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Who called from an unfamiliar number and snuffed into the phone? Who is Lena from Mordor, who appeared in the phone book after Saturday's party? Enter the last 10 digits of the phone in the search bar on Facebook, and most likely you will find the answers. By default, the ability to find a person by phone number is enabled for all users.

If you don’t want this trick to go with you, change your privacy settings.

Why your Facebook friends don’t see your posts and how to fix it

The Runet was covered by a wave of articles with the headline “Why don’t your Facebook friends see your posts?” In which there was a solution to the problem, grateful subscribers scattered respect for bloggers and admins who published such an amazing life hack, as well. "Things are still there!" So why are your Facebook friends still not seeing your posts and how to fix it?

I was one of those who, after reading the articles and understanding the essence of the problem, changed the settings of the news feed from “Popular News” to “Latest”. You remember that in the settings of the Facebook news feed, by default, “Popular News” is set, the algorithm of this setting offers you the news of those (and your news to those) with whom you interacted for the last 2 weeks. It's simple, you change the setting to "Newest" and the tape comes to life. There it was!

Indeed, after changing the settings in my stream, I saw animation and was glad that I would not miss something important from my friends, and a sure sign of this is a notification about it immediately under «What do you think about?»,

but ... the joy was short-lived. After a week and a half, I found that the news feed was kind of strange, listless, I somehow saw the same thing, and then it dawned on me, I “rushed” to set up the news feed and ... found that the “daw” is on “Top News"(Now just follow the"The main"For the notice"Featured Latest · Back to Hot News"Under"What do you think about?»,

as soon as notice "Featured Latest · Back to Hot News» will disappear,

sure sign - it's time change feed settings).

I will not bore you with a story about how I “day after day” defend the right see ALL newsmy friendsI’ll just say that despite your “legal” tincture selection «Newest"In the news feed, Facebook without demand dumps it on «Top News»Unfortunately, the choice of settings not permanent, and your friends and you again lose actual messages in the feed!

If you have a permanent solution to this problem, I will use it myself with pleasure and will definitely inform the Facebook community indicating the author of the solution, but for now ...

One solution - «follow» for facebook!) He “allows himself” to follow you.)) Check the status of the news feed settings from time to time, by the way, noticed that the reset time for “Popular News” is completely random, but ranges from about a week and a half to one or two days, the best The “indicator” for resetting the tape is the lack of notification “Featured Latest · Back to Hot News"Under" What are you thinking about? ", Be careful and tell your friends on Facebook, good luck!

P. S. These actions must be done by you and your friends!

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1. Read hidden messages

Few people know that there are two mailboxes on Facebook. One of them is intended for messages from people who are not your friends on Facebook. If you did not know about the second mailbox, then you most likely missed invitations to various events from friends of your friends or offers for a meeting from former work colleagues. To read these messages, you need to click on the “Messages” icon, then click on the “Requests for correspondence” button and execute the command “View Filtered Requests”.

2. Check where you came from on your page

If you doubt that you have left your page on your friend’s computer, you can click the small down arrow in the upper right corner of your screen, select “Settings”. Click on the "Security" button from the list of commands that appears on the left, and then select "Where are you from?" To leave your page on any of the browsers, just click "End Action".

2. Disable the “Viewed” status in messages

This feature ruins relationships and lives! Of course, who is pleased when they openly ignore personally selected funny pictures and important news.

If you are not one of those who can calmly leave unanswered messages from friends, use the browser extension. It disables the message status “Viewed / Not Viewed” in the desktop version of Facebook. For the Chrome browser, this is Facebook Unseen. For Firefox and Explorer - Chat Undetected. But there is a negative point: with these extensions, you also will not be able to see the status of reading.

3. Hide your online status from pestering friends

If you are completely tired of any friend, then turn off chat with him. Click on the gear in the right column with the list of friends and select "Advanced Settings".

Messages from the switched off chat will be stored in the Inbox, but, unlike the previous paragraph, you will not be able to read them discreetly.

4. Look in the news feed only posts from friends and communities to which you are subscribed

Facebook wants to pull everyone into its bogs as deep as possible. It is for this that he shows users uploaded and commented on by friends posts. But there is a way to leave in your stream only the records of friends and communities to which you are subscribed.

Install the friends feed extension in Chrome. With him, extraneous posts will either be hiding or covered with gray hair - choose in the settings.

5. Read hidden messages

Who knows, maybe your life is not as boring as it seems. Perhaps you were called to a dream job, secret admirers confessed their love and their fans threatened to kill. But you did not know anything about this, because Facebook places messages from unauthorized users in a hidden folder and does not notify you about them in any way. Click on the tab “Other” (for many it has recently been called “Request for correspondence”) next to the main messages and see everything that was hidden!

9. Change the status of relationships without extra drams

It may take a long time between the internal decision to end the relationship and announcing this to the other party. And I want to start looking for new romantic adventures on Facebook right away. By default, a notification about a change in your personal life appears in the feed of all friends. So do not forget to select the setting “Just Me” in the item “Information”> “Family and Relationships”.

10. Bookmark interesting posts so you can read them later.

Thousands of posts appear daily in your Facebook feed, everything is impossible to read, even if you completely abandon the idea of ​​working. Fortunately, the social network has a built-in bookmarking service. To save a post for the future, click the arrow in the upper right corner.

All your bookmarks are in the “Saved” section (in the desktop version you will find it in the left column, in the Menu> More application)

12. Make the post invisible to a specific person

How many great posts disappear just because we are afraid to hurt one friend on Facebook! So be aware, status visibility has advanced settings. Now you can calmly publish even the most harsh and emotional thoughts.

Everything! You have become a real Facebook guru. It remains to talk about these features with your friends (because now you just can’t be friends with dense users of your favorite social network). To do this, click on the left button with the letter “f” under the article.