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Connecting a joystick to an Android device


Like)) looked maybe useful

for the droid the program is left, your link

double-checked, the link is correct, just apk itself is in the archive, unzip it

+ All China ok, ATP

But what if my drivers do not swing?

Does not connect in any way I have a tablet with root help

You do not have bluetooth on your tablet

+ All China I also have an adapter.

+ All China well, mini usb to usb

+ All China what is flatbed?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (SM-T525)

fit vidos! hold Lucas))). And how much does such an adapter cost? I think to connect to an average tablet in the region of 10-15t.r through a wire).

Thank you :) The adapter can be bought on Aliexpress - Link

Listen to all China. But how to configure the buttons through

Glad my video helped :)

But what if I ask for a PIN code when pairing?

Do you also need to connect the gamepad from xbox’s 360 or do you need other frauds?

Means a way with sixaxis

On account xbox not in the know

please help with connecting the joystick from ps3 to the prestigio multipad wize 3341 3g tablet via otg. Route no

+ I connect everything to China and doesn’t react as it does. Only the lights on the joystick blink

Do other USB devices work through the same adapter? (mouse, flash drive, etc.)? It just seems to me that the adapter itself does not work for you, because when I connect, the bulbs on the joystick do not blink and do not light (in the video you can see)

+ All China other devices work

+ All China on other videos through otg bulbs blink when the joystick is working

exactly the same problem

why it doesn’t work, there is Ruth but the joystick doesn’t work and the cord too!?

4.15 - look) I talked about this)) Settings are returned easily, you just need to connect the gamepad to the PS3 with a cable and it will rewrite its address)

Denis Deykov Yes i have ps4

+ All China thank you))))))))))))

Is there a way to connect a dualshock without root rights?

By bluetooth, as far as I understand, no
On the cord without ROOT, I connected to the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro without problems (the third method in the video)

+ All China I connected via OTG, does not work. (((Xiaomi redmi 3s
And the cheap MaxFire Minipad V2 infection works.

The cable is plugged on Android KitKat (4.4). For the main version of the latest android software, I need to know the software.

ok man handsome

✔ Sixaxis Controller (RUS) (for android) - I can’t set the link

I used 1 method, because there is no OTG cable. I did everything as in a video, changed the address, installed the program, gave root the program rights, turn on the gamepad and nothing happens, the tablet does not see it. I have Dualshock 4. How to solve?

Perhaps if the gamepad is 4th, the drivers may not be compatible with the android! 3rd gamepad, works on more devices

How to connect on xiaomi remdi 3s?

damn I disconnected and reconnected and it vibrates endlessly

I have drivers installed on the joystick and then error, and so many times

and 2 way with Root

The video is very useful) but there was a difficulty. Setting up the first way. after disconnecting the PC and pressing the ps button, it simply blinks quickly and does not connect to the tablet. Asus fonepad 7 fe375cxg tablet (root 5.0.1)

Thank you for that

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Really informative video! You saved my gamepad, which was gathering dust for 3 years)))

Is it possible without root?

Cemen Bogomazov no

and what for the 1st way if the 2nd is easier

Ilius Black if the device does not hold the cable or if there is no cable then the first one will go

The Lone Wolf This is also a PC)))

The Lone Wolf sympathize.

I have but not mine (╥﹏╥)

I don't have either

pc is a computer

How to get root

It all depends on the phone, google to help ..)

my pc does not recognize ds3

lul I have a visual studio for a long time

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Features of connecting game controllers on Android

First, let's consider connecting gamepads from the 3 most popular consoles - Playstation 3, Xbox360, Wii:

  1. Connecting the manipulator from the first set-top box is possible both via USB and via Bluetooth. The second method requires a special Sixaxis Controller program. It is located at.
  2. Before downloading, it is better to use another program that is located on the same Play market. The utility will check the system for compatibility with the connected device.
  3. Next, here you need to download the program and install it on your computer. After that, run the program and specify the phone address (it can be found in the settings) in the program. After clicking the Update button, the gamepad will be attached to the tablet or phone. In this way, a connection is made via Bluetooth.

It should be noted that your joystick can also be connected to a smartphone and play Android games using it. A detailed algorithm for implementing this is described here.

Setup via Micro USB

Now, let's see how to configure the joystick on Android via Micro USB:

  1. The device being manipulated must support host mode. Then, you need to download the console emulator. You can find it, for example, here. Launch the emulator, connect the game module and assign the necessary settings to the buttons.
  2. Joystick Xbox 360 via Micro USB is also connected. To use the wireless mode, you must purchase a special receiver.
  3. The Wii game controller is far from compatible with all phones and tablets. You need to download and install the Wiimote Controller app.
  4. After that, run the utility, click Init and Connect, on the gamepad itself, press buttons 1 and 2. Next, the application should detect the module, after this has happened, it remains to check the Wii Controller IME.

In these ways, you can connect the joystick to Android in almost all cases. There are controllers from third-party manufacturers, with and without a wireless function. They are identified in the system, simply as yet another device. The use of such modules in games occurs without any problems.

Connecting Android devices as a joystick to a computer

You can use devices as virtual modules for computers and game consoles. This requires a special application - the virtual joystick Android, apk file can be downloaded, for example, if you connect via Wi-Fi or when connecting in other ways. Setting up programs is very simple, just download them and follow all the instructions.