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Schnauzer Haircut


The fur coat of the zwerg consists of several layers:

  • young - the shortest hairs,
  • matured - medium-long hairs,
  • old - long, dead hair.

The last layer does not perform any important functions, but only gives the pet an untidy look.

The wool of tsvergas grows in layers. Only part of the hair falls out on its own. The rest must be carefully removed so as not to damage the bottom layer.

What is grooming and trimming?

If you recall biology, grooming is the actions performed by animals to cleanse the coat and body of dirt. In fact, a dog and a cat do not wash themselves, but are engaged in grooming. If we consider this event from a modern point of view, then grooming a schnauzer and other animals - hygienic or model cutting animals, cutting nails, sanitizing ears and teeth, shaving hair on legs, etc.

Some breeds of dogs have lost their natural ability to molt. These include terriers and schnauzers. Hair has 3 stages of “growing up”: young hair core, matured and dead (old). So, in terriers and schnauzers, dead hair remains in the coat. Therefore, twice a year it is necessary to carry out the trimming procedure, i.e. plucking old wool. This event can be attributed to hygienic, as old wool causes discomfort. Thanks to trimming, the appearance of the pet becomes well-groomed and neat. You can see the difference between the two procedures thanks to the numerous photos. We can say that trimming is a subspecies of grooming.

Must remember! You can not replace trimming with a haircut. This is fraught with the fact that the hard coat inherent in some breeds will become soft and fluffy after cutting. The fact is that the hair has a non-standard structure: the hair at the base is thin, thickened at the end. After plucking, the exact same back hair grows, and the hair remains the same as before the procedure. After cutting, the hair grows from a weakened base, so the entire coat becomes soft.

Essential tool

For the grooming of dogs of different breeds, including the schnauzer, to be successful, you need to have minimal anatomical knowledge in the nature of dogs. And without tools, any hairdressing events will be completely useless.

To groom the schnauzer you will need:

  • Combs. The minimum set should consist of slippers (brushes for combing the undercoat), slings (special brushes for combing the hair), stylox (combs with a long needle-shaped handle).
  • Scissors.
  • Grooming table.
  • Means for swimming. These include properly selected shampoo, special towels.

Trimming requires the following tools:

  • Brush for combing wool.
  • Trimmer. Distinguish between vibration, pendulum, rotary, battery types of trimmers.
  • Knife for trimming. How it looks can be seen in the photo on the Internet.
  • Stone for trimming.
  • Thumb tip for protection against a trimming knife.
  • Slicker.

How exactly do haircuts, trimming and grooming happen?

  • To begin with, the line “chin-chest” is cut by a machine with a special nozzle.
  • The hair on the cheekbones and whiskers is shortened in silhouette (for clarity, you can study the photo).
  • The hair above the eyes should never be touched.
  • The bangs should be narrowed and evenly cut, i.e. should not be wider than the forehead.
  • The beard is by no means shortened, they just give it a neat look.
  • In the auricles, the coat should be plucked or trimmed with a machine. The last manipulation on the growth of wool is carried out.
  • The outside of the ears is also processed. The auricles are given a strictly contoured appearance. The edges should be aligned and the fringe removed.
  • Haircut machine is carried out in the abdomen, genitals, on the inside of the thighs. Depending on the season, the haircut goes under the nozzle or without it. All bundles and irregularities on the legs are sheared. The result of the haircut should be a neat appearance of the paws without corners on the coat.
  • After the procedure, you need to comb the pet. After 10-14 days, a cosmetic haircut should be carried out to remove “knocked out” hairs or “antennas”.

Important to remember! If the haircut is in the cold season, the pet should go out in special clothes for 2-3 days.

Schnauzer haircut: what you need to know?

Dog grooming Schnauzer at home involves trimming the hair on the neck, face, legs, stomach. In these areas, the coat is aligned along the contour (see photo).

Schnauzer haircut begins with plucking hard hair from the base of the neck to the end of the tail, how to do it right, can be seen in numerous videos. Schnauzer trimming at home (and plucking is trimming) further moves along the withers, shoulder blades, elbows, sides and chest. Plucking wool on the hips remains, so to speak, “for dessert”.

Important to remember! Wools need to be plucked against their growth. Otherwise, young hair will be affected, and this will lead to the appearance of bald spots. It will be difficult to restore the coat as it should be, and only with the help of professionals.

Numerous videos show the next step:

  1. The thumb of one hand tightly presses a small tuft of wool to the blade of the knife.
  2. The fingers of the second hand hold the skin.
  3. One sharp movement in the direction of hair growth - and the old wool is removed.
  4. For this procedure, it is advisable to purchase a trimming knife.
  5. The remaining coat is leveled with a machine.

It should be remembered that if the coat of the pet is clean, then bathing is carried out after the haircut. If you had to buy a schnauzer before cutting, then after the procedure the animal is washed with clean water.

Schnauzer Trimming

Trimming a schnauzer at home is best done after visiting the master and studying all the nuances. This procedure is obligatory for schnauzers, since the rest of the breeds during the molting period, the old six independently "leaves" the coat. The biological feature of schnauzers is the lack of molting, but the accumulation of dead hair. How the first trimming of a schnauzer at the age of 6-10 months is shown in the video. Why at this age hairdressing procedures begin? Because by this period the puppy acquires a “developed” coat.

Why is it better to contact the master for the first time? A professional by touch easily distinguishes young hair from mature and dead. Over time, the owner will gain such an experience.

During trimming of the schnauzer, only the body of the animal is processed, the photo of the workshops shows that on the neck, legs, inner thighs, head, the hair is not affected.

It is advisable to trim twice a year. If the pet has a jet black color, then the procedure is repeated 4 times a year. This is due to the fact that the gray or brown undercoat grows somewhat faster than the outer hair. If the pet has to travel to the exhibition, then trimming is carried out 2 months after the start of the competition, and then 2 weeks before the significant date.

If the owner has decided to do hairdressing for his pet, phased photos are available on the Internet. Thanks to such master classes, the pet owner will always be able to correctly trim the schnauzer or other breed with hard hair at home.

Types of haircuts

Representatives of this breed especially need to be kept clean. Hygienic cutting of the tsverg involves the removal of hairs in the inguinal region, around the anus, on the cheeks and neck. This is a mandatory procedure for all dogs of this breed.

The classic hairstyle looks different. Performing it, the groomers remove hair on the abdomen, temples, at the throat and cheekbones, near the ears, around the anus and genitals. With the help of scissors, the beard is aligned, and the eyebrows are given a triangular shape. In this case, machines help the masters, providing smooth transitions from one part of the body to another.

Groomer leaves a neat skirt, aligning it with scissors. The upper part of the tail is trimmed, and the lower part is plucked from the inside. The hair between the ears is left long so that the wearer can decorate it with bows or hairpins.

First trimming

This is the procedure for plucking dead hairs. Puppies need her already at 6-9 months. At this age, they have outer hair, which often coincides with the change of primary teeth to molars. Trimming the pet with scissors or a machine, removing hairs on the head (excluding the muzzle), the inner thighs and hind legs. In other areas, the fur is simply trimmed. If the puppy’s fur coat is soft and fluffy, you can postpone a haircut until the age of 10 months. Before the procedure, the dog needs to be redeemed.

Grooming Zerg

This name is a comprehensive procedure for maintaining the hygiene and beauty of the dog, consisting of several stages:

  • combing wool
  • bathing with balms, shampoos, conditioners,
  • trimming and haircut,
  • auricle cleaning
  • clipping and correction of claws.

During grooming, the sensitivity of the dog and the condition of the coat are taken into account. Trimming requires special skill, so few dog breeders perform it at home.

The salons also provide additional services: brushing your teeth, toning wool, etc.

In the working arsenal of the grooming master there are:

  • claw cutter
  • a knife with short and long teeth,
  • a furmer for combing the undercoat,
  • clipper with quality blades,
  • pumice for cleaning the undercoat,
  • stripping to remove dead hair,
  • a brush for laying wool after bathing and giving it a three-dimensional appearance.

Haircut at home

Those who firmly decided to try to bring beauty on their own will find our step-by-step recommendations useful.

Stock up on these tools:

  • hairdresser's scisors,
  • trimming knife
  • dog clipper,
  • metal comb with long teeth,
  • shampoo for elasticity of the coat,
  • leash or collar to fix the dog,
  • haircut execution scheme.

But, most importantly - be patient, because the process is very time-consuming.

How to trim

The process begins with the removal of hard hairs on the neck, withers, shoulder blades, elbows. At the next stage, the sides and sternum are plucked. The hips and tail are tidied with a trimmer knife.

Press the wool with your thumb to the blade, holding the skin with your left hand. Remove hair with sharp jerks. If your pet is uncomfortable, use scissors. Do not pinch the spine against hair growth, otherwise tear out young hairs. Align remaining areas with a machine.

This is the name of the nip, which must be done every one and a half to two months. The rolling process removes a third of the total cover. After it, a cosmetic version of the haircut is carried out, leaving the hair no more than 1.5 cm long.

Common mistakes

Inexperienced dog breeders make many mistakes.

  • do the first trimming until a complete change of teeth,
  • to cut the dog in a hurry,
  • use stationery scissors.

It is quite normal at first to pluck the dog for two, three or more days. As you acquire the skill, subsequent times the procedure will take less time.

Trim in spring or fall. If you trim in the cold season, do not forget to buy warm clothes for the dog.

Procedure frequency

Trimming frequency is 2-3 times a year, in spring and autumn. When preparing for exhibition events, take care of such care for the miniature schnauzer wool earlier. Tweeze and trim the pet in two or one and a half months. Black dogs with brown undercoat are trimmed more often. It’s better to prepare them for the exhibition in a month and a half.

Hair care

Trimming procedures at home require skill and time. Your arsenal should have a set of tools for caring for your dog. To avoid risk, contact an experienced groomer.

Do not neglect standard hygiene procedures. Bathe your pet in detergents for stiff coat. Clean the paws after each walk.

Moisten the coat with conditioner before combing. To maintain its attractive appearance, stock up on such devices:

  • slicker,
  • straight comb
  • trimming with frequent, long teeth.

Take care of the intimate organs of the pet, keep them clean. Trim the scissors once a month around the anus and genital glands.

General rules

When processing the cover, it is important to take into account the nuances and know what features a step-by-step haircut by regions has:

  • the cover is two-layer, consists of a dense undercoat and a sufficiently short outer coat,
  • there are different types of hairs on the dog’s body: new, very meek plus tousled, medium length plus coarse and long, dying elements. It is the latter category that gives the animal’s hair an unkempt appearance, the cover loses its smoothness and luster.

A characteristic feature of the miniature schnauzer haircut is the processing of local zones:

  • trim the beard with scissors, give the eyebrows the correct triangular shape, cut the hairs on the front and hind legs. For a smooth transition, the formation of a small "skirt" in the cover on the chest area, these areas are carefully treated,
  • with the help of a machine, they cut the area of ​​the ears, abdomen, zones around the proud and cheekbones. Additionally shorten the hair near the genitals and anus.

The wool around the pads on the legs grows fast enough. This site must pass with the help of small scissors.

An important difference in wool care is between the miniature and, for example, the Yorkshire Terrier. For wire-haired breed of dogs (miniature schnauzer), the main emphasis is on trimming and rolling - removal of hairs (bristles) by plucking the cover. Pets with soft, silky hair (York) need a regular hygienic haircut.

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Types of haircuts:

  • cosmetic. Trimming the cover with a machine and scissors is performed as the hairs grow back. Be sure to cut off part of the cover between the paw pads so that the hairs do not interfere with the dog. The best option is to do “cosmetics” every one and a half to two months. During the procedure, the overgrown undercoat is combed, the hairs are cut in the genital area, the area near the tail, neck, trim the decorating “columns” on the legs,
  • basic. The classic version is a combination of trimming with alignment and shortening of the length on the chest and “skirt”, stomach, ears, giving a characteristic shape to the beard and eyebrows,
  • exhibition. The basis for preparing for competitions on the exterior is a cosmetic haircut at the petting salon. Before the procedure, the dog is bathed, dried with a hairdryer, and a special balm is applied. Additionally, the regrown hairs on the legs are cut, the steps of the classical haircut are performed so that all zones have clear shapes according to the standard.

Important nuances:

  • Plucking dead, tousled hairs is the main care for the miniature schnauzer's hair. Model haircuts are a rarity. Before the show, pets must perform cosmetic in limited areas. Without plucking hard hair over the entire surface of the body, the pet will have an unkempt appearance. Dog grooming in all areas of the body impairs the quality of the coat.
  • With the correct trimming in the first year of life, the cover becomes smoother, the coat takes on a look that meets the standard indicators, already by the age of two. A strong pinch of hard hairs on the dog’s body must be carried out taking into account the rules, otherwise you can disrupt the growth of the cover, worsen the quality of the undercoat.
  • Every five weeks, you can make a fur trim (from 10 to 30%). The procedure is called rolling. Addition - cosmetic haircut and hygienic processing on the pads of the paws. It is important to lubricate the coat with a special balm and conditioner. With proper rolling, the dog looks perfect, the length of the coat is from 1.5 to 2 cm, the pet does not look “bald” and “bald”, as after complete trimming, if the owner does not perform rolling, but expects the dog to completely “overgrow”.

Necessary tools and workplace

To cut a miniature schnauzer you will need:

  • small scissors
  • machine with nozzles,
  • scissors with long blades.

To trim you need tools:

  • a finisher for comfortable combing of the undercoat,
  • special knife for gripping overgrown hairs and long teeth,
  • Groomer stone to comb the undercoat after trimming. The device can temporarily replace ordinary pumice,
  • stripping. The device is necessary for the partial removal of the mature parts of the outer hair,
  • a brush with natural bristles for styling after hygiene procedures, combing clean wool,
  • metal brush with bent teeth. Using a tool, the wool gives a denser and more voluminous appearance,
  • wood or bone combs, always with rare cloves

Do I need to wash and how to scratch a dog before shearing

Carrying out the procedure on a dirty cover is fraught with the introduction of infection in case of accidental damage to the skin. В салоне груминга мастера всегда купают и сушат шерсть перед стрижкой и триммингом, независимо от породы.

After the haircut, they also perform hygienic processing of the wool and remove the remnants of the hairs. A hypoallergenic shampoo suitable for a specific skin type reduces the risk of dandruff. Using the wrong product can lead to contact dermatitis and an allergic reaction. Using conditioner balm facilitates combing, gives shine and intense color to the coat.

Trimming and haircut

It is important to know: without the correct plucking of the hairs, the stiff hair of the miniature schnauzer does not renew in full, even with regular combing and cutting. The owner will have to choose: either two or three times a year to drive the dog to the zoo for trimming, or learn how to perform the procedure yourself.

How to act:

  • prepare all the necessary tools, lay out next to the table. If the owner bought a special table with a device for fixing the leash, then it will be easier to remove dead hair,
  • it is important to know: the cover gets a neat appearance when locally processing certain areas with a machine and scissors and plucking hard hairs with a special knife,
  • you can not pluck hairs on the head, some areas of the neck, hind and front legs. To process these areas, scissors with long, even cutting parts are used. The same tool is needed to give the correct shape to the hair on the face.

Step-by-step algorithm of actions


  • treat the forehead, nape and scruff with scissors, which gives the head a shape that meets the standards,
  • then create a triangular bang with a smooth transition from the forehead directly to the muzzle,
  • be sure to cut off the hairs on the ears and in the ear canal. To clean your ears, remove sulfur and dirt, use a cotton pad or sticks moistened with a hypoallergenic balm,
  • the machine briefly processes the hairs from the lateral parts of the head, but you can’t go beyond the main line,
  • comb the trimmed parts of the head and beard correctly, in the direction of hair growth,
  • be sure to raise the bangs, remove the overgrown wool in the transition zone,
  • after carefully combing, they give a wedge-shaped beard,
  • then move on to the body, trim the "skirt" so that the decor is of medium length,
  • on the inner surface of the thighs and in the groin area, the hair is gently trimmed with a machine,
  • when treating the cover in males, it is important to carefully treat the area near the genitals,
  • the grown hairs on the front and hind legs are combed, combed thoroughly, then they are given the standard shape in the elbow and axillary area using long scissors,
  • the next stage is the processing of pads on the legs with the help of small scissors. Additionally give this area a more rounded appearance,
  • the final stage is the removal of hairs for a more comfortable treatment of the claw area. Using a special tool, they cut their claws and shorten the stratum corneum,
  • be sure to bathe the dog after the haircut to get rid of short hairs on the body that can irritate the skin.

With independent processing of wool in an inexperienced “home groomer”, trimming (plucking of hard hairs) for the first several times the procedure stretches for two to three days. In the salon, professionals carry out a full range of cover processing at the miniature schnauzer in a few hours. After the full trimming procedure, the overgrown dog looks “bald”, which scares some owners. The cover grows after about 2 months. Many groomers advise doing a cosmetic haircut and rolling, and trimming the dog twice a year.

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When can I trim?

The best option is to perform the procedure in the warm season. The puppy must be at least four months old. The first trimming causes enough excitement, and veterinarians advise visiting a grooming salon when the pet's teeth have already erupted. Do not create an additional reason for stress.

Dog Owner Advice

Important points:

  • During trimming, the master uses sharp tools that can easily injure his fingers, especially among inexperienced self-taught masters. For protection, experts advise using a band-aid or fingertips.
  • With cuts, it is imperative to sanitize the skin. Veterinarians and groomers advise protecting your fingers to avoid accidentally introducing fungi, bacteria that may be in the hairs of a dog.

Step-by-step video - instructions on how to make a miniature schnauzer trimming at home on your own: