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Confirmation of residence from the hotel for a visa


Using a confirmation letter, one of the parties can notify the other of the following:

  • his consent to conclude a contract,
  • considering any issue
  • making a decision
  • receipt of documents, goods, money, etc.

In other words, there are many reasons for compiling such letters in the everyday practice of commercial companies.

Why write a letter

This question is quite reasonable, especially considering the variety of forms of modern communications. In principle, any issue can be resolved by phone, via Skype or even social networks. Why write a letter?

A written message is evidential.

In some cases, it can become an analogue of an agreement of intent or, for example, an act of receipt of goods, etc. (in this case, by no means replacing these documents, but supplementing them).

In addition, such letters help to establish business contacts, create a trusting atmosphere in relations between organizations, strengthen loyalty and emphasize a special attitude to the addressee.

Direct compiler

In organizations, the obligation to compose confirmation letters usually rests with the specialist / head of the department in charge of one or another resolved issue, as well as the secretary, personnel officer or lawyer.

Regardless of who will be engaged in the drafting of the document, it is important that this employee has a clear understanding of how to compose such letters, comply with all the rules and requirements of business correspondence.

The main features of the letter

If you need to notify the counterparty of the confirmation of a fact on your part, we recommend that you carefully read the tips below and see a sample document.

First of all, let’s say that the confirmation letter does not have a unified form, so you can compose it in any form or, if your company uses some kind of own template for this document - according to its model.

A letter is allowed to be written by hand (but in the modern world this option is not widespread) or printed on a computer. For writing, an ordinary sheet of paper of any convenient format (better than A4) and company letterhead (the second option will give the document greater solidity) are suitable.

When writing a letter, you need to consider several important points:

  1. all sums of money must be entered into it in numbers and words,
  2. write dates in the format "day-month-year",
  3. documents should be indicated with the date of their preparation and number.

If any additional papers (photo, video materials) are attached to the letter, their presence should also be noted in the text of the letter as a separate paragraph.

The letter must be signed by the sender (the person on whose behalf it is written) and the head of the company, and if the organization uses in its activities stamping products for paper sighting (i.e. stamps or stamps), the letter can be verified with their help.

The copy of the confirmation letter is usually one - the original, which is recorded in the journal of outgoing documentation.

How to write a confirmation letter

The text of the letter should contain a number of standard data:

  • information about the sender (name of organization, its address, phone, email),
  • information about the addressee (it is enough to enter the name of the company, its address, position and full name of the head or other employee to whom the message is sent here),
  • letter number (in accordance with the journal of outgoing correspondence) and the date of its compilation.

Then in the middle of the line is written the name of the document and an appeal to a specific official (start with the word "Dear", then name and patronymic).

After that comes the main part. This includes information about what exactly you are going to confirm:

  • if it’s about cooperation, it’s necessary to indicate exactly what it is about,
  • if about contracts and projects - here you need to enter their name, number, date and other identification characteristics,
  • when the confirmation concerns the receipt of some inventory items, cargo, parcels or cash, it is desirable to indicate, in addition to the date of receipt, the documents with which they were accompanied.

In general, the more this part of the letter will be described, the better.

If necessary, the letter can be supported by references to laws, by-laws, government decrees, if they are directly related to the issue considered in the letter.

At the end of the letter, depending on the purpose of writing it, you can express a wish, request, question or make an interesting proposal.

How to send a letter

There are several ways to send a confirmation letter:

  1. Reliable and simple enough - to forward the message via regular mail by registered mail with a notification of delivery. Why so? This way allows the sender to make sure that his message is delivered to the addressee, while there is only one minus - even within the same settlement the letter can go for several days, or even a week.
  2. If the letter is written in printed form, then it can be sent via e-mail (with a request for confirmation of reading) or fax.
  3. But the most effective is the use of two options at the same time: for example, sending copies of the letter via e-mail and regular mail.

How to write a letter confirming residence

A residence certificate is often required to register at school, obtain visas and be included in state or national programs. In many places, such as a public library or the Department of Vehicles, submission only requires a utility bill or rental. However, you may be asked to provide a "Certificate of Residence" or a letter proving it. The document must be certified by a notary public. Read on to find out how to write a letter confirming your place of residence.

TYPICAL turnover

1. We gratefully acknowledge receipt. Your offer from (date)

2. Grateful. To you for repeated information about. Your special offer

3. We officially confirm our consent and inform that

4 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine confirms that

5. We gratefully acknowledge receipt. Your request and we want to assure that we are interested in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with. You

6 reports that. We received your order (date) and immediately started production (product name)

7. We are sure that timely execution. Your order dated (date) will be the beginning of mutually beneficial cooperation between our firms

8. We will send you to confirm our preliminary agreement. A written invitation to you

9. We hereby confirm that all ordered goods have been shipped and shipped without delay according to. To your bill of lading

10. To confirm our telephone conversation from (date), we ask. Take you an official order for

11. We ask. You should pay due attention to the fulfillment of our order and provide (send) samples to us within a certain (agreed) time

12. Forwarding agency only confirmed the arrival of 25 (twenty five) boxes

7110 Cover Letter

This is a service letter that is attached to the main document (invoice, invoice, catalog, prospectus, price list, drawings, booklets, samples of new goods) and informationally accompanies it. For example:

. In response to. Your request from (date) send. To you the current export price list for each of the samples (product name). Please indicate which samples. You order

. Dear Sirs! . The following documents are for you:

invoice in duplicate:

insurance policy for the amount of the invoice plus 10% covering the inflationary (banking, currency, deflationary) risk,

a complete set of a bill of lading written (drawn up) by the administrator on a blank endorsement and marked "freight paid" on the amount...

. Please confirm receipt

. Respectfully.

1. On. We send your request for the consignment of goods shipped

2. In order to. You had a complete picture of the capabilities of our company, we send a detailed illustrated brochure

3. We send. You working drawings

4. Add a list of our new products.

5. We send. You need insurance forms to apply for an insured event

6. We send. You insurance certificate

7. On. Your request is insufferable list of insurance tariffs for air cargo transportation

8. We also add the newsletter in which. You can read about the terms of the lease.

9. The brochure that we add to the letter contains information on the amount of allowances and reductions. The appendix also describes the benefits of concluding a long-term contract.

10. We are sending. You have copied bills that have expired

11. Please review the latest catalog of our products and let us know which of the proposed items. You are interested in

12. We hope that. You will be interested

13. On. We send your request a list of referents who can provide. You need (detailed) information about the quality of our products

14. We look forward to the beginning of negotiations (cooperation) between our firms

15 will be happy to see mutually beneficial contacts with. Your company

16. Let me suggest. You can look at brochures and catalogs, which show the latest samples of equipment manufactured by our company

Prepayment of the hotel upon receipt of the confirmation of stay

To obtain documents confirming accommodation from the hotel, in most cases you will have to pay in advance. In some cases, this is required by the consulate, in others - this is the requirements of the hotel.

If the prepayment is due to the requirements of the consulate (as, for example, with the Poles), it must be fulfilled (otherwise, the consulate will not accept these documents as proof of residence).

If the consulate does not require mandatory full (100%) prepayment of the hotel, then its size depends entirely on your contract with the hotel. Hotels, unfortunately, are taught a bitter experience (when tourists book rooms for a visa, and then immediately cancel them).

Therefore, some hotels (not all of them are individual) insist that upon issuing documents confirming accommodation, the rate will be changed to non-refundable, and that in case of cancellation of the reservation, all or part of the payment for accommodation will be withheld (usually , in the amount of one night stay).

Pay attention to the terms of the prepayment and the terms of the refundif you cancel your reservation. At this point you need to pay attention BEFORE making a payment.

In general, as noted above, everything here is strictly individual. Each hotel decides for itself what conditions you set. To agree with them (such conditions), or not, is completely your decision.


Payment was required in full and without the possibility of a refund, I was only required once (Optima hotel chain, Poland). In principle, almost all Polish hotels will only require you to pay 100% prepayment when it comes to providing them with documents for the consulate (for obtaining a visa).

But the conditions for a refund in case of cancellation of the reservation - here the requirements vary from hotel to hotel.

Acceptable conditions I (personally) consider to be when, in the event you cancel your reservation, the hotel claims to withhold payment for one night's stay. This is normal practice.

Although, you can find the best conditions. Here, with pleasure, small, so-called “Family” hotels (where the owner of the hotel often sits at the reception).

In this case, he, of course, is not bound by any internal instructions for the staff (as opposed to the staff of large hotels), and is free to make decisions on his own regarding payment options and conditions for its return.

However, as I noted above - the solution to this issue is yours. The conditions do not suit you - cancel the reservation and look for another hotel that will offer more acceptable conditions for canceling the reservation if something happens. If you are 100% sure of the trip, pay and don’t even think.

I note that there are "specialists" who book hotels only for obtaining a visa, and after receiving it - immediately cancel the reservation. Do not do so. In any case, until the moment you cross the border (i.e., you will not enter the Schengen area). Then you can.

This will not be an honest game, but there are such options, and they can be (and sometimes it happens, it’s necessary) to apply if necessary. But with caution.

Methods of obtaining documents confirming hotel accommodation

Documents confirming residence can be obtained any convenient for you and for the hotel. In most cases, it will be a file in the format of a picture, or a * .pdf document, which you should print in good quality and attach to the set of documents sent to the consulate.

But here various situations are possible. For example, in the Optima hotel chain mentioned above, I was joyfully informed that they can forward the required document to me only(!) By fax and nothing else. (XXI century in the yard ...)

Moreover, all my persuasions did not lead to anything, and I still had to look for a fax to get this document.

Do I need to receive a confirmation of residence by fax

Here I will make a digression on the topic of receiving documents confirming hotel accommodation by fax.

There is an opinion (described on some tourist-oriented websites) that consulates allegedly “love” (and almost require) the confirmation of accommodation from hotels received by fax, since it is difficult to fake them in this case.

In none from openly published official documents, as well as on the websites of consulates (and I have reviewed many of them), there is no such requirement anywhere (I have not met).

Perhaps, 10-15 years ago, when copying equipment was not so developed, and when only a few people (hotel employees) were able to make documents in * .pdf format, inserting both the hotel’s seal and the manager’s signature in them, this was relevant .

But now, when a fairly decent camera is built into any smartphone, and a scanner is easier to find than a fax ... receiving documents by facsimile is nonsense.

I know really (based on personal experience) that of all the confirmations I received for hotels I received for obtaining a visa, only one was transmitted to me using a fax machine.

The rest were sent to me via e-mail in the form of documents in * .pdf format, or in the form of drawings. And they all set up a consulate.

In what form to submit documents from hotels confirming accommodation to the consulate

At the consulate, documents confirming accommodation must be submitted exactly in the form in which you received them from the hotel. Most of the confirmations you will receive in * .jpeg * .jpg or * .bmp format, or in * .pdf format.

After receiving the confirmation, print it in good quality (this is a prerequisite), in the number of copies according to the number of applications for a visa: one trip participant - one set of documents, and attach these papers to to each a package of documents.

The main thing is that the terms of payment comply with the requirements of the consulate (if these requirements are published), and the content of the document meets the requirements for it (see above), i.e. so that it contains all the necessary information about accommodation.

On this, a note on the process of obtaining documents confirming accommodation from hotels, for submission to the consulate for a Schengen visa, I will finish.

I hope that the topic of obtaining documents from hotels has been fully disclosed by me. In any case, I told everything I knew. I believe that the information above is more than enough to orientate on the issue of receiving confirmation of accommodation from the hotel, starting from how to request it, and ending with how it looks and what it is.