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Redness of the eyes after a shower - causes and treatment


Many people have red eyes after a shower. Changes in water temperature cause redness in people who suffer from hypertension. Redness is accompanied by itching, burning and swelling of the eyelids, if the violation is caused by irritation or allergies to detergents. For diagnosis, you need to contact an ophthalmologist or narrower specialists (cardiologist, nephrologist, etc.). Treatment is individual and depends on the diagnosis.

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Why does redness occur?

Redness of the eyes after a shower occurs due to such pathologies and conditions:

  • uveitis
  • blepharitis
  • conjunctivitis,
  • glaucoma,
  • corneal ulcer
  • allergies
  • vegetovascular dystonia,
  • head injury,
  • voltage capillaries.
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The lack of vitamins and minerals in the body and an allergy to chemical components are the main reasons why blood vessels ruptured after taking a shower.

The most dangerous cause of redness after water is glaucoma. It develops due to an increase in intraocular pressure and entails a complete loss of vision. Redness after a shower also occurs due to uveitis, which causes inflammation. If the eye itches, then this indicates the progression of conjunctivitis or blepharitis. These diseases appear due to eye infections. A change in the color of the proteins indicates high blood pressure and vegetovascular dystonia. If redness persists for a long time after taking a shower, then this indicates the development of neurocircular dystonia.

Allergy and irritation

Changes occur if funds that consist of non-natural products fall on the mucous membrane with water. Allergy differs from dermatitis in that after contact with the pathogen red spots also appear on the skin. Red eyes in a child often occur when shampoo drops fall into the eyes after shampooing and cause discomfort. The same reaction is caused by detergents, soap, etc. The mucous membrane may turn red after the pool. This is caused by the influence of bleach, which is found in water, on the organ. In addition, the eyes itch and hurt after contact with the pathogen.

Other reasons

In a healthy person, the eyes redden rarely after water, and this effect quickly disappears. But systematic violations of the capillary system occur, this indicates organ fatigue. Such deterioration is characteristic of people who work for a long time at a computer or strain their eyesight. But also redness is a sign of weak capillaries.

In addition, the causes of violations are:

  • head injury,
  • weather changes
  • the use of drugs to thin the blood (coagulants).
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What to do?

Before therapy, you need to undergo a thorough examination by a doctor who will make an accurate diagnosis. If the capillaries burst after water procedures due to dermatitis, then it will be enough to rinse them under running water without additional funds. Do not rub or scratch your eyes, otherwise the discomfort will not go away. Drops, antihistamines and anti-allergenic medicines are taken to fight allergies. It is also very important to get rid of the cause of inflammation. If the eyes turn red due to weak vessels, then doctors recommend consuming more vitamin C.

In order for capillaries not to burst after hot water, it is worth using vasoconstrictors. An effective effect is provided by Sigida Crystal drops. They reduce swelling, eliminate itching and strengthen the eyes. This allows people with weak vessels not to suffer from redness of the eyes after water. In addition, these drops help moisturize the body and make the look more fresh.

Diseases are treated with an individual approach. So, medications are used against conjunctivitis: Ofloxacin, Lomefloxacin, Ciprofloxacin. Antibacterial agents and antibiotics are used to treat uveitis. Doctors prescribe Diclofenac Sodium, Clarithromycin, Dexamethasone, Cyclopentolate. Analgesics are prescribed to relieve spasms. Antibacterial ointments for daily use are prescribed against blepharitis. Pilocarpine helps with glaucoma. This tool restores eye pressure and blood circulation in the organs of vision.

Bursting vessels are treated with the following drugs:

  • "Vizin" - removes redness after allergies or conjunctivitis, removes swelling.
  • "Emoksipin" - strengthens capillaries.
  • "Taufon" - restores and strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation.
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To strengthen the vessels of the eyes, it is advised to spend more time in the fresh air and not overwork the eyesight. You can make contrasting baths for the eyes. Cold water is collected in one container, and hot water in another. Rinse your eyes one at a time, changing the fluid in 6 sets. The diet should include more citrus fruits that contain rutin and vitamin C. Gymnastics will help strengthen your eyes. It should give vision a break from stress at work and study. Detergents that contain chemical products that cause allergies should be removed from the bathtub. During bathing or washing, the eyelids should be squeezed tightly so that water and foam do not get on the mucous membrane. In the pool, be sure to wear swimming goggles so that bleach does not injure the mucous membrane. And also you need to monitor personal hand hygiene so that the infection does not get into the eyes.

Vegetative dystonia

Redness of the eyes after taking a shower can be considered an alarming symptom only when this happens every time in such a situation. The effect of high or opposite low water temperatures affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system and causes changes in blood pressure. Therefore, if redness of the eyes passes quickly, there is no reason for excitement. But, when the eyes remain reddened for a long period, it is worthwhile to consult a doctor for examination for possible vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Allergic reaction

Redness of the eyes after a shower is often caused by an allergic reaction. Detergents containing natural ingredients can provoke its occurrence. Usually, an allergic reaction, in addition to redness of the eyes, is accompanied by skin irritation - the appearance of unusual spots on the body. True, do not unconditionally blame shampoo or soap for the problem. Quite often, an allergic reaction occurs to chlorine, which disinfects tap water. In case of allergy, as a one-time help to the body, it is worth taking an antihistamine.

Eye irritation

Redness of the eyes after a shower occurs in almost all cases of soap. The composition of substances included in detergents very often irritates the mucous membrane of the eyes, causing burning and itching. However, if this happens, do not rub them much. It is better to rinse your face with plenty of cool water and remove the remaining soap. Irritated eyes are not very fast, but still calm down and redness will pass spontaneously, without the use of additional funds. In order to prevent such a nuisance, when washing your eyes, it’s worth screwing up your eyes or buying a children's tear-free shampoo. When taking a shower together, you should avoid playing with splashes of shampoo, gel or soapy water.

Capillary weakness

Douche causes specific physiological processes in the body with abundant loss of water. When a person is healthy, water procedures do not cause special problems. However, the constant redness of the eyes after a shower may indicate the weakness of the capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels in our body. A similar phenomenon signals a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body or of existing somatic disorders. And this becomes a good reason for a visit to the doctor.

Eye overload

It often happens that redness of the eyes after a shower is caused by their overload and fatigue. This is not uncommon for office workers who spend a working day at a computer monitor, accountants, students, drivers, programmers. To avoid this, the eyes must be given timely rest, apply special moisturizing drops for the eyes, walk more often and take vitamins that increase eye stamina.

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