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What you need to take with you on a camping trip - a complete list of things


It's one thing - going out into the countryside, whether it's fishing, hunting or just a picnic with an overnight stay. As a rule, transport is always at hand, and the problem of moving the cargo is solved by itself. In the campaign everything is different - no one but a tourist will not carry his luggage. Therefore, even at the collection stage, compiling a list of things is one of the main points.

We will figure out what really should be taken with you on a hike, how to save money, and without which you can do without, and depending on all the features of the hike, we’ll make a list.

What to consider

Experienced tourists prepare carefully. A list of necessary things is compiled based on an analysis of all the nuances of the trip.

  • Season.
  • Duration of stay in nature.
  • The difficulty of the trip. This applies to the topography, climate of the area, its changes depending on the time of day. Everything is taken into account - temperature jumps, humidity, the direction of the prevailing winds, altitude.
  • Composition of the group. Not only the number of tourists is taken into account, but also their age category, the affiliation of the participants in the campaign to a certain gender. It is clear that a woman and a child will not be able to carry overall things on themselves, all the more difficult. Consequently, the main burden will fall on the shoulders of men, and literally.

Must-Have Items & Camping Accessories

A spare pair of shoes will not be superfluous in the list of things, especially for long trips. As you know, in a deserted area there is a "large shortage of shoemakers", and do-it-yourself repairs will take a long time. And how long will it last?

Stock of underwear. In what quantity, everyone will decide for himself.

Backpack. Each member of the group should have it and is selected according to size, depending on age and physical development. Read how to choose a backpack here.

Sleeping bag. Even in the summer, when going on a trip, it is desirable that everyone has it. For some reason, many believe that if you have a tent with you, then this attribute of a tourist can be neglected. But even the cheapest “sleeping bag” is able to level out unevenness of the soil and provide reliable thermal insulation. In addition, at night it will protect against various crawling, bloodsucking, and so on, which one way or another will climb into the tent. Take with you - definitely.

Those who are a principled opponent of all kinds of bags should pay attention to camping mats. Modifications of tourist models are enough. The cost of the cheapest is about 375 rubles. At least in the future, there will definitely not be problems with a stiff back, aching joints. How to choose a travel mat is well written here.

Documents and a small amount of money. Many do not think about this. But you never know what will happen in the campaign, especially the distant. Therefore, at least one member of the group must have either a passport or any other document proving his identity. Be sure to include in the list of things!

Clock. Hoping for a gadget is not worth it. How long will the battery last? And charging it is unlikely to succeed if it is really a hike, and not a banal "departure for the outskirts."

Bathing accessories. Even if there is no pond nearby, then no one will walk in the campsite in clothes, and even in the summer heat. Or shorts, or swimming trunks. Well-known "family" - not an option. Although there are people whom they are quite happy with. But how will satellites look at it, especially if people in the company are unfamiliar?

Things for baby

  • Rubber boots and replaceable shoes. At least one pair.
  • Spare clothing - at least 2 sets. Insulated trousers and a sweater in case of inclement weather should also be on the list of necessary things.
  • Jacket and pants made of waterproof material. Options - a cloak, a cape made of polyethylene.
  • Headdress.
  • Something from the toys. The practice of organizing trips with children shows that one ball is quite enough for them. It is advisable to take an inflatable. It does not take up much space among things. A good option is a flying saucer, badminton. The child will choose for himself. But you should immediately stipulate that he will have to bear it, as adult things are enough. A guarantee that he will not take anything superfluous in a campaign.

Tool and Accessories List

  • Hatchet.
  • Knife. How to choose it correctly is described in detail here.
  • Lighting device. Mostly tourists use flashlights. In this regard, LED models are preferable - read about them in this article. They consume less energy than analogues on traditional light bulbs, which means that the batteries will have to be changed much less frequently. In addition, the beam is more focused, and hits further. Options dies, candles or other sources of open fire for the tent are unacceptable. The reason is clear.
  • Matches.
  • Dishes. What exactly is needed, everyone is able to determine for himself. There are travel kits on sale that are lightweight and compact. It is better to focus on stainless steel dishes. It is easily washed even with cold water, does not burn and does not deform in the campaign. Cheap aluminum products do not last long, given the ductility of the metal. Yes, and the oxide film that goes into food is another drawback, and not unimportant.

Optional to list

In a campaign over long distances, and even in unfamiliar areas, you can not do without special tourist equipment and various means.

  • Compass.
  • Map.
  • Navigator. Someone considers it a luxury, but those who know how to use it and put it into practice have the opposite opinion. A model worth no more than 9,000 rubles is enough for a camping trip. The only thing that needs to be done is to correctly select the device (according to the radius of action, stability of communication, and so on). This is a separate topic, but the navigator will definitely not be superfluous. It is impossible to get lost with him. To the list!
  • Remedy for "bloodsucking". It is hardly worth hoping for folk. Firstly, many of them are used as prepared formulations. When to do this while camping? Secondly, the necessary herbs still need to be found. Will it work? And various perfumes, colognes, oils, if they help, then not for long - it is checked.
  • Means for disinfecting water. Own reserves for a long time will not be enough, especially if you have to cook often during the campaign. Yes, and how much can you take it with you, given the amount of everything you need to carry. Various drugs are on sale, so there will be no problems with the acquisition. The main thing is to calculate their required amount.
  • Anti-burn products. Creams, lotions and the like.
  • Sunglasses. Including for children.
  • Personal hygiene products, towels. Everything is clear here, but you should pay attention to wet wipes. Kids will have to constantly wipe their hands, and spending water on this is hardly the right decision.
  • Dry fuel. Inexperienced tourists often have difficulties with a bonfire. The problem is even more complicated if on the eve of precipitation, there is no moss or enough paper nearby. Therefore, a small supply of "flammable" tablets should definitely be included in the list.
  • Detergents and sponge. The dishes will have to be washed after eating - there is no getting around this.
  • Inflatable basin. If the trip is planned for several days, then you can wash small things in it and buy the baby out. Such affiliation will not take up much space, but it’s not worth talking about weight.
  • Inflatable Seats. They are sold in different designs. The advantage is obvious - you don’t have to sit on wet grass or moist soil, especially in the early morning when the dew has not yet evaporated.
  • Sewing supplies. Here the most necessary things are threads with needles, a pair of pins.
  • Rope. It is useful, for example, for drying washed baby clothes. But you never know for what purpose.

It is possible (and even more than likely) that the author did not take into account all. Campaigns, as you know, are very different in many ways. The rest is easy to think for yourself. For example, if the route runs along a reservoir, a fishing rod and a children's rubber ring will not hurt. Those who are accustomed to regularly use the benefits of civilization are unlikely to do without a portable radio.

In general, there is still something to think about, given the composition of the group and the inclinations (habits, addictions) of each of the participants in the campaign. Do not forget about the four-legged friend, if he takes with him. Dry dog ​​food and its plastic bowl are a must.

Useful Tips

The practice of hiking shows that the main problems of inexperienced tourists arise due to improper packing of the backpack. It is produced according to the principle: down - everything is heavy, from above - the rest, as the weight decreases. But that is not all. After completing the package, you should wear it and make sure that it does not create inconvenience when driving. It is enough to walk around the room several times, and immediately it becomes clear where it presses, protrudes, rubs, and so on.

Additionally, you should jump. Only such a comprehensive check ensures that during the trip you do not have to constantly make stops and re-arrange things, delaying the whole group.

Matches should be immediately packed in a moisture-proof material. For example, a plastic bag. Otherwise, even if they do not get wet in the rain, they will definitely become damp. It is unlikely to make a fire with their help. The same applies to food stocks, especially salt, sugar and the like. In principle, most bulk moisture is absorbed most intensively.

Alone, only experienced tourists make trips, but they don’t need advice. All the rest go in groups. Some things and accessories can be rationally distributed to all. For example, for a small team just one hatchet is enough. Knives - a pair of pieces ("miscellaneous") is enough. The same applies to other attributes - burners, pots and so on. When compiling a list, you should consider what is needed for all participants in the campaign.