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How to start working for yourself from scratch?


Almost all people, from time to time, have the idea that "it would be nice to go about your business and become independent." According to statistics, only every twentieth inhabitant of Russia is trying to put these thoughts into practice. There are many reasons for this state of affairs - from banal laziness and resistance of loved ones to fear of responsibility and lack of talent. Still, working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. is easier than answering for your actions 24 hours a day. It turns out this is not for everyone. If you want to work for yourself and not depend on the whims of the employer, you should carefully prepare for this most complicated and crucial stage in life. Start the preparation by answering questions - why do I need it and where to start? Let's try to answer these questions.

Own business is not only (and not so much) cherries on the cake, but hard work and responsibility. Let's start with the advantages of our business. The first is financial independence. Secondly, the possibility (at least theoretical) to become a very wealthy person. Thirdly, the opportunity to live a full life on the side of the years, and not to live on a beggarly pension. In the end, your business is also an opportunity to do what you love. Well, there are also enough shortcomings. You will have to rest not on schedule, but then when the matter allows. You are responsible for everything yourself and one wrong decision can lead to collapse. But let's not talk about the bad.

Things to do?

So, you have decided, I want to work for myself, what can I do? In this matter a lot depends on your abilities, knowledge and interests. It’s best to do what you like. For example, if you are fond of bicycle repair, organize your own workshop. Or maybe you like to cook? In this case, you can open a small dining room or cafe? A lot of options. The most important thing is that you enjoy your lesson, and then you will surely succeed.

Such services can be provided in various ways:

  1. Collaborate with an agency that will look for clients for you,
  2. Build your website and advise customers online,
  3. Rent an office.

In order for your activity in this area to be successful, you need to advertise your business in various ways and carry out comprehensive work on its development. This is the most affordable way to make money from scratch without investments, which over time can turn into a main source of income.


The easiest option, how to start working for yourself without investments, is tutoring. Such an activity allows you to earn good money solely on your knowledge. For example, if you know foreign languages, open training courses. Some people do not have a diploma of special education, but they also have excellent command of the language and can teach others this. The format of the lessons can be selected depending on your desire. If you don’t want to communicate with students in person, try selling video or audio courses.

Dog walking

Such an idea came to our country from Europe. Modern people are very limited in time, so sometimes they can not cope with such simple household chores as walking a dog.

Create your own company that will offer pet grooming services and their walking. At first, you can do this business yourself. One person can take 3-4 dogs for a walk at a time. When more customers appear, you can hire assistants who love animals and know how to handle them.

Texts to order

Looking for options on how to make money without leaving your home? If you like to reason and know how to write good texts, you can do it on order and get good money for your work.

In such a business, earning largely depends on your knowledge and skills. To get the necessary experience, you can at first engage in copywriting or rewriting and work for the customer. Over time, when you learn to write high-quality texts, create your own site and fill it with interesting content. A fascinating Internet resource, which is visited by many users, will bring good profits.

Marriage Agency

Before you begin, you need to create your own website on the Internet, establish partnerships with other partner agencies and conduct an effective advertising campaign. Payment from customers is usually taken not only for the services provided, but also for registration on the site. In addition, you can receive money for the ability to view photos or for correspondence.


Recently, agriculture has begun to actively develop in our country. For those who live in the countryside, the easiest option, where to start working in order to get a good income, is own farming. This is a fairly promising and profitable business, which allows you to get complete financial independence.

Fresh quality products are always in great demand, which is not completely satisfied with domestic products. The state provides support to small agricultural businesses, therefore, if you do not have start-up capital, you can get money for the development of the enterprise as part of one of these programs.


Looking for a way to earn 200,000 rubles urgently for a week? This is a lot of money, but it’s quite possible to get it if you are engaged in wholesale resale of goods. Trade is the most profitable type of entrepreneurial activity that does not require large investments or special knowledge.

You can buy goods at a low price from the manufacturer in large bulk and resell them in small batches to retailers. The most profitable option is a resale of real estate. Acting as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, you will receive a good income without investing a dime.

Network marketing

If you want to improve your financial situation, but at the same time, you can’t leave your favorite job, you can do network marketing. In this case, you can earn money in your free time by advertising dietary supplements, cosmetics, detergents and other products to your friends or colleagues. This is a great option, how to start working at work in order to get a good increase to the family budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a business

Before you start working for yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship.

  • Good income. If you manage to organize your business correctly, it will bring a decent profit. You’re unlikely to get that kind of money working for the owner,
  • The ability to test your strength. The development and success of a business depends on your knowledge and skills,
  • Financial independence. Earnings will now depend on your hard work, and not on the whims of the authorities. Now you don’t have to worry about lowering your salary or firing you from your position,
  • Useful links. Each businessman has new friends, partners and other influential personalities who can help in any difficult situation.

  • Free time. Even if you organize your business perfectly, in any case, every free minute will have to be spent on its development. Only then can you make good money,
  • A responsibility. Now you will be responsible for the failures yourself, since all important decisions were made by you personally,
  • Wrestling. Own business is a constant struggle with competitors. It’s necessary not only to occupy our niche in the market, but also to constantly maintain our positions,
  • Costs. At first, you will have to invest your own money without getting anything in return. Start-up capital is returned after a certain period. Only after that you start to earn income,
  • Before you start working for yourself from scratch, weigh the pros and cons to understand whether you can become the master of fate or better devote yourself to working in a team under someone else's leadership.

Own business is quite complicated and costly, but at the same time, quite an interesting business. Thanks to this, you can check the strength of your character and really appreciate the possibilities. To succeed, many difficulties will have to be overcome. But it's worth it, because only your job will allow you to get full financial independence.

1. Engage in dropshipping

The easiest way to start a business with virtually no investment is dropshipping. To do this, you do not need to purchase equipment and rent a warehouse, just select the niche of goods that interests you, find suppliers (the best platform for this is AliExpress), launch an online store and place goods on it with a margin of about 50%. When the buyer places an order, buy the corresponding product on AliExpress and specify the customer address for delivery. The seller will take care of the rest.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You practically risk nothing, except for time and expenses for marketing and advertising.
  • If it suddenly turns out that the products you have chosen are not in demand, you can simply replace them with others.
  • You can do business anywhere: at home, in a cafe, at your main job during a break.

2. Launch your own clothing line

If you have the makings of a designer and a little free time, you can start your own clothing line. At the same time, you don’t need to be able to sew yourself or open a sewing workshop, you can cooperate with services like VseMayki, Printdirect or Pink Bus that will produce the goods and send it to the client for you, you just have to create a design, launch an online store, bind it to the selected service and receive a commission from each order. T-shirts are especially popular, but you can experiment with other items of clothing and accessories that are made by your chosen service.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You can start selling clothes immediately after the store opens. At the same time, the production of goods begins only after the order, so if your design is unsuccessful, you will not lose anything.
  • It's nice to create products that people will use every day.
  • You can direct your creativity into a profitable channel.
  • To see how your ideas are embodied in life is priceless.

3. Earn with your creativity

Another way to direct your creativity into a profitable channel is to sell your work online.

If you are an artist or photographer, you can sell postcards and posters with your work, print them on T-shirts, mugs and more. Here you can use the Printdirect or Pink Bus services that we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

If you already have a sufficient number of subscribers, you can take orders. It makes sense for artists to learn English, because Western clients in most cases pay more and find fault with less. Do not be shy and do not set low prices. Look at the prices of already earning artists or photographers of your level and be guided by them.

If you are a musician, you can let your beats, songs, samples and other things be downloaded for money, or you can sell your music on stock services like AudioJungle, EpidemicSound or Shutterstock.

Another option for earning on his work is Patreon. This service allows your fans to support you financially, and in return receive various buns - for example, the ability to download your work in good quality, vote on what the next work will be, etc., depending on what you want to do and on that you have enough time.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You can become a part of someone's life, and your work will be able to penetrate the homes and headphones of your customers.
  • For some people, creativity is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. And so you get a chance to earn on what you like.

4. Become a freelancer

Demand for talented writers, designers and developers is always there. As a freelancer, you can apply your skills and help people from all over the world with their projects (of course, while making money). It is not necessary to take large-scale and long-term projects that will gobble up all your free time. Choose tasks shorter and simpler that fit into your schedule.

The most popular freelancer exchanges in Russia are, and If you are fluent in English, try Upwork or Fiverr.

It is worth noting that Fiverr is slightly different from traditional exchanges. All prices for work there are multiples of 5 dollars. To earn more, set up your offers so that you can easily sell additional services to your customers.

For example, as a basic service for $ 5, you can offer an introduction for a blog post of 150 words in length and take $ 10 for every additional 150 words. See how others do it and adjust the prices of your services so that the final price is worth your time. You can also read this article about working with Fiverr.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • Freelance engagement allows you to choose the projects you like and work according to your schedule and in a place convenient for you.
  • It's nice to do what you do well and get paid for it
  • If you are a beginner, then working as a freelancer is a great way to gain experience in various fields and replenish your portfolio.
  • Perhaps you will discover in yourself talents that you were not even aware of.

5. Record a series of instructional videos

This will allow you to receive passive income from your knowledge. Record a video where you explain a topic that you are well versed in and post it on your personal page. You can also become a teacher on the Skillshare platform or other similar resource. Of course, recording training videos will require effort, but if you manage to create a popular and valuable course, you will receive regular passive income from students who will be recorded on this course.

To record your first online course, think about what topic you know well and study it well enough to be able to explain it to a perfect teapot. The theme can be anything - web development, music writing, social media marketing, etc. When you decide on the topic and prepare all the necessary materials, download an application that can record your actions on the screen and your voice explaining what is happening to the students.

To get started, you can try the CamStudio freeware application for Windows, Jing for Mac and Windows, or ScreenFlow for Mac.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to download a video editing application. This can be professional Adobe Premiere Pro, access to which can be obtained for about 2000 rubles per month (1300 rubles if you subscribe for a year), or you can choose free or inexpensive applications like Shotcut or Lightworks.

Even if you've never done video recording and editing before, you can find instructions on YouTube or just on the Internet. Who knows, maybe as a result you will master these programs so much that you will later record training videos on how to use them.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • It is enough for you to spend several days (or weeks, depending on how complex the topic is and how much you want to explain it) to record a series of videos and post them on the right resources, and then relax and reap the benefits of your labors.
  • You already have knowledge, it remains only to share it. Focus on teaching what you are already good at, and everything else will come to you naturally. And it doesn’t matter what it is: developing applications for Android, creating accounting reports or using VKontakte ads.
  • Helping people is always a pleasure, and if you get paid for it, it's doubly nice.

6. Become a tutor

You can earn on your knowledge in an active way. If you understand a subject and do not feel awkward when communicating with people, try to do tutoring. You can find students in your old town in the old way and either go to them (as a rule, then the lesson is more expensive) or take them at home (then the price should be set lower). If you decide to accept students at home, equip a separate place for this, where nothing will distract you or your students. Ideally, select a separate room, or at least a balcony.

And you can register on the Preply service or another similar resource and teach online via skype or another program that supports video calls. Here you only need a computer, Internet access, a webcam and a headset, but it’s better to take care of what is visible behind your back so that the students will not be distracted or confused by the mess in your room or household members scurrying back and forth.

Tutors are sought not only in school subjects and foreign languages, but also in programming, painting, music and many other subjects. There are even tutors at Preply who teach the intricacies of playing Dota 2!

Decide on the topic you want to teach and the age of the students. Programs for children are generally easier, but you will often have to look for an approach to the child and / or his parents. Adult students are more attentive and interested in learning, but may not be able to do homework due to employment.

  • Вы сами составляете свой график и учебный план.
  • Most students are quite motivated, and you don’t have to force knowledge into their heads, as regular teachers have to do.
  • If your students are making progress thanks to you, then this is always a pleasure.
  • Thanks to tutoring, you can learn a lot about yourself and become much better at understanding the subject.

The options above are some of the easiest ways to start making money. They do not require special investments, and even if something goes wrong or you understand that it is not for you, you will lose practically nothing, except for time and some expenses for marketing and advertising. Unless, of course, with a scandal, you quit your job after receiving your first order.

Where to begin

You need to start in advance. You should not wait for the moment when the "lock". Preparing to start a business should still be self-employed. Very often people, having worked for several years in one place, and having familiarized themselves with all the nuances of the profession, come to the conclusion that they will be able to work in this field on their own. That is, to become a direct competitor to the former employer.

Sometimes, on the contrary, it’s worth hiring to work for a while for a company whose activities are related to your future business.

This way allows you to minimize the risks associated with the start of activities and quickly get on your feet. But you need to be prepared for very fierce competition and possible personal problems.

Still continuing to work for hire, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure for registering a business, deal with tax laws and the special conditions for conducting your chosen business. You should know in advance all the possible problems that you may have with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, the fire inspection authorities and other regulatory organizations. Take a close look, choosing the OKVED code, if you need a special license.

Most often, citizens begin their journey into business with the registration of individual entrepreneurial activity (IP). In this case, you must immediately choose a tax system. Naturally, most entrepreneurs choose the simplified taxation system (STS), but among the STS should choose the best option. Consultations on choosing this option are not the subject of our article. We note only one thing. If you plan to supply products / services to large industrial enterprises, then the general taxation system is appropriate.

The choice of the subject of activity

So, I want to work for myself what to do to quickly get on my feet? First, evaluate your life experience and education. You cannot become a lawyer, attorney or notary without an appropriate education. If you have never had a relationship with law enforcement, then it is hardly worth creating a security company or a detective agency. Do not forget about personal relationships.

Most often, people associate the beginning of their entrepreneurial career with trade. This is the standard version that has led many to success, and even more to crash.

The pros and cons of retail can be discussed endlessly, but you can achieve the result only with great perseverance and the ability to find your niche in the market. There are no universal recipes and miraculous tips, but it’s definitely worth studying the experience of others (without accepting it as a dogma). First, try to work as a seller in an ordinary store or supermarket. This will help you not only orient yourself, but also understand your abilities.

We will try to consider how to start working for ourselves without investment, simple ideas and promising areas of entrepreneurship in a gender context. No matter what they say about gender equality, in fact, despite the equality of rights, there is an inequality of our opportunities. Take your time with accusations against the author of the article - pregnancy already creates certain problems in doing business for women. But it was precisely such difficulties that stimulated many women to do business and succeed in this field.

Woman businessman

If you are a woman, then look around, talk to successful business women. You may be surprised to learn that many real business women began their careers when they were forced to stay at home with a small child. An active person, even during a period of tremendous stress associated with caring for a child, wants to go beyond the four walls. What are the options for self-employment for women during the “sitting at home with children” period? All or most of these options are outsourced. Here are some of them:

  • accounting services for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs,
  • Dropshipping, mediation between wholesalers and buyers,
  • website creation and administration,
  • tutoring,
  • production of culinary products to order,
  • translations, especially from rare and eastern languages,
  • copywriting, rewriting.

Eight to ten years ago, this list could include the creation of online stores. Today this niche is densely packed. Only if you have a unique, fresh idea, is it worth a try. But today it’s unrealistic to start Internet trading from scratch.

There are many examples where women, while on maternity leave, began to take care of their friends and acquaintances in turn, and then such cooperation turned into a serious business. Demand for high-quality private kindergartens in Russia is only growing. Especially in the segment of services for the middle class.

The author of the article personally knows the case when a university teacher, while on parental leave, has “nothing to do” from, organized, with the participation of students, a loading and unloading service. Moreover, in three years of simple “sitting on the phone”, she managed to create a logistics company with millionth turnover.

There are activities that work better for women than men. This is due, let men not be offended, with a more developed aesthetic taste in women. Take, for example, the flower business. It goes best with women. Why? It's very simple - men most often buy flowers for women and, naturally, when buying flowers, men will trust the seller, the woman, more. In the same way, when registering a local area, for some reason people often trust this work to a female designer.

The services of a hairdresser and manicure, pedicure are always in demand, and class specialists in this field are in great demand. In order to engage in such a business, it is not necessary to open your own salon. You can start with customer service at home. It does not require “capital investment”. The main thing is that word of mouth should regularly expand the circle of your clients. And then you can open your own salon.

If you have at least a small plot of land, then the cultivation of agricultural products is quite real. Even in a small area you can grow a variety of greens year-round. Such goods are in steady demand in cafes, restaurants, as well as in markets and food shops. Very promising is also the cultivation of ornamental shrubs.

Recently, there has been a certain renaissance in such a type of business as the rental of various goods. This can be a tool, goods for children, equipment for skiing. Despite the need for certain initial costs, their payback is very short.

"Male" business

The concept of “male business” in its pure form does not actually exist, but there are types of activities that men have traditionally “occupied”. These are, first of all, various types of repair - from apartment and car repair to computer repair. This explains such a popular business as husband for an hour. Although, if you look closely, many of these works are done by women no worse than men. Nevertheless, we will try to consider options for men.

We will not focus on repeating the sore tips on “starting a business from scratch,” but we will turn your attention to those types of businesses, including, of course, traditional ones that are developing rapidly today. Even more interesting are those areas of activity that are just beginning to develop.

Very popular is the business associated with the repair of household appliances at home. This type of activity is characterized by the fact that for its start practically no initial capital is required. Today's household appliances are distinguished by the fact that they quickly fail after the warranty period has expired. And this is not an accident, but a focused policy of manufacturers. It is very expensive to repair such devices in specialized workshops, but the "coolers" are able to carry out repairs so that your favorite vacuum cleaner will last for many more years.

The inevitable increase in the cost of energy resources makes the owners of individual houses and apartments in apartment buildings think about their insulation.

Qualitative and professional work of this kind is increasingly in demand and well paid. Such a business may well be started at zero initial cost.

A growing interest in solar energy is also associated with the problem of reducing energy consumption. So far, energy prices in Russia are not so high that autonomous solar panels can compete with traditional energy supplies. However, look at the areas where wealthy people live. You will see that already on some houses there are solar panels and collectors. Today it is still fun for the rich. But there is a niche and it's time to master it.

Indeed, at the latitude of Rostov-on-Don, the intensity of solar radiation in July is more than 800 W / m2. This means that a solar panel with an area of ​​5-7 m2 and a heat collector of 2-3 m2 with a heat storage are able to fully provide a medium-sized cottage in summer with energy and hot water. Even at the latitude of Vologda (radiation of about 550 W / m2), taking into account a longer summer day, the same results can be achieved. In November - February, the intensity of solar radiation decreases 3-4 times, but, nevertheless, such installations significantly reduce the need for electricity.

This is a new water activity in our country, and even there are very few specialists in the design and selection of such plants. Study this subject and you can earn good money.

This is not to say that 3D printing is a completely new business, and all the more so since it does not require initial costs. However, the cost of equipment to provide such services is constantly decreasing and they are becoming more affordable. Already today, for example, collectors of antiques (especially cars and equipment) are ready to pay a high price for 3D printing. This method is the cheapest in the manufacture of parts and decor items that are not on sale for the repair and restoration of collectibles.

Pay attention to self-service car wash. In Western Europe, automatic sinks are gradually declining, while manual sinks have almost moved into the category of antiques. With the growth of salaries in our country, this trend is also gaining momentum. Equipment for starting such a business can already be leased.

“Your business model. A systematic approach to building a career "

The emphasis in the book is on understanding oneself and the environment (I would even say - on researching oneself with subsequent modeling), using the business model template as a tool.

The main advantages of this tool are its consistency, visibility and the ability to quickly rework. At the same time, it is important to understand that this is not a tool for planning your activities, but rather for modeling.

From the very first pages, the book plunges into the process of creating a personal business model. By sequentially exploring nine structural blocks, you form the model as it is at the moment.

Each block is accompanied by a history of the project participants, supplementing and expanding the description of each block. There are a lot of further examples from the life of the project participants in the book, so that you can always get to know not only the theoretical calculations and recommendations, but also the practical aspects of their application.

To get in a single sheet format a very clear understanding of the current situation in a career is already a huge step forward. However, this is only the beginning. Now it's time to put the resulting model aside and plunge into thoughts about yourself and your career goals.

And so that reflection leads to a result, the book offers a large number of exercises, the essence of which boils down to simple questions that lead to very difficult answers.

Questions like “Who Am I?” And “What are my roles?”, Deployment of the life line with its failures and successes, identification of interests and skills, as well as personal qualities and environment.

It seemed very interesting to me to expand the meanings of what constitutes work for us. The traditional ones are work as ordinary work, work as a career, work as a vocation, another category has been added - work as self-realization. After all, what is the meaning of our work, such are we ourselves.

A large block of questions and exercises related to the definition of career goals. As a toolbox - a series of exercises, one of the most powerful - "an article about you with a photograph on the cover." Exercise sets the task for the imagination and helps to connect your goal and main interests. So, imagine that a major article has been published in the leading edition about you, with your comments and a photograph on the cover.

What is the name of this edition?

What is the article about? Why did you choose it?

Write out quotes from the interview.

Sometimes, I enhance the effect of an exercise by combining it with various freeriding exercises. Presenting my photo on the covers of Secret Firms, Esquire or Inc Magazine, I push my imagination in completely different directions, and this helps me to connect my intentions, goals and interests. More precisely, it helps to see various combinations of this connection.


Restructuring a personalized business model is the central part of the book and the point where your current model and thoughts merge. And already here, with the help of reconstruction tools, a completely new template of a personal business model is created.

Taking up the prepared template and combining it with the correct ideas about yourself and your career goals, you begin to define “pain points” - structural blocks where there is dissatisfaction. It is possible that this will be one block. Or maybe there will be much more. In any case, it is important to see the relationship. Namely, how dissatisfaction in one of the blocks (for example, the desire to earn more in the “Revenue” block) is associated with other blocks (“key activities” and “value provided”). Work with dissatisfaction in each block with diagnostic questions.

I will give as an example several diagnostic questions to some of the blocks that I myself use most often:

  • What are you doing?
  • Are you interested in your work?
  • Who are you helping?
  • Are you pleased with your customers?
  • What kind of work does the client really want to see done?
  • How do you assist?
  • What elements of your services does the client really value?
  • Do you like to provide value to customers?
  • How do they know about you?
  • Do you allow customers to use the channel they prefer?
  • How do you interact?
  • What is the main goal of your customer relationship: retention or acquisition?

I note that all these issues either better reveal the problem, or indicate opportunities. Based on the answers to diagnostic questions, create a table where you make all the changes that you would like to make to the structural blocks. And evaluate the impact of the changes made - how changes in one of the blocks will entail changes in others.

Everything is ready, and you are building a new template for a personal business model. I’ll draw your attention to the fact that you can redraw your template endlessly. And this will not happen randomly, but deliberately and orderly. Because all this is just a way to simulate various work styles and find out what is best for you.

Remember that all this action is just a hypothesis about your career. Therefore, the next step is action. Go to the client and test your business model. Indeed, in the structural blocks of your model there are many different hypotheses. Therefore, each block of your template should be checked on the client.

If after communication with the client there is a need for changes, return to the template and adjust (with the help of new questions) the corresponding structural blocks.

If the model seems correct (after a series of first meetings aimed at identifying the client), then engage in a test of its effectiveness - prepare well and carry out the first “sale”.

Be prepared for continuous improvement of your model by changing one or more elements of the structural block after meetings with customers. After all, this action is an adequate response to the fact that your model still does not satisfy customers. Faced with a problem, make a “U-turn”, update the model and try again!

Завершая обзор, замечу — помимо того, что книга позволяет понять себя и окружающих, ее ценность еще и в том, что она дает в руки мощный инструмент моделирования, на основе которого уже можно делать собственные варианты бизнес-моделей. Например, на днях я обсуждал применение шаблона бизнес-модели для понимания менеджером по продажам своей деятельности и собственной ценности как для клиентов, так и для компании, в которой он работает. In addition, the template of a personal business model can be expanded and supplemented with various tools, simply by embedding it in one or another element of the structural block.

Be prepared to discover yourself again and again. The work of your dreams is easier to create than to find, because finding it is very difficult. Creation requires only knowledge of oneself.

The main idea of ​​the book

The book is exclusively for practitioners who need to understand the starting point in their careers, to be able to model a number of intermediate states and monitor the dynamics of their movement, while being able to make meaningful adjustments at any stage of this journey. The book gives no answers, it only invites you to go on a journey looking for new questions!