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How to make “Crusher” candy


At the landfill, the roar of tanks
The target is captured,
The body is driven into the barrel by a shell
“Track,” the commander wheezed.
And no doubt defeat!
Order in the tank forces,
Always ready for battle
The scope of armor attacks.
author unknown
And again in battle, there is a war.
Enormous crowd of enemies
There were twice as many of us
And we began to understand
What will we lose teeth)
We all fought for strength
But the buffs ended amen)
I became sad, I turned pale.
I already wanted to surrender
But then they arrived.
And they took everyone to the back streets)
They covered us with their shoulder
And we were all for nothing)))
Enemies killed all at a time)
After all, this is Tank.a not special forces)))

We are going to the frontal. nerves to the limit
Around the breaks, but we hold the line
Tigers and panthers will not scare us today
We are the crew of a combat vehicle!

Steel nerves in a steel machine
Shell-cassette-shot-no enemy
Let the German T-34 know
And never rummages again!

And the snow melted from the heat of battle
But as a united system we go forward
We are faces black from burning, later we will wash away.
Hey Gray, load the machine gun!

We showered the enemy’s lead
And the enemy trembled, starting off
Moscow will not give up! Let everyone know!
And who does not know, there will be a lesson for you))

Recruit Clan Tank T-34.

There were fierce battles in the open spaces of Mosvar.
Clan wars flourished.
And so, after another fierce gear crusher, looking at the statistics of the first stage, the personnel officer of one of the indigenous clans thought: “The soldiers were tired. The guys need to relax. Swing, calmly switch to LVL, pull up the stats. And who will fight? To take youth? Where from? From the street? No, from the street you can’t. Young people need to cook. And where? Nowhere ... ... what to do? What to do? What to do? ”The personnel officer thought, thought, and the page showed the logs of heavy duels for the teeth of the enemy.

After N days.
Somewhere far, far deep in the back streets of Moscow. Where the light appears only from the flashlights patrolling, and of course, from the lamparads.
Well, in this unsightly place a small but very ambitious clan appeared with the proud name Tanchiki T-34. Peering around the corner, looking around, getting in touch with the older brother and making sure of their capabilities, the Tanchiki rushed from their place ... ... .. into the quarry, but did not calculate, and so it happened that they attacked the Poneech clan. Without hesitation, he rushed into battle.
The further history of Tanchik’s battle path will be written on the tablets of the clan’s page and in the clan’s forum.
I would like to add that .......... a soldier who does not dream of becoming a general is bad, so bad is that soldier who does not dream of becoming a Tank. Those who founded Tanchiki themselves from the Tank, and Tanks are not former. And those who will be accepted here will undergo a rigorous training program, and will prepare for transfer to the T-34 Tank.
Yes, yes, yes, what do you think? These are not toys for you, we have everything ON - ADULT.

ZY: also due to the fact that tankers are people of fine mental organization, they need to periodically rest. Veterans and especially distinguished members of the crew of the Tank will be issued vouchers for the five-star VIP-class hotel “T-34 Tanks”, but this is a slightly different story (please do not worry about married people).
For questions about recruitment to the clan, contact Lokhankin, Benjiro and Kuzhugetovna.

Dental quotes by Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Zhvanetsky is one of those authors who manage to give thoughts a laconic, sarcastic and absolutely complete form. And most importantly, in his sketches, everyone recognizes himself - although, perhaps, we would not really like this. Below are the most striking statements and aphorisms of Mikhail Mikhailovich ...

You can’t forbid to live beautifully. But you can interfere ...

One head is good, but better with the body.

It’s better to cover yourself seven times later than once with hoarfrost!

I drive too fast to worry about cholesterol!

The bald head is a clearing trodden by thoughts.

Everything is going well, just past ...

It's a shame when your dreams come true for others!

It’s not enough to know one’s own worth; one must still be in demand.

The idea came to his head and is now stubbornly looking for the brain.

It's hard to be the last bitch - forever someone sits down behind!

No matter how much you steal from the state, you won’t return yours.

While you measure it seven times, others will already cut it off.

How quickly time flies: I did not have time to wake up, but was already late for work.

Of the two evils I choose which I have not tried before ...

Born to crawl - crawl everywhere.

If you have licked your ass, do not relax - this is grease!

It’s good not just where we are not, but where we have never been!

In some, both hemispheres are protected by a skull, in others - by pants.

Nothing hurts a person like fragments of his own happiness.

Good always triumphs over evil, which means whoever won is good.

Good luck smiles on the brave ... And then he laughs at them for a long time!

Alcohol in small doses is harmless in any quantity.

Thinking is so difficult, so most people judge.

An optimist believes that we live in the best of worlds. The pessimist is afraid that it is so.

It's okay if they laugh at you. It’s much worse when they cry over you.

Wisdom does not always come with age. It happens that age comes alone.

Our freedom resembles a traffic light, in which three lights burn at once.

If relatives or friends do not call you for a long time, it means that they are doing well.

Positive emotions are emotions that arise when put on everything.

If someone has appeared who is ready to turn mountains, others will follow him, ready to turn his neck.

Real loneliness - when you talk to yourself all night and you don’t understand.

Physical education extends life by five years, but these five years must be spent in the gym.

A decent person can easily be recognized by how clumsy he makes meanness.

What is our life: if you don’t get used to, you will die, you don’t die, you get used to it.

It is better to make love with love than to make love with difficulty.

Huge happiness - to see a real bloody heroic life and not participate in it.

As soon as you go on a diet, right there someone sits down to eat.

It is better to remain silent and seem like a fool than talk and leave no doubt about it.

Any car is enough until the end of life, if you drive dashing enough.

The highest degree of embarrassment is the two views met in the keyhole.

I said: either I will live well, or my works will become immortal. And life again turned towards the works.

Are you happy? At different times, this question was answered in different ways, but always in the negative.

Guys, if we’re up to shit, we’ll join hands!