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23 tips for making videos right


The first thing we need, of course, is a chromakey. Chroma key is a background, usually green, that is being recorded. Next, this background needs to be cut out in a special program and replaced with your image.

More precisely, we need to separate the subject from the background. Programs for separating the subject from the background work on the principle that "the background is everything that is not in the subject." If an object is considered a person, then knowing that the skin of a person is predominantly red and yellow, not green, the hair is also not green, then a green background will allow the editor to easily consider "everything that is not green is an object." Most often, the background is made exactly green, but we also experimented with red.

In our case, the function of chromakey was performed by five meters of green fabric from the sewing store. The standard width of this canvas is 1.5 meters. This is enough to fully fit into the background during shooting. The main requirement for the fabric is to not reflect light to the maximum. In our case, a raincoat fabric came up, which is attached to the wall with the usual long buttons. Absolute evenness of the background and ironing the fabric from bruises is not necessary, under normal lighting everything will be in order.

It is not necessary that the entire video is fully covered by chromakey. The main thing is that the object to be cut is completely on it. And the excess around the edges can be cut in simple ways in the editor.

In our case, we used diode lamps with white light. These are long lamps of one and a half meters to cover the entire subject in a sitting position.

Lamps must be placed behind the subject from two sides, so that they shine only on a chroma key for a uniform background without a shadow. Such backlighting of the background not only removes shadows from the object and folds, but also creates a clearer contour of the object for the future separation of it from the background.

Both the object and the background should preferably be evenly lit on both sides, so that there is no situation that the left half of the object is clearly cut out, and the right, worse lit, was cut out unevenly.

We use diode lamps, not long fluorescent ones. Luminescent will create too much extra light on the subject, but only on chroma key.

Next we needed three tripods. To fix the lamps in an upright position, it took two. The third was required for cardboard with foil. Recording is done in the afternoon near the window, so it turns out better light without additional lamps and equipment.

A tripod with a cardboard foil is used to reflect light from the window onto the second half of the speaker's face. If there is not enough daylight, then you can place another directional lamp on the side and reflect it with foil on the second side.

Sound recording

To record sound, you need a microphone buttonhole. Standard sound recording through the camera will not be enough. Sound can be recorded on a smartphone or laptop. In our case, during recording, there is a table with a laptop nearby, into which a buttonhole is inserted as a microphone and everything is recorded through the Audacity program.


The texts of our videos are recorded in advance and are read during recording. A laptop with text is installed at the camera level. More specifically, the camera is located directly on the laptop. Then, when reading, the run of eyes is not very noticeable and the look is directed almost at the camera. If the text is poorly visible for reading, then you just need to zoom in on the document.

Since no hands are visible during recording, using a wireless mouse you can scroll the text during recording. In the same way, you can simply make notes for the video so that you don’t get confused while recording it and shoot everything in one take.

Sound mixing

In order to be able to quickly reduce the sound from the video, at the very beginning of the video recording, you need to make three loud pops on the camera when the sound recording is on. So the video will show pops and you can adjust the sound to them by hearing them on the sound track. Pops will be clearly visible on the soundtrack. All that remains is to move the audio track to the corresponding part of the video.

Animation for the name and logo

We used templates from They can be found in the After Effects Project Files section of the Logo Stings, Openers, and Titles subsections.

Usually with such videos there are step-by-step instructions on how to replace the names and logo with your own. If you have no experience with After Effects, then you should not count on a big change in the animation option. It will only turn out to replace the picture and text. Therefore, you need to choose the template that suits you completely.

We will need animations for each video title and one animation for the logo, it will be the same everywhere. That is, each name of the video is a separate video, which will be added to the main video in the future.

Video components

In our case, we use one common background for the title, a background with a presentation for the video itself, and a final splash screen. At different intervals of the video, the background changes to the corresponding images. That is, we do not use complex animations, but simply change the background.

So for the five points of a step-by-step presentation, we create six backgrounds with the current state of the presentation and place them on the video track.

The following details should be considered when creating background images.

1. At the bottom of the video will be a toolbar from YouTube. Therefore, the alleged links and the name of the video should not be placed at the very bottom of the video.

2. Links and buttons are made using various types of annotations. They are all with frames or backgrounds, so the buttons on the video may appear extra borders. The “Frame” annotation turned out to be the most suitable for us. But the frames when hovering give extra boundaries and when creating links can overwrite small elements of the video. This is noticeable here when you hover over a Facebook subscription link.

3. The following videos are made right in the video. Since we have the same type, instead of frames from the video we add their banners. After that, annotations are also added to these images.

All this design allows us to record stylized videos for our YouTube channel. We hope it will be useful to you. Related articles on installation details in the form of articles will no longer be published, as it is more convenient to watch in the video. If this was useful to you, then subscribe to our channel to receive a notification when these videos come out.

If you are shooting a story about your company or website

This type of video is becoming increasingly popular when creating selling sites. Agree, it inspires confidence if you immediately see the head of the organization, the owner of the enterprise, on the main page of the site. You click and a video begins to play, in which he tells you about what advantages you will get by buying something from him or using the services of his company. An example of such a video, you can see on this site. In the upper right corner.

This type of video shooting has its own peculiarities and making such a video will be more time consuming than a video call. But if you know how to shoot video story, the effect of it is very good. Sales may increase up to 300%.

14. When shooting a video of a story about an enterprise, do not take time for more than 4 minutes. This figure is also not an axiom, as it decreases every year. Strive for timing 2-3 minutes.

15. In any case, at least with a 2-minute timing, at least with a 4-minute time, remember that the picture on the screen should change about 1 time in 5-10 seconds. At least! If you break this rule, then do not be surprised that most people will not watch such a video for more than 30 seconds.

16. One of the simple ways to change the picture in the frame - shooting from two points. Place two tripods with camcorders. One removes a person in full view, the other ... no, not in profile))). About 45 degrees between the profile and the full face. In this case, full-face shooting is carried out at the same distance from the subject, shooting at an angle is at the same or can be done closer.

Full Face ShootingAngle shot

17. Sometimes videos come across on the Internet where the option of shooting from three points is applied. Fair? Do not bother. The effect of such shooting is practically no different from shooting from two points.

18. Keep in mind that when shooting with two cameras, both cameras must be of the same model. Yes, it doesn’t matter what it will be - a special video camera, smartphone or digital camera. I have already said this. It is important that both devices are the same model. The fact is that with all the declared standardization and unification of formats and devices, in real life there is neither one nor the other. Two smartphones of different models with exactly the same parameters, with the same lighting, will shoot a video of the same object in different ways. Sometimes it’s very different. On the finished video, it doesn’t look good.

19. When shooting with two cameras, the sound should be shot on a separate device with one mono or stereo microphone, on one device. Better if it is a lapel microphone. The fact is that when you bring two cameras onto one video track, alternating them, the sound should be as equal as possible. If, when watching a person’s video from the full-face point, the sound of his voice is quieter or louder than with angular shooting, this is not at all cool.

20. The best device for such a sound recording, of those that I know, is the Zoom Next4n recorder. Perfect sound quality. Very popular among journalists and online businessmen. Supports connecting an external microphone-buttonhole. Although often this is not necessary, since Zoom has its own very sensitive stereo microphones.

21. From two points you can shoot with one camera. How to shoot video from two points on one camera? Very simple. To do this, you need to say twice what you wanted to convey to your viewers. First, put a tripod with the camera in full view and record the entire movie. Then put the tripod with the camera on a corner angle and say the whole text again. At the same time, continue to look where the camera was standing for the first time, that is, directly. Pour both the resulting clips into the video editor and cut, hang out pieces from one camera, then from the other. The advantages of this chip is that you do not need to have two identical cameras and that in the end you get two takes of the same text. If you stumble, make a mistake, stutter in one take, then most likely everything will be OK in another and you can leave the best option in the video. Although there are still those miracles. Once I made a video of a comrade. Did not one, but three takes. So, he stammered and coughed three times in the same place in all three takes. I was shocked. But in my life it was such a unique case. It is unlikely that it will happen again.

22. Some people as soon as they see the camera, forget everything they wanted and could say. Begins "aaaaaa", "uhhhhh", a bunch of parasitic words. No need to be surprised. In order to speak into the lens easily and naturally, huge experience is needed. Nuggets are, but rare. That's nuggets. There is an exit. Use a prompter. The easiest option - on an A4 sheet with a felt-tip pen, outline the plan told and hold this sheet immediately behind the camera. So to look at it, but it was not visible that you read the prompts. The option is more complicated, but which is the salvation for most - an electronic prompter. Nothing too complicated. Put ICE BOOK READER PROFESSIONAL on your laptop. Open it, open the desired text in it and start it in the form of a scrolling text. The scroll speed is adjustable. Choose the most convenient for you. Place the laptop behind the camcorder so that it does not cover part of the screen. That's all. You can start scrolling text, press REC on the camera and calmly pronounce all the text. Of course, if you just read it, without emotions and monotonously - this is not cool. This is a failure. Practice reading this text first at least twice. So that ignites.

23. If you put the laptop directly behind the camera - it may very well be that your pupils will move from left to right, reading the text. To avoid this, put the laptop not immediately behind the camera, but a meter and a half behind it. Make the text on the screen larger. Adjust the scroll speed. With this arrangement, the pupils, when reading the text, will move to such a small angle that it will be completely invisible.

Well that's all. If you still know the chips, tricks and methods - write in the comment. And now you know how to shoot video reviews or an advertising story. Apply and get results.

First idea - quotes

This refers to videos in which the voiceover reads quotes from famous people. At first glance, this may seem too banal, uninteresting and boring.

But in fact, such videos can gain a huge number of views, provided that a suitable voice is heard that sounds off-screen, as well as if appropriate pictures are selected. The very idea of ​​creating clips with quotes does not mean anything, and only with its further development can truly be something worthwhile.

The third idea - videos about making money on the Internet

This topic is generally very popular among users of the same Internet. And YouTube video hosting, as part of the World Wide Web, is also no exception. The fact is that a person who uses the Internet and spends a lot of his time on the network will probably want to be paid for this time. You can not go far and take the same videos.

There are many people who like to make a video and brag about it to friends or even strangers. In social networks, this is usually done for free. But with the help of YouTube you can combine business with pleasure: that is, creating videos with money making using these videos.

Moreover, sadly, the vast majority of people living on our planet are constantly experiencing a shortage of money. That is why the topic of earnings (no matter where: even on the Internet, even beyond) always remains relevant.

In the video dedicated to the topic of earnings, you can talk about ways to save money, about creating additional income, about finding a well-paid job, about various business ideas, etc.

Fourth Idea - Declaration

You can take any topic and begin to develop it. Spectators are given a condition. For example, if in a month the channel gains 100 thousand subscribers, then the author of this channel will start uploading twice as many videos. That is, in this way he encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel.

Fifth idea - video review of a popular topic in the news

At first, this too may seem too commonplace. But there are many people who in this way collect on their channels a truly large number of subscribers. At the same time, they do not carry out any dusty and painstaking work. Instead, they just sit on a comfortable sofa and discuss a popular topic. Everything is simple, but at the same time effective.

Sixth idea - creating videos on the most popular topics

To identify popular topics, you just need to go to YouTube and see which videos most often come across and which clips have the most views. However, if there is at least one million views, the video can already be considered very successful.

Therefore, having found it, you can safely create and publish videos on your channel on the same topic. At the same time, it’s most likely that you won’t get a million views right away, but with time, with the right promotion of the channel, a lot of viewers will gather.

And finally, advice, if you want to attract a lot of subscribers to your YouTube channel, start shooting videos from the air.

As a help to novice YouTube, I can offer cheap quadcopter rental in St. Petersburg (DJI Mavik Pro) The videos will be very high quality and you will certainly succeed in the online business! Now I think everyone understood what to make a video for YouTube about. On this I have to bow, good luck to everyone and bye!