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DIY acorns


From such natural material as acorns, you can come up with many different crafts that will decorate a house, cottage or garden.

All these crafts can be done together with the children, as they are very simple, and for their manufacture you do not need to have special skills.

All you need is a few tools, acorns, imagination and time.

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Here are some very interesting and uncomplicated crafts from bumps that you can do yourself or with your children:

Crafts from acorns and plasticine: a small nest

- caps of acorns (pluses)

- plasticine, clay or legumes (beans, soy)

- hot glue or superglue

- paint (in this example, blue), if you use legumes, instead of plasticine

1. From plasticine, make 3 figures that look like small bird eggs. If you use legumes, then it is advisable to color them.

2. Put a drop of glue inside each cap of the acorn and glue some artificial grass.

3. Apply a drop of glue to the beans, which play the role of eggs, and glue to the grass. If you use plasticine, simply insert blanks into the nest.

4. Tie or glue the thread or fishing line to the craft so that it can be hung.

Autumn crafts from acorns: bright hats

You can make various crafts from these hats, but if you color them, your work will become even brighter and more beautiful.

1. First you need to wash and dry them (you can in the oven). If you want to hang these hats in the house or on the tree as a decoration in the future, then you can make small holes in them with a drill with a thin drill or awl.

2. Prepare gouache or acrylic paints and start painting the caps of acorns.

You can put these bright hats in a transparent simple glass or a small vase, and they will become a beautiful decor for your home.

Another way to color the caps of acorns

1. Paint a marker on the inside of the cap.

2. Pour PVA glue into each cap and leave for 48 hours.

You will notice how the glue mixed with the marker and the caps became bright and beautiful.

How to make a craft out of acorns: a house for a mushroom

- small saw or clerical knife

- a mushroom or other small toy.

1. Cut off half of the acorn (or a little less) and clean everything inside.

2. Glue a small toy inside (in this example, artificial grass and mushroom).

3. Attach a thread to the cap of the acorn. Use thread and a needle or superglue.

What to make of acorns: magnets

- small magnets (sold in stationery or craft stores)

- superglue or hot glue.

1. Gather the acorns and glue them one by one to the small magnets.

2. You can draw funny faces on acorns.

Now you can mount your crafts on the refrigerator. You can also attach a calendar to the refrigerator and use acorns with magnets to mark important dates.

DIY acorn baby crafts: colorful acorns

- baking paper

- hot glue or superglue (if necessary)

1. Place baking paper on a baking sheet and place clean acorns on it.

2. Put the baking sheet in the oven and hold the acorns in it at a temperature of 150-170 degrees for about 2 hours.

* Some acorns may crack or slightly burn.

3. Remove the acorns from the oven. Everyone should have hats; if a hat has fallen on an acorn, glue it. Start painting acorns with acrylics. Use different colors.

* Such acorns can be put in a vase and used as decoration for the interior, or they can be glued to a craft or postcard.

* You can also tie or stick them to a twine and use as a garland.

Crafts from acorns for children: squirrel

- pencil or printer

- empty photo frame (without glass)

1. Draw or print a silhouette of a squirrel on paper and paint it dark.

2. Cover the entire silhouette of the squirrel with caps of acorns, gluing them with PVA glue.

3. Insert your craft into the photo frame.

Crafts from acorns on the theme of autumn: a garland

- canvas or other dense fabric

- twine or other dense thread

- glue (PVA, hot glue or superglue)

1. From a dense fabric, cut a few squares.

2. Glue one acorn to the center of each square.

3. Thread the needle and start connecting all the squares. Remember to make a knot at the beginning and end of each square.

4. Connecting all the squares, fasten the acorns with a double loop as shown in the image.

Leave 7-10 cm between the squares.

Now you can hang a garland anywhere.

What can be done from acorns: a vase

- hot glue or superglue

- caps for acorns.

1. Start gluing acorns from the bottom to the top of the plastic container.

2. Cover the top of the container with caps from acorns.

It is better to keep such a vase on the street, as debris and insects can accumulate in such an amount of acorns.

Autumn crafts from acorns: a wreath

- artificial or natural acorns

- hot glue or superglue

- sparkles (optional)

1. Start sticking acorns to the wreath. Fill the whole wreath.

* You can cover some places with sparkles.

2. Cut a wide strip of jute fabric (10 x 50 cm).

3. Glue double-sided tape to one end of the jute strip.

4. Fold the fabric in half and connect the ends.

5. Wrap the strip in the middle with another strip (5 x 12 cm), as shown in the image. The ends also connect with double-sided tape.

6. Glue the bow to the wreath and you can decorate with your craft any place in the house or in the country.

How to make a home decoration from colored acorns

- acrylic paint and brushes

- a vase (or other container).

1. Color each acorn with a hat white - completely. Wait for the paint to dry.

2. Color the acorns with blue (or other) color, leaving the hat white.

3. Paint the hat brown.

4. Pour colored acorns into a container and the decoration is done!