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How to clean karma?


The famous Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock said very readily about the laws of karma: “I am truly a believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it is good or bad.”

The laws of karma really rest on the principle that everything that happens around you happens. This is a cycle of your actions that can determine fate in your future beings. It is for this reason that our parents taught us from childhood how to carefully "filter" words, actions, thoughts and intentions. Here are 10 laws of karma that are not designed to make you believers in Buddha, but will help radically change your thinking process.

What is human karma in everyday life, the pros and cons

In this article you will learn:

How to interpret human karma so that it helps, but not interfere in life?

Quite often, in an unchanging series of days, we can hear phrases such as: everything is predetermined, this is his karma, such is fate. And usually these expressions have a negative connotation. So there is an opinion in our country that the karma of a person in its concept is equal to the fate planned in advance, where nothing can be changed, therefore everything is bad, and we must put up with it. But this is fundamentally wrong judgment!

If karma can be considered as a concept at all, then its decoding will be closer as a causal relationship of what is happening. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

The merciless law of human karma

Initially, the term “karma” came from Sanskrit and is one of the pillars of the Hindu religion. Its main significance is that a person’s whole life is a combination of his actions, deeds, accomplishments from the current incarnation and all previous ones.

And if you do not understand further, it turns out that our whole life is predetermined by earlier incarnations, and therefore nothing can be changed. As Vysotsky sang, if you are a baobab, then you will continue to be a baobab “for a thousand years you have died”. The song is comic, but as you know, every joke contains only a fraction of the joke.

7 Ways to Increase Piety and Improve Karma

Maintaining purity on all material and spiritual planes = purification of karma.

I will not write about how to maintain a clean body. It is not only about refusing indiscriminate sexual relations. Take a shower or at least wash your feet every time you take off your shoes when you get home. Before you pray and read mantras, as well as prepare food, you should also take a swim.

The place where you live must be kept clean. Regular wet cleaning, I'm sure we are all new. But do not forget to also clear the house of negative energies. I already painted several ways to do this:

2. Charity

Many say they will do charity work when they have the opportunity. But in fact, absolutely every person has the opportunity. If you don’t have extra money, give a smile, care, a compliment, a kind encouraging word, help yourself or give advice. This is also charity.

As for alms and charity. It is better to donate money to those people in relation to whom you feel a sense of gratitude - teachers, inspirers, their spiritual mentors. It’s better for the poor to give food.

According to the Vedas, for example, there are such types of charity: plant a tree, marry a daughter, dig a well, provide medical care, feed the hungry, make lighting in a dark public place, give a roof over your head (any guest is considered a guest from God - therefore, to receive guests it’s important in the best way!), to promote education, to build roads, to share food with others, to give essential things to those in need. As you can see, not a word about money ...

Positive karma

It is very easy to do.

Workable ways to create good karma.

1. Always tell the truth

Whenever a person deceives, even if the lie is very small, he thus sets himself up for deception. Moreover, when others learn about fraud, they cease to trust a person.

Today, more than ever, the old adage is true - honesty is the best policy. Truth has other people not to lie.

Only by such behavior can you make yourself better and attract the same honest people into your environment. In any case, sooner or later, a lie turns into a heavy burden, as a person understands that after some time it will come up anyway.

Therefore, it is absolutely certain that it is better to say the truth from the very beginning, it is good for health.

2. Live meaningfully and purposefully

Everything in our life must be done in full, we need to set specific goals and go towards them. Do not be afraid to move towards your dream.

Help others realize their ideas. In this case, it is important to imagine that these efforts are for the benefit of people and are a kind of contribution to the creation of world harmony.

As a result, the global energy field will necessarily give a person creative energy.

Creating good karma

3. Help other people

Helping people around you is the most effective tool to help you create good karma. This greatly increases your chances that, if necessary, and you will not be left without help.

The life we ​​live for people cannot be empty, so use your abilities to help others climb up.

Your efforts will be appreciated. First of all, remember that helping others is primarily helping yourself. If you feel empty or lost, try to offer someone your help. She is always needed.

4. Meditate to achieve peace and tranquility.

If nothing works out for you, and everything is bad, just try to calm down by retiring. Focus on your thoughts and make sure they are positive.

This is extremely important in order to generate positive energy and emotions.

When there is porridge in the head, a person has a tendency to negative manifestations, since the mind and heart are not free to accept good.

It is very important to look into your inner world more often so that in the foreground you have positive thoughts that will help to achieve peace and will contribute to the formation of positive karma.

5. Be kind and have compassion

To be kind and understanding to you, you need to give what you want to receive. Our whole life is the principle of "gave - received", so the more you give, the more you will receive in the end.

Each of us is in daily struggle with various life circumstances, so be kind to others and learn to empathize with them.

Always strive to help as many people as possible, then everything will work out in your life.

6. See wider and see more

Often our life is a set of uncontrolled and cruel events. But this is only at first glance.

Indeed, if you free yourself from negative illusions, discard all stereotypes and think about your place on Earth, it becomes quite clear that only in our hands to create good karma for ourselves, and therefore to make ourselves better.

Remember this every day, since only a person can personally attract positive people and events.

In the life of each of us there can be much more positive energy, only here it all depends on the person himself. He can project it on others, thereby changing the world.

It is necessary to eradicate insignificance, because each person has a huge and diverse inner world.

How does human karma really manifest?

In fact, karma for a person is just a chain of causes and effects, constantly subject to change. Each person always has a huge choice of actions that he can do. And if he did so, and not otherwise, then, let's face reality, it’s his own decision - no need to sin on the universe.

But here the concept of karma is multifaceted. In the world, everything must be balanced. If it arrived somewhere, it means that somewhere it should go away, if something good happened, then some joy will surely cover this joy, and for any action it is necessary to bear responsibility.

The law of karma

Karma is a universal law that no one can circumvent. The misconception that karma is necessarily a negative duty. Karma can be either positive or negative. It all depends on the actions in all the forms that we commit. Karma is one of the key elements of Buddhism. And he is completely alien to the Judeo-Christian tradition. You will not find the word karma in the Bible, because the concept of karma is closely related to faith in reincarnation. Buddha teaches that we must move away from all desires and feelings in order to overcome karma in general and not be afraid of rebirth in a new life, in order to achieve nirvana sooner or later and get out of the circle of rebirths.

In Buddhism there is no place for divine forgiveness and universal salvation in the cycle of rebirth. The immutable law of karma does not provide for any divine intervention. The only way to get rid of bad karma is to replace it with good karma or good deeds and a virtuous life. But how many of us can say that he is absolutely virtuous?

1. The law of cause and effect

This law of karma is beautifully illustrated by the well-known proverb “what you reap.” It means that if you want someone bad, the same thing will happen to you. But, on the other hand, if you want another person to live in peace, prosperity and harmony, you will receive the same. This is one of the greatest laws of karma and one of the most powerful.

The universe will surely return us the "favor." If you want love, friendship and peace, then you yourself must give others love, friendship and peace.

2. The law of creation

This law of karma implies that life is not something that just happens to you - it requires active participation in order to move forward. Never forget that you and the universe are made up of the same elements. So, what you think about helps shape the world around you. You are responsible for life and the people in it.

Surround yourself with those people and things that you really love. It will help you to be yourself, because it is a conscious desire.

3. The Law of Humility

Humility consists in accepting circumstances, no matter if they are good or bad. You should welcome what tomorrow can bring and receive it with open arms. If you feel that your circumstances are not favorable, you should work in the direction of their change and continue to believe that everything happens for a reason.

You will not be able to change the situation until you first accept it.

4. The law of growth

Inertness is bad for the soul. Instead of dwelling on your past, you should move forward. This is evidenced by the law of karma "process of growth and development." According to his postulates, the reins of your life are in your own hands, and you can direct it wherever you want. You are able to lead a life that pleases you and should only be the person you want.

All that we have in reality is our life and time allotted to us by the Universe. The main thing is to change and grow yourself, not the people, technologies and cities around us.

5. Responsibility Act

You and only you can be held accountable for your actions, words and thoughts. There is no point in looking for the guilty. The law of karma on responsibility is interpreted in such a way that all your failures and successes, in essence, are the fruit of your own activity. You have the power to change your life, but this will require a change in your thought process, as well as the environment in which you function.

Whenever something happens wrong in our lives, the cause of the problem lies in ourselves.

6. The law of connection (interconnection)

As mentioned earlier, you and the universe are made up of the same elements. This means that everything in this Universe, large or small, living or nonliving, is interconnected and able to influence others. Therefore, if you really want to observe changes in your world, in your life, in your situation, you must connect to the general system of changes.

Even when you do what seems to you insignificant, it is very important, since all phenomena and things in the Universe are interconnected.

7. The law of concentration

No matter what you do, even if it is such a simple thing, like drinking a glass of water, you need to pay all your attention to the action. The brain, which only half concentrates on what needs to be done, remains full of negative thoughts and, therefore, is not able to fully realize its potential. You must eradicate negative thoughts from your consciousness, because they pull you back and replace them with positive ones, which will help you achieve what you want. The law of karma - fully concentrate to carry out any action.

You can’t think of two things at the same time, you cannot do two things at the same time

8. The law of hospitality and gift

If you have a place in your heart, then the space in your house becomes insignificant. You should always be kind, courteous and friendly, giving more than you expect to receive. Not only will the fulfillment of this law of karma help you achieve spiritual growth, but you will also learn to enjoy the little joys of life.

“I only know what I know” - when you consider something to be true, you should be prepared to demonstrate it first hand. If you are not ready, then you have only an opinion, not knowledge.

9. The law of change and karma

Nothing is permanent, be it happiness or sorrow, rain or heat. Everything goes through a cyclical change, starting anew as soon as the next cycle ends. If the same things happen to you again and again, it is because you are not able to learn the lessons of life, which is trying to teach you. Only understanding this lesson can help you break out of the circle of repetition.

History will repeat itself until you learn from it lessons that will force you to change your cyclic path. It is foolish to do the same thing every time and expect different results.

10. The law "here and now"

The past is inconsequential, as is the future. The only thing that matters is what is happening right here and right now. Awareness of this will teach you to live your life to the fullest and not chase the ghostly crane in the sky. However, beautiful and beautiful tomorrow and memories can be yours if you can live happily just a real stretch of time.

Regrettably, what happened has already happened and this cannot be changed.

Try with a pure mind and a pure heart to put into practice at least a few of the above laws of karma and this can change your life for the better.

The author of the article: Marina Dvorkovich, Portal Moscow medicine ©

3.Help the elders

Those people who are destined to care for the elderly, the elderly - whether they are relatives or outsiders - are blessed. In this life, they were blessed to repeatedly fulfill their own karma.

May these words be a comfort to those who are tired of such guardianship. And also an important argument for those who do not dare to take it.

Once again about karma or "Why me ?!"

Whatever you choose for yourself is your choice.

For my part, I will certainly help and understand the concept of karma in general, and how to clear karma, and coordinate my karmic path. You look differently at all situations that happen to you and your loved ones.

You will see the relationship between actions, look at the chain of causes and effects, and in the future it will be much easier for you to predict and anticipate what result this or that action will give.

The questions “Why me?”, “Why do I need all this?” Will disappear by themselves. You will understand that your fate depends only on you, because the Universe always provides a lot of opportunities and outcomes, you just need to choose the one that suits you.

How to cleanse karma and change your future? The fact that the future and karma can be changed, I already wrote here

4.Help other people

Helping other people opens up an incoming stream for us. Because if you lend a helping hand to your reflection in the mirror, you will see the person giving you. With the Universe, things are the same.

There are two types of help — alleviating suffering and helping to succeed. On both paths, be vigilant and rational: each has his own karma and help should not be in alleviating this karma, but in showing the path to the accumulation of piety.

What does karma mean? - punishment or justice?

As you can see, decomposing karma “according to concepts” is easy and simple! But it is worth recognizing that this is not so. After all, how can the article thoroughly explain the basic tenet of one of the religions? But we must admit the following thought: karma is not a punishment. Rather, it is an indicator of the justice of life, its balance. Об этом следует всегда помнить, и разумным будет перед каким-нибудь серьезным делом взвешивать все «за» и «против».

В конце концов, так ли необходимо идти по головам ради карьеры, или лучше оставаться в гармонии с собой и мирозданием? А если сомнения терзают Вас, как быть в той или иной ситуации, всегда можно обратиться за подсказкой к мастеру. Чтобы не карму в итоге править и улучшать, а только лишь собственное отношение к жизни.

Как улучшить карму быстро?

Let's try to understand nowis it possible to improve your karma and how is it better to do it.

How to cleanse karma quickly? The easiest way is to seek help from a healer who can erase events from your past, “ease” karma, clear karmic problems, connections, remove the karmic tail.

You will immediately notice a surge of strength, many doors will open before you. You will feel as if a heavy burden has been lifted from you, and it will become easier to go through life. Of course, this is the fastest and most effective way. BUT, in addition to outside help, it’s also advisable to sort out yourself, to do some work. Otherwise, no matter how much the specialist tries, over time, everything will return to square one. A person must change the previous way of life, thinking, habits, which led him to the current state of things.

Karma is our baggage, a bunch of energy, programs that we carry from past incarnations and carry out in the current. Good, bright, positive karma can change, deteriorate if a person commits bad deeds.

We must always constantly do more and more good deeds so that karma remains bright. Replenish it, since it is running out, like any source.

Is karma cleansing clean?

This means that you should keep your body clean. Simple things, but it is important from the energetic side of life. It is necessary to take a shower upon returning from work, the market, public places. Negative energy accumulates there, destroying programs.

Separately, I will highlight the cemetery, after it it is imperative to wash whole, with my head. It is advisable, when you come home, not to touch anything or anyone, so as not to transferdestructuring information.

In no case should you hug your children immediately when you get home. It’s better to do this even if you wash your hands. Children are very sensitive to energies. Take care of them, it's easy, knowing such moments about the subtle plane.

How to cleanse karma with home cleansing?

In addition to the body, your house should be kept in order and cleanliness. Wet and ventilate the room in which you are located. Every thing in the house should be in its place. And those that you do not use, it is better to throw it away, give it to the one who needs them more or sell it.

It is also highly recommended to repair everything broken, but if it cannot be repaired, we safely throw it away. We do the same with cracked, broken, chipped objects, because they carry the energy of negativity and destruction. You can ask for help and clean the energy at home.

It would seem that we all heard this, we know, and many do just that. But now, we understand WHY it is so important to act. Energy, it is invisible, but has a powerful effect on us, our life and karma.

How to work out karma with charity

How to cleanse karma with charity? Deserves special attention charity, help. Many of us believe that it includes only financial donations to charitable organizations, orphanages, etc. However, this is a fallacy.

A kind of charity can also be attributed to a successfully completed compliment, timely advice, support, feasible help, a simple smile. This does not require investment or significant effort, but you will count as a plus.

People who look after, search the elderly, have a unique opportunity to improve your karma many times over. This is not a punishment, but a blessing from above.

How to clean karma? Helping others, we receive help in return from the universe. The more we give, the more we get. And accordingly, until we give, they will not give us from above.

7.Good behavior

Keep the commandments or laws of your faith - this will improve your karma. And also be polite, merciful, honest, observe your duties towards other people, remain honest with others and with yourself, visit places of power, believe in God (in your religion) - all this will increase your piety.

Thank you for the advice) thank you very much) everything is very clear and intelligible)

POLYA RADOST: Good afternoon! I can not calm down because of one case. I torment myself every day that I have committed. I live in a private house, the cat "Toffee" lived with me, I didn’t let her go home, I don’t like very fluffy ones, I lived in the garage, she was warm there, I fed her, she beat me still small, I cured her. Never in my life have I offended animals. always felt sorry for them. She had 2 kittens, a kitty and a cat. Kitten left. And the “Toffee” with the kitten was taken out of the river. My husband and I arrived home, a little time passed, my heart suddenly felt so pinched, I couldn’t find a place for myself, I was wondering how they were, who would feed them? Tears rained down, and now I can’t write without tears. We went on the same day, about 2 hours passed, we wanted to take home, let them live for the sake of God and do not feel sorry for food, but nobody was already there. My soul was bursting. It was 09/23. 3 days have passed, I can’t calm down, I cry all the time. Sorry to say so much about cats, I wanted to pour someone’s soul out. I'm talking about karma and I wanted to ask what should I do to atone for my guilt? And can a big cat find his home in 25km, I hope so? I never dare to take anyone away in my life, it hurts so much, maybe my soul is like that, I never did it. We always had a lot of cats in our yard because of her, that's why we decided that. And now I think, if only she would come. Before my eyes constantly, how do we leave them, how can I get rid of this? Help, this is no longer possible? How to calm down? Thank.

The fact that you expect that Irishka herself will come running is somehow not right roughly speaking, visit the place a couple of times before it's too late

Good afternoon, Glory! We have already traveled more than once. The husband went on the same day after 2 hours, but found no one. She will not sit and wait, this is not a dog. I ran away in a panic, I feel that she will come, pray for her, direct all thoughts. There are many cases that cats came even from far away. This is a lesson for life, it hurts so much, because it is not known what is happening to them. I wrote to Paul, she replied that cats rule the world and feed them always and everywhere. I really want to believe in it, that there are a lot of caring people. Never toss your pet!

If you are a believer, then go to confession, it will help your soul. It may come to faith and it will make it easier for you. Do some good deeds, after that you feel better

And if the beggar is provided with work for food, is slavery? What kind of karma + or - for that?

Self-organization as purification of karma is not an obvious fact

Cleansing karma also contributes to self-organization and discipline. This includes a planned schedule of the day, taking care of your physical body, proper nutrition, spiritual practice, as well as maintaining the traditions of the people you belong to.

Be honest with others, live in good conscience and in harmony with nature. Be in harmony with the world around you and with yourself. And repeatedly improve your karma.

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