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How to prevent lymphedema


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4 ways to improve lymph flow and prevent lymphedema

We have written more than once about what lymphedema is and why it should be feared. Today we bring to your attention a few simple and affordable tricks that will help say no to this disease.
Everyone knows that blood circulation depends on the work of the heart - a natural pump. But the lymphatic system does not have such a pump. Lymphatic flow is provided by the reduction of skeletal and motor muscles. And as we age more often than we walk, or even more so run, the lymph flow slows down. Not only that, as a result of toxins accumulate in the body, lymphatic edema of the extremities can also develop - lymphedema, it is also “elephant disease”. Our task is to again make the lymph circulate and perform the functions of a “garbage collector”.
1. Deep breathing.
Inhale slowly and smoothly with your diaphragm, protruding your stomach as much as possible. Breathe out thoughtfully too, let the air out completely, pull your stomach in. You should feel the abdominal wall moving back and forth. Just 10 minutes a day of such breathing will open the ducts and allow the lymph to return to the bloodstream in the region of the subclavian veins (at the base of the neck).

2. Bouncing.
When we make jumps, the body at the top of the jump experiences a short-term, but very effective state of weightlessness. At this point, all valves open in the lymphatic system, so that its work is normalized. It’s not necessary to jump high, with effort, jumping should be easy. Of course, ideally it would be nice to go to the trampoline section, but home mini-trampolines will do. You can even just hop on your toes.

3. Lymphatic drainage massage.
If you don’t have the opportunity to regularly undergo a manual lymphatic drainage massage with a good osteopath, you can perform it at home - at a basic level, of course. Lymph is a single system, so you need to work not only on the hands, but also on the stomach, hips, legs.
Remember: with lymphatic drainage massage, all movements are performed without significant effort. There should not be any pain or even uncomfortable sensations. The effect is made through small capillaries located directly under the skin, so soft, warming strokes will be enough.
• Foot massage.
Sit, put your foot on a chair. Grasp the ankle from the back with your palm and gently move your hand up to the knee. 5-6 of such movements - and move on to the second leg.

• Hip massage.
Place your palms on the inside of your thighs and slowly guide them toward your groin. Perform 6–7 movements, gradually increasing pressure, then, on the contrary, weakening. Sensations should only be pleasant! You can additionally apply massage or anti-cellulite cream. To maximize the effect, use castor oil, it contributes to the outflow of fluid.

• Massage the abdomen.
Use your fingertips to make light movements around the navel in a spiral (clockwise).

• Hand massage.
It is carried out similarly to hips massage - on the inside of the hand towards the heart.

And so that the body is successfully released from accumulated toxins, be sure to drink a day, as doctors advise, 1.5–2 liters of pure water.

4. The movement.
Lymphatic flow stimulates any activity, whether it is a walk or even ... laughter. Circular movements in the area of ​​large lymph nodes — armpits, under the knees, on the elbow bends, in the area of ​​the hip joints — are especially recommended. Such exercises as a “bicycle”, circular rotation of the shoulders and knees, bending of arms and legs, and squats perfectly accelerate the lymph.
All these methods give a complex effect: they contribute to the outflow of fluid, the removal of toxins from the body, getting rid of edema and cellulite, and weight loss.