to create the most comfortable level of illumination at different times of the day.

How to equip a living room-bedroom

Often in small apartments, the bedroom is also the living room. There is a need to equip it so that it can not only sleep and rest before bedtime, but also do business throughout the day, as well as receive guests. This task may seem to many to be practically impossible. If you need to arrange such a multifunctional room, various zoning methods will come to the rescue.

The creation of several zones within the same room will allow you to arrange separate places for rest and work. To divide the bedroom into two parts, you need to be guided by the general rules of zoning the premises, and also take into account what your design will be.

There are a number of techniques that allow you to equip the premises with the division into several functional zones. Speaking of zoning the bedroom, there are three main ways:

Arches are a classic zoning tool. Their presence allows you to create a sense of privacy in each of the impromptu “rooms”. A distinctive feature of these structures is that they do not take up much space and can fit into a variety of interiors.

If the room has enough free space, you can equip it using decorative designs. Shelves or glass partitions, as well as unusual elements such as a fireplace or an aquarium, can also function as zones.

Another way to separate one part of the room from another is to use a podium about 20 cm high. In this case, this elevation is not only a zoning tool: it provides additional space for storing things (in some cases even a bed is placed in it). If you are thinking about how to equip a bedroom with a podium, do not forget about lighting. The isolation of the zone in this case is perfectly emphasized by the backlight.

Very often zoning is carried out using sliding doors. Another option is the installation of furniture, which, in addition to its main function, will divide the room into parts. In the kitchen, a bar is usually used as such a “partition”.

If we talk about the bedroom-living room, here you can separate the resting place with the help of curtains. This simple solution is suitable for almost any room, while you can equip a very comfortable sleeping place.

In what cases is it necessary to visually divide a room into parts?

Firstly, it may be necessary when its different parts are intended for different purposes. For example, a bedroom can be divided into the bedroom and living room itself, or a small work area.

Secondly, zoning is very important for owners of one-room apartments. So they can equip separately the general and individual zones.

Division into zones is also appropriate when the room is used differently at different times of the day. For example, if during the day the owners spend time in it and receive guests, and at night they sleep.

Among other things, highlighting several zones in a room can be part of the design decision. Thanks to zoning tools, you can make a room visually more spacious and attractive. If you know in advance that you want to equip a bedroom with a division into zones, you can carefully think about how exactly one zone will separate from another, as well as how to better place lighting fixtures.

Lighting and zoning are closely related to each other. One ceiling light in the form of a ceiling chandelier is not the best option for a room that is divided into two parts with different functions. Use a floor lamp or sconce that will become part of the design decision.

If you need to equip a small room, try not to use bright colors in the design of the floor and walls. Plain contrasting drawings will also have a bad effect on the visual appearance of the room. Choose one neutral color for painting the floor - this simple step will immediately make the room visually larger.

How to equip a bedroom, living room and kitchen in one room? To design a studio bedroom, you must remove all partitions. The division into zones is carried out using visual techniques: the colors of walls, furniture, lighting and so on.

In the cooking area, the walls must be decorated with a practical material, such as tiles. The dining area is decorated in colors that are in harmony with the tone of the tiles, while the walls can be painted and plastered. There must necessarily be a dining table, the lighting of which will be provided by a hanging lamp.

An indispensable piece of furniture for the studio is a corner sofa: it takes up much less space than a bed. Choose a convenient point for the TV - and a full space for rest and sleep is ready. This is how you can equip a multi-functional room with the help of zoning.

How to equip a bedroom to relax: designer tips

  1. Soothing color.

Pastel colors - the best option in order to equip a room for relaxation. The bedroom is not a place that should surprise with bright details and a variety of colors. Much more appropriate are neutral, soothing shades.

  1. Use fabric wallpaper on the walls.

Wallpaper made of textile in the design of the bedroom will make the room much more comfortable. They look beautiful, pleasant to the touch and also scatter light. There is only one drawback: choosing such a wall covering will not work.

And yet there are a number of arguments why it is better to use fabric wallpaper to equip the bedroom:

they are natural and will not harm your health,

wear and moisture resistant, do not deteriorate from sunlight,

easy to clean with an ordinary vacuum cleaner,

increase the sound insulation of the room,

You can choose the color and pattern for any interior.

In the bedroom, the bed is the central object. And the high headboard is a visual accent, which is also an adornment of the interior. It is made from different materials, for example, from upholstered panels of fabric (this is also additional soundproofing).

To equip a cozy bedroom, be sure to use a carpet. It is not necessary that it covers the entire floor: a small rug near the bed is enough. The main thing is that it harmonizes with the interior and is pleasant to the touch.

  1. High-quality and comfortable mattress.

What can not be saved when designing a bedroom - it’s on a high-quality mattress. It is the key to a good sleep, which is necessary for every person on a daily basis.

Choose the height of the mattress based on the type of interior: if you decide to equip a room in a classic style, it will fit perfectly high, if you have a bed with a lifting mechanism - stop on a model with a height of 25-30 cm.

  1. Properly selected pillows.

It is practical to have pillows of different sizes in the bedroom: standard (50x70 cm) for sleeping, and more (70x70 cm) for reading. This combination is convenient to use, and also fits well into the interior of the room.

Correct bedding will help to arrange the bedroom. Elements such as a pillow in the shape of a cylinder and a blanket folded below are considered classic. By choosing this option of decor, you are definitely not mistaken: the classics always remain relevant.

Silk is really a very pleasant material in terms of tactile sensations, and also environmentally friendly. If there is such an opportunity, it is worth equipping the bedroom using silk linen instead of ordinary sheets.

Furniture items, mattress, textiles and decorative elements - all this should be comfortable and beautiful, as well as harmless to health.

Give preference to natural materials, avoiding substitutes and products with a mixed composition. Only in this way will you be able to equip a room in which it will be pleasant and safe to be.

Dense curtains - an indispensable interior of a bedroom. Without them, in the early morning the room will be very light, which does not contribute to a quiet sleep.

The most practical is the combination of dense curtains with the lungs: materials such as a veil or organza are suitable. Going to bed, you can draw the main curtains, completely blocking the access of sunlight to the room. In the afternoon, it will be easy to tie them up, leaving only thin curtains.

Pleasant aromas can be a great addition to the bedroom interior, helping to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Aroma lamp or scented candles will help to arrange a cozy bedroom. Remember that water with oil should not boil - at the same time harmful substances begin to be released.

Melissa, lavender, sandalwood and chamomile oils are suitable for use in the bedroom; you can also mix ylang-ylang, patchouli, jasmine, geranium, basil and bergamot oils.

How to equip a narrow bedroom

Narrow rooms are quite common in Russian apartments. Therefore, many are concerned about the question of how to equip a bedroom in a rectangular-shaped room with a small width. In such a situation, you need to use design tricks that will help visually adjust the shape of the room. This can help you:

Square-shaped furniture is what you need to adjust the disproportionate space. The more equilateral elements in the interior - the better. An equally important point is the location of the lighting fixtures. Spotlights placed on narrow walls can make a room visually wider. As accents can be lamps located at different levels. In this case, the central light should be diffused and soft.

There is one more nuance, the knowledge of which will help you to equip a narrow bedroom so that it looks aesthetically pleasing. You probably know that mirrored surfaces can “push apart walls” of small rooms. In the case of a narrow room, mirrors should be placed along one of the walls. You will see how the room immediately doubles - even if only visually. Nevertheless, this technique can seriously affect the perception of room space.

10 simple tips on how to set up a small bedroom

If the bedroom does not have a huge area, the question of how to equip it is a real puzzle. Below you will see ten brief tips, using which you can place everything you need in a small room, without neglecting the beauty of the interior.

  1. Choose light bedding.

As we have already said, neutral colors are the basis of the design of a bedroom. Pastel shades should be used not only in the design of the walls, but also in textiles. Bed linen should not be too bright and colorful: it is better to choose one light color that will visually enlarge the room.

  1. The bedroom should have intimate lighting.

Refusing central lighting is not necessary, but the light should be soft and diffused. Also pay attention to the size of the chandelier - if it is too large, the interior will look inharmonious. Обустроить спальню помогут настенные светильники: они обеспечат дополнительный свет, если, к примеру, вы захотите почитать.

Если небольшое помещение хочется разделить на зоны, можно использовать балдахин. Выбирайте легкую ткань, которая не будет смотреться громоздко. И все-таки, если в спальне нет рабочего стола и комната используется только для сна – от перегородок лучше отказаться.

  1. Экономьте на мебели, а не на сне.

How to equip a bedroom and save money? Naturally, you can not save on buying a bed and a mattress. For the rest, try to discard all pieces of furniture that are not explicitly necessary.

  1. Make a bright accent on one wall.

Designers advise using no more than two primary colors in the design of the bedroom. But to equip a small room, you can add one dark, rich tone to the accent wall in the color scheme. Bright paint or wallpaper on one of the walls is an effective way to expand the space.

In small rooms you have to give up many details, and one of them may be the head of the bed. Such a “sacrifice” can be justified, since it will immediately free up quite a lot of space and make the bed easier.

  1. Put the furniture on its legs.

Such furniture creates a feeling of lightness, adding “air” to the room. Therefore, a monolithic dresser should prefer a table on thin elegant legs.

  1. Think of a place to store.

By installing a massive wardrobe in the bedroom, you will immediately say goodbye to half the free space. To avoid this, try arranging storage spaces in a non-standard way. Some of them can be put in drawers under the bed, use bedside tables and so on.

Sometimes owners of small apartments have to go to extreme measures in order to equip their home with practical and comfort. Such a measure may be the second floor, on which the berth will be located.

Multifunctional furniture can be a real salvation for studio apartments. To equip such a room, you can use a sliding desk, sofa bed, transforming chair - in short, two-in-one pieces of furniture.

How to equip a small bedroom: photo

Conclusion on how to equip a bedroom

Nowadays, the choice of furniture, decoration materials and accessories for bedrooms is quite wide, and it is not difficult to choose interior elements for a variety of rooms. Shelves and drawers will help to put all things together and at the same time save space: use them to equip a small bedroom.

The main condition for a good interior is that you should be comfortable in it. Make your bedroom so that you feel as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Original design solutions that will help to equip a room can be found in thematic magazines and on the Internet. And only when you develop the project to the smallest detail, proceed directly to the repair.

Video on bedroom design guidelines

How to equip a bedroom: photo for example

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Beam above the bed

Such a construction device is often found in rooms. The beam should not be above the bed so as not to visually divide the bed into two halves.

If the building structure cannot be eliminated, then it is possible to neutralize by hanging the bells "wind music".

The bedroom does not need bright lighting and the presence of huge crystal chandeliers. It is better to place the sconce around the perimeter of the bedroom, on each side (for easy reading). The main thing is that the lighting is smooth and not bright.

In the photo: Interior of a bedroom in an Art Deco style apartment

Color spectrum

In the ranking of erroneous design decisions, it occupies a dominant position. National preferences, individual affection for a certain color can play a role.

In the photo: Interior of a bedroom in an Art Deco style apartment

Green color means peace, if the bedroom owners need it, brown means stability, purple means desire for spiritual growth. Any color should be dosed.

The interior should not be cluttered and redundant.

Number 3. Where to put the closet?

In addition to the bed, usually in the bedroom there are bedside tables, a chest of drawers or a dressing table and a wardrobe. Sometimes a TV is added to this list. If the apartment has a dressing room, then the closet in the bedroom is not so necessary, and instead of it you can put an armchair, bookcase or desktop, depending on requirements and preferences.

Usually, a closet is an integral element of a bedroom. It could be like a small wardrobe and a spacious wardrobe. In any case, it is better to put it close to the wall to save space, another excellent option is a corner cabinet, which is distinguished by excellent spaciousness.

It is not recommended to place the cabinet near the wall where the window is located, because in this case its contents will not be adequately illuminated by sunlight. It is best if the cabinet is located near the wall opposite the window or near the wall to the side of the window.

Number 4. How to position a chest of drawers?

A dresser or dressing table is another mandatory attribute of a bedroom. You can place it in absolutely any place, and if there is no mirror above the chest of drawers, then it can also be used as a bedside table for a TV, of course, if necessary, this piece of equipment in your bedroom. If the dressing table is equipped with a large mirror, then opposite to the bed it is better not to have it for the reasons described above.

It is also worth noting that in some cases a bedroom is combined with a study. In this case, the table and chair fall into the list of necessary items, and it is better to place them closer to the window in order to maximize the use of natural light. To organize a reading place near the window, you can place a chair.

No. 5. How to place furniture in a small bedroom?

Given all the rules described, arranging furniture in a bedroom is not such an easy task, and it becomes even more complicated when it comes to a miniature bedroom. In this case, you need to arrange all the necessary items, create a harmonious and comfortable space, but at the same time leave enough space for movement.

First, you need to create as many as possible storage places, and to use for this usually unused space for this purpose. So, you can surround the entire bed with shelves, use the space under the bed to store things and bedding, but in this case you need to pre-select the model of the bed with a spacious niche. Thus, a place is won, and you can refuse a dresser. In extreme cases, you can arrange a small shelf above the bed to store the most necessary things.

If even the most compact cabinet does not fit, you can replace it hanger barto hang on it the most necessary items. An interesting solution - organization the catwalk: this is how you can set aside a bed, and an additional storage space appears inside the podium. Another option is furniture transformer. Although it is expensive, but for some bedrooms - the only solution. It can be a bed, a closet or other interesting solutions. For a small bedroom, a finished set of furniture is not very suitable, as it may just not fit, but modular furniture is what you need.

Separately, it should be noted narrow bedrooms. In this case, it is better to put the bed perpendicular to a long wall in order to visually level the imperfections of the room. The only exception is the case when, with this arrangement of furniture, the distance to the walls remains less than 70 cm.

No. 6. How to arrange furniture in the bedroom, combined with the living room?

Small apartments are a problem for many of us. Often there is no separate place for a bedroom, and it is combined with the living room. It’s important distinguish two zones: personal and public. A demarcation can be a screen, wardrobe, shelving, any partition - it all depends on the style of the interior and personal preferences. It is better to place the sleeping area in the farthest part of the bedroom-living room in order to create there as comfortable and intimate atmosphere as possible.

If it is not possible to allocate a separate sleeping area, then it will be necessary for the sofa to combine two functions: during the day - reception of guests and family watching TV, and at night it turns into - a berth. Depending on how many people will use the berth, the appropriate sofa is also selected, it is important that it is laid out.

Number 7. How to arrange furniture in a bedroom combined with a nursery?

Often a bedroom, even in not the smallest apartments, turns for a while into a children's room. For cribs, in principle, any place is suitable, the main thing is that it is not near a window or mirror. The crib can stand close to the parent's bed or be separated by a changing table. For an older child, you need to allocate a small sofa and a place for toys, for a nursing baby above the crib, you can arrange a canopy.

Number 8. How to arrange furniture in the bedroom in feng shui?

If you are a fan of Feng Shui teachings, then when arranging furniture in the bedroom, you should consider these rules:

  • the best shape for the room is a square or rectangle,
  • furniture with sharp corners - taboo,
  • massive furniture, if available, must necessarily stand under the wall,
  • all parts of the bedroom should be lighted, including and corners
  • it’s better to get a bed on the legs for better circulation of positive energy,
  • placing the bed opposite the door is undesirable, but it should be located so that the sleeping person could see the door. The best place for the bed is the side wall, to which it should be turned by the head,
  • There should be a minimum of mirrors in the bedroom, and it is better to hang a picture in front of the bed.

What rules are best guided by when arranging furniture, everyone decides.


It is not enough to make a quality repair in the bedroom and pick up good furniture - you need to be able to correctly arrange it so that it is comfortable and pleasant to rest, and your sleep is healthy. To properly arrange the furniture in the bedroom, it is important to think in advance where and what will stand, otherwise you will then have to deal with rearrangement. The above tips should help you find the right place for each piece of furniture.