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Anniversary 90 years - it's not just a birthday. This is a big holiday that needs to be celebrated on a grand scale, as it has been done in Russia since time immemorial. It is not difficult if the organizer of your event is the restaurant for the anniversary of the Robin. 90 years is a whole era. How much you've seen in these years is hard to imagine! Over 90 years, several generations are replaced, forests, cities, and countries grow. Your past years are a great life encyclopedia from A to Z. Let your friends and relatives be with you on this 90th anniversary, and the Robin Banquet Hall will organize this holiday to the highest level.

What our banquet hall is more noticeable and interesting than others:

• Banquet menu from 1600 rubles / person.
• We allow you to bring your own drinks and alcohol (No cork fee)
• Gifts for young people from the Robin restaurant: (Loaf or a welcome buffet table)
• Your all-day lounge - no rent.
• Attentive staff (Russian waiters with at least 5 years of experience)
• Beautiful, wonderful, wedding interior.
(The hall has an incredibly beautiful ceiling with different color highlights, as you wish)
• Free bows on chairs (Tiffany, lilac, pink, mint, beige, fuchsia, red)
• Ability to put your guests in any seating arrangements
(Seating options: one common table, letter "T", letter "P" or
European - freestanding round tables)
• Each of the halls has a separate entrance
(Nobody will bother you during the celebration with us)
• We have an incredibly beautiful panoramic view of:
(Neva, Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and Smolny Cathedral)
• Large parking. (For 10 - 30 cars)
• Connect and configure skype (For congratulations from other cities)
• A large base of trusted presenters and artists
(Toastmasters, presenters, magicians, musicians)
• Tasting your chosen menu on any day convenient for you.
• We have the cheapest price for a slide of champagne.

To the benefits of holding anniversary 90 years in our restaurant you can attribute the opportunity not only to admire the beautiful design of banquet dishes in the photo, but also to conduct their tasting at any time convenient for you.

Birthday always causes various emotions: joyful and sad at the same time. The restaurant "Robin" will make every effort to make your celebration bright and joyful, and if sadness is present, it is only good. An anniversary of 90 years is the most suitable occasion to arrange a magnificent and beautiful holiday. We will offer you an elegant setting with a beautiful Italian-style interior from a talented designer, festive decoration of the premises, convenient guarded parking, delivery of guests from the Novocherkasskaya metro station to the Malinovka banquet hall building. We are sure that a person who has lived 90 years is worthy of celebrating this big anniversary in a high-class restaurant!

Anniversary of 90 years old man - celebrate fun and interesting

The 90th anniversary of the man, organized by the staff of the Robin Restaurant, will be a grand event for every person present. After all, this is a big date that needs to be taken very seriously. It is important to surround the hero of the day with attention and care, prepare a warm speech, and get a gift. All this is simple to do if the process of preparing the solemn part of the event is occupied by professionals - a banquet hall for the "Robin" anniversary. We will take care of earthly problems so that you can adequately and beautifully celebrate the anniversary of 90 years of manhood.

Anniversary of 90 years for a woman - to celebrate fun and interesting

How to spend the anniversary of 90 years for a woman? The restaurant "Robin" for a great anniversary has everything you need: a festive atmosphere, a beautiful lounge, a chic table and an abundance of great treats, audio, video and lighting equipment for a varied and interesting evening. You will be pleasantly surprised by the high-class and unobtrusive service of your banquet. You can decorate the hall with balloons, as well as order a host who will prepare a luxurious script for your guests. Believe me, you won’t be bored! Surely, for the anniversary of 90 years, friends or relatives from other cities and countries want to say good words to a woman? No problem - in the arsenal of the Malinovka restaurant there is Skype, which will allow you to move a person from any part of the world to your celebration for a while.

How the Bottom celebrates its 90th birthday: holiday program.

August 1 - city square

12.00 - Open personal-team regional karting championship "Alexander Nevsky Cup 2015", dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the city.

August 2 - Lokomotiv stadium

10.30 - 14.00 - Sports competitions (volleyball, chess, checkers, towns, darts),
12.00 - Solemn passage of the diesel locomotive along the railway opposite the station and the explosion of 90 firecrackers,
12.00 - 14.00 - Match in the framework of the Pskov Region Football Championship (group 2) 2015 (bottom - Slavkovichi),
14.00 - Concert program of the amateur folk ensemble “With a song for life” (Novgorod region, led by retired police lieutenant colonel T.F. Malyshev) and the duet “Vis-a-vis” (city of Bottom), dedicated to the Airborne Forces Day,
15.00 - performance of the Nadezhda equestrian school
(Pskov city),
16.00 - 18.00 - The ceremony "You are our pride, countrymen!" (Awarding, congratulations to officials, performance of the exemplary art group "Contrast", dance ensemble "Smileys" (led by Yu.K. Voronov), amateur folk group of pop studio "Accent" "(Headed by I.N. Vasiliev), Sergey Danilov).

Celebratory concert "Live, my city, live and prosper!" With the participation of:

18.00 - 19.00 - The best soloists of the Dnovsky and Porkhovsky districts: Tatyana Morozova, Anna Shchepetina, Anastasia Baurova, Elena Dmitriukhina,
19.00 - 21.00 - Creative team of the House of Culture
Velikiye Luki: show-ballet “Etoile”, winner of the competition “Russian Railways Lights Stars 2015” of illusionist-manipulator Boris Efremov, duet “Domino”, soloists Viktor Rosenstein, Pavel Dumansky, Svetlana Semenova,
- Poet, composer, Honored Artist of Russia Simon Osiashvili,
21.00 - Singer Svetlana Lazareva,
22.00 - Singer, showman Charles Anele.
23.00 - Fireworks.

Municipal institution “Dnovsky district cultural center”

12.00 - Opening of the exhibition of paintings by the artist Pavel Pichugin “Under the Dome of the High Heavens” (St. Petersburg),
12.00 - 16.00 - Exhibitions of arts and crafts "Toy of my childhood" and "I create beauty with my own hands" (House of Crafts), exhibition "Way of a length of 90 years" (museum department).
13.00 - 14.00 - Children's game program (playground near the RCC),
23.30 - 04.00 - Disco.
At the stadium "Locomotive" from 12.00 "City of Masters": an exhibition and sale of handicrafts, master classes.

On holidays, the city will work: exit sales (barbecue, souvenirs, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream), trampolines, carousels, electric cars, attractions, etc.

Scenarios of the 90th anniversary

We offer a fun scenario for the 90th anniversary. We are sure that funny jokes and unusual competitive tasks will please not only young people, but also representatives of the older generation.

So, in order to create a holiday atmosphere in the apartment, the rooms should first be decorated with various garlands, balloons, artificial flowers or natural flowers, multi-colored flags, on which you can write congratulations on the birthday. A special place among such decorations is given to the wall newspaper with photographs showing the hero of the day at different periods of life.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare guests for the fact that the festive evening will take place extraordinary. To do this, as invitations to the anniversary, it is best to use postcards, which will indicate the date and time of the evening.

Scenario scenario for 90 years "A cheerful, warm circle of friends"

Scenario of the 90th anniversary of "Burned by the Gods"

Scenario anniversary 90 years old woman!

Good evening, dear friends!

Good evening, dear guests. According to the old tradition, we gathered today in this room to celebrate the anniversary of mom, grandmother and simply beautiful woman Polina Vasilyevna in a festive, festive atmosphere!

We start our banquet

To gluttony we are transgressing

For the glory of all coming years

Together we fill glasses

We drink our bowls to the bottom

We clink glasses together

And we will glorify you with full

The culprit of the celebration Polina Vasilievna!

Dear Polina Vasilievna!

You can’t get away from anniversaries in life

They will overtake everyone like birds

But the main thing through the years to carry

The warmth of the soul, the warmth of the particle

You have an anniversary today

We heartily congratulate you

And in life, we wish the main

Health, happiness, joy

And up to 100 years old!

(plays music associated with the anniversary.)

Today in this hall the people closest to you have gathered, these are your children, grandchildren, friends. And everyone wants to congratulate you. I give the floor to your children. (congratulations)

Dear Polina Vasilievna!

Take in the color of years

Our warm, warm greetings

And not hiding our feelings

Let’s raise our bowls for you!

A word for congratulations is given to grandchildren

Mom's anniversary - 90 years!

Olga Koretskaya: Dear Aunt Paradise - congratulations, congratulations.

Sunny days to her

And the love of children, friends!

People have a real summit -

Our good warm MOMS!

Lyusenka! Burst into tears. impossible touching .. you know how to arrange feelings in a video series, when everything is recognizable, when the soul vibrates, when everything comes to life. I congratulate mom on her anniversary, big greetings to Uncle Bor, I kiss you all, I love you.

Today is your anniversary

Beautiful, round date

What infinite once

The road seemed to you to her

Swiftly time flies

But no matter how much

And you look like today

Still surprisingly few

Stay like this always

Beautiful, feminine, sweet

Unknowingly bored

So that in 10 years again

We could say as before

You look only 75

Or maybe a little and a half!

What are you dull guests

We ate a lot, drank a lot

Is it time for us friends

Show that we are not in vain

Gathered for the anniversary

Just kidding, don’t spare the songs.

So relatives and friends

Let's leave the dances all

And dear Polina Vasilyevna!

Congratulations again on the anniversary!

Years gone not to return

And people are not without reason sad

That did not have time to look back

And behind 90 years

Your life experience is rich

Not weakened and not faded

And we are today with this date

Heartily congratulations to you

Fly of the year - but it doesn’t matter

Don't worry about that

No wonder Vakhtang sings words

My years are my wealth!


". If you frown, leave the house ”From the repertoire of L. M. Gurchenko.

Today we congratulate our birthday

Happiness and good luck will be a lot to her.

We wish her good health,

We promise to come to the hundredth anniversary.

And smiles without a doubt

Illuminate this whole hall

Happy Birthday,

Fill your glass soon!

Everything comes out cleanly with our granny

And the house and daughter have order,

The great-granddaughter is certainly too big,

And of course the great-granddaughter also has children

May today in this room

Songs flow until the morning. And for our jubilee

We shout loudly cheers!

Two “new Russians” Grandmothers came to us for a holiday with congratulations.

Hello grandmother, where did you come to us? And who are you?

Shas, we all tell ourselves and show, is it, Matryona?


(on the motive "Funny girls", singing together)

Lights of happy eyes

We walk around the area

Two white crows

Anyone we congratulate

Just treat us

We walk around the area

Two white crows

Anyone we congratulate

Just treat us.

(addresses the presenters)

- Yes, and whom should I congratulate?

Who is your hero, girl or boy?

Girls are different

Black, white, red.

(He looks at the youngest of the great-granddaughters of the hero of the day)

This is not that girl.

Congratulations to her grandmother!

After all, she has a birthday!

(sings on the motive:. From the far long, the Volga River flows)

Mother said !? Yours.

90th anniversary script

You’re already 90, but it’s not a problem,

Of course, you are always young with your soul!

You know how to protect the warmth of your friends,

And every year you become wiser!

You will always be comforted when disaster strikes,

And on holidays there is no merrier than you!

We want to wish you health again

Thank you for being here, come to tell you!

Our grandmother's birthday is January 15th, but we celebrated on January 22nd. On January 15th, a musical greeting on the radio sounded for her. A disc is placed with this congratulation.

Further the word is given to the oldest and most respected of the guests. A “congratulatory telegram from Putin” and a medal “Happy Anniversary” are awarded.

Presenter: Running, changing, our summers,

Changing everything, changing us.

And again winter is at your doorstep

She came for the ninetieth time.

How fast the years flew by

And the anniversary crept up

We heartily congratulate

We wish you good luck!

Now let's have a quiz and find out who knows the birthday girl better than anyone!

1. When was the hero of the day born? Give the exact date of his birth.

2. In which village was our birthday girl born?

3. In what year did the hero of the day go to school?

4. What was the first assessment of the birthday girl?

5. How many classes did the birthday girl finish?

6. When did the birthday girl marry our grandfather?

7. Name the birth dates of the children of the birthday girl.

8. How many birthday girls have grandchildren and granddaughters?

9. How many birthday girls have great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

10. What dish does the birthday girl love most?

11. Does the birthday girl like to wear jewelry?

12. What shampoo does the birthday girl use?

13. What variety singer or singer likes the hero of the day?

14. Which song is the birthday girl's favorite?

After all questions are asked, the results of the quiz are summarized. The winner is the person who answered correctly to most of the questions asked. He is awarded a prize.

Presenter: And now let's play our favorite girl’s favorite song!

Host: Life flies in a fairy tale, moves forward,

Days by days are floating away, year is replacing year.

So the glorious anniversary came to us again,

So let's start our congratulations!

A word for congratulations is provided to the children.

The medal “Beloved mother” and “Telegram from the President of the Russian Federation” are awarded.

Daughters give their mother a “carpet” of 10-ruble notes woven by them.

Host: We wish happiness to the earthly,

We wish the sun, light and good!

We wish the sky a pure blue

And young at heart stay forever!

And now we will hold the “History” contest!

Guests should be divided into two teams and take turns calling the historical events that occurred from 1921 to 2011.

Host: You see how many events have happened in the history of our country over these 90 years! And witness of all these events was our mother and grandmother!

The word for congratulations is given to grandchildren.

The medal “Beloved grandmother” is awarded.

For the anniversary, I prepared two wall newspapers.

A trunk is a grandmother, branches are children (6), leaves are grandchildren (16), flowers are great-grandchildren (14). This is our huge tree!

On this newspaper, photographs of grandmother's parents, her photographs in her youth, and old family photographs.

Host: Over these ninety years in the world

A lot of events have happened,

And the wind was born millions of times

And the sun has risen millions of times.

Do not count us, but we will not

On such a beautiful day, keep a tally!

Have you absorbed so many different fates in years,

And there is still a lot waiting for you!

You live as long as possible

And we will have more joy!

And now it's time for congratulations to the great-grandchildren!

Congratulations from the great-grandchildren.

Presenter: We wish you good health,

Get plenty of bright clear days

And if you can, try

Centenary to celebrate the anniversary!

On this, I declare the official part of the celebration closed. I wish our dear jubilee long life, good health, happiness and prosperity in the house!

Material provided by: Helena

Anniversary of 90 years for mom - celebrate fun and interesting

The big holiday is the anniversary of 90 years of mother. Definitely, you want to cook something special for her. Come to us, and the Malinovka restaurant will tell and show how best to organize the evening for such a great occasion. We know how grateful you are to your mother for the presented life, for sleepless nights, for the fact that she was always there. Now be with your mother in her 90th birthday, say the most important words in life. Let the celebration take place in a beautiful and airy atmosphere of celebration, around it there will be smiles, flowers, gifts. A woman is good and beautiful at any age, she also wants love and attention, and sometimes even have fun. Do not miss the moment. You have a great reason to please the main woman in your life - arrange a grand celebration for your mother’s 90th birthday, and the banquet hall for the Robin anniversary will surely help you with this.

90 years anniversary to father - celebrate fun and interesting

Is your father 90 years old? This anniversary should definitely be celebrated in a restaurant, in a spacious festive hall, at a luxurious table, with beautiful melodies and good poetic congratulations. The restaurant "Robin" thinks through every anniversary to the smallest detail. And each of our anniversary is special, unique and inimitable, exclusively yours. A popular tradition today is congratulation with a video clip. Select photos from your family album, mount a video, add a melody that is dear to the hero of the day - and the best congratulation in the world is ready! Banquet Hall for the anniversary "Robin" will provide equipment for viewing, please your father with pleasant memories. By the way, one of these memories will now be a celebration on the occasion of the 90th anniversary, held at the Robin Restaurant.

90 years anniversary of grandparents - celebrate fun and interesting

You can also order the organization of the anniversary of 90 years of grandparents in the banquet hall "Robin". Любой повод наша креативная команда превратит в незабываемое событие, полное счастья и улыбок. Сегодня непросто найти хорошее место для торжества, все чаще предлагают «кота в мешке». Ресторан для юбилея «Малиновка» понятно и доступно расскажет Вам обо всех наших услугах, наш сайт наполнен фотографиями с мероприятий, а еще Вы сможете продегустировать наши блюда в любой удобный для Вас день. Никаких секретов, все доступно и прозрачно. Поэтому Вы можете доверить нам даже такое грандиозное событие, как юбилей 90 лет.Creating holidays is our job. And we do our job perfectly and with pleasure!

Jubilee scenario 90th anniversary of the veteran

Earthenware outfit.

A whole year before the anniversary:

Without the "nine" the account does not go!

Although your anniversary is not

I want to congratulate soon

Happy ninth anniversary

Not without reason.

Congratulations on this date!

Live friendly and rich

Love, happiness and family

And so - before the wedding, golden!

Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 945 Announcements Although you have no anniversary,

I want to congratulate soon

A family without troubles!

A whole year before the anniversary,

But 9 years is more important

Here the score goes on for a moment,

Love is even stronger!

Family Calendar

Mark red

Earthenware outfit

Ringing and beautiful!

Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 242 On the wedding anniversary / Wedding anniversaries Just got married, frolicing,

Days did not go out of bed.

Mother-in-law, you have a wedding day!

Years passed like days

Mission knowing the saint

And giving the whole world

My golden daughter!

For vodka, borsch and kharcho

Live together with you, without getting sick.

We love you dearly

Not only in the days of the anniversary. Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 363 You have been married for two years.

Familiar, it seems, barely:

After all, the weather has changed

During this time, two times.

First two wonderful summers

Then - two Russian winters.

In the shining eyes, in a smile somewhere

We see great happiness!

Live in love without getting sick

You two children grow up:

Until the golden anniversary

Then we will definitely survive! Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 277 On the wedding anniversary / Wedding anniversary There is no more beautiful anniversary in the world,

Native mother and father:

Your silver wedding -

Happy long years crown!

You went through heat and cold

Spatters moment, separation hour.

But everyone is both strong and young:

Time has stopped in you.

And I'm already flying winged

With your beautiful dream

There, congratulations where once

You and your wedding are golden. Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 399 For a wedding anniversary / 40 years - a ruby ​​wedding; Hand - is strong, look - Zorok,

Speech - call, become - slim.

You are forty today!

Hurray - the country is screaming.

And we sing it too

You have a funny anthem:

This is not the time to end my life -

Give your light to others!

Yes, until the centenary of the great anniversary

Live loving, friendly, working and not sick. Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 280 For the wedding anniversary / Wedding anniversary The anniversary of the woman with her grandfather's wedding -

No kinder, warmer and whiter.

You too, old ones, would call

At least for my centenary!

Do not rush to live - lie down:

We will do what we need, we will serve.

You live to a hundred years

We are happy - our young grandchildren!

Great-grandchildren “watch” without getting sick,

And all of a sudden you will realize, in an instant

Golden Jubilee Weddings

How much you are in love with them. Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 1421 We congratulate everyone, loving -

There is no brighter jubilee in life -

With the thirtieth anniversary of you!

You are smarter and sweeter than everyone!

Do not count all your virtues,

Forward and upward is the road.

In you (it's true, not flattery!)

There is a lot of kindness, heat and light!

Family take care of comfort

Wealth will come to you soon

And let your children sing

In love for you is a huge choir. Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 222 For a wedding anniversary / 35 years - linen (linen, coral) wedding. Is it really thirty-five?

Let me hug you soon!

How much is done on the way

How much happiness is in the midst

I wish you all:

Money, laughter and love!

Be fortunate not on “you”,

And on the "you"! Big success -

To be always the most beautiful of all!

May your dreams come true!

Don't be afraid of heights

To grow straight to the sun

Live a hundred times thirty-five

Control your destiny

And walk your path

For a cheerful laugh of relatives

Continued - not calmed down! Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 183 Is it really thirty-five?

Let me hug you soon!

How much is done on the way

How much happiness is in the midst

I wish you all:

Money, laughter and love!

Be fortunate not on “you”,

And on the "you"! Big success -

To be always the most beautiful of all!

May your dreams come true!

Don't be afraid of heights

To grow straight to the sun

Live a hundred times thirty-five

Control your destiny

And walk your path

For a cheerful laugh of relatives

Continued - not calmed down! Watch the sequel. 07/28/2013 | NoName | Votes: 175