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External data

Previously, the main factor for a model’s successful career was her suitable appearance (a slender figure, beautiful face, height not lower than 170 cm and hip size not less than 90 cm), but in recent decades the range of parameters has greatly expanded. “I want to become a model” today, not without good reason, can be expressed both by dumplings (the modeling business for full girls has recently been experiencing a real boom) and owners of small stature. The traditional model for catwalk shows at Fashion Weeks still retains the gold standards of selection - sizes 90-60-90, but recently designers have increasingly begun to pay attention to non-classic faces - lush sexy lips and a flirty flange between the teeth, like Lara Stone or Georgia May-Jagger, porcelain-white skin and white hair, like Agnes Dane, or freckles, like Hana Serheim, made the girls famous.

Lara Stone in Calvin Klein Ad Campaign

Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova

A starting point

There is little desire to one day enter the catwalk of the Paris Fashion Week. It is not enough even for a girl naturally endowed with a beautiful appearance and an attractive figure. Beauty in the modeling business, especially today, when the concepts of female beauty are not limited to standards 90-60-90, is just a springboard for successful work as a model, but behind an attractive facade there is a need for hard and rather monotonous work, endurance and determination. Ask any of the top models how many long hours they spent in endless takes of photography and rehearsal of shows, how many corns they filled in uncomfortable shoes, and how many pills for headaches were drunk due to constant flights and changing time zones. However, if you are sure that you are ready for this, you should start with the choice of a model school or agency that provides skill training, or at the same time actively filming with friends and creating your portfolio.

Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana

It is important to remember that in the modeling business they usually get into two ways - either through a completely random meeting with a scout, which is considered a huge success for the model, or through a modeling agency.

The role of a modeling agency

In a modeling agency, as a rule, they know everything about how to become a model. The career success of the model directly depends on his work: receiving a commission from the contracts of his ward, the agency is responsible for its image, market positioning and advertising, as well as negotiating the financial aspects of its work, that is, it is actually an intermediary between the model and the customer. Given the specifics of the model, often the model agency completely replaces the girl's own family, taking care of arranging her personal life and life. The modeling agency is responsible for training the model, shaping her image and the correct positioning of the image on the market and specialization, practical master classes, training sessions of photography and fashion shows, castings and providing the girl with her first contracts. For all this, the agency receives interest from any work of the model, being at the same time its treasurer. The experience of numerous top models has shown that without the direct support of the agency, even the most talented and beautiful model is unlikely to achieve stunning success.

London Fashion Week

Specialization Choice

The modeling agency is also responsible for choosing the model specialization. At the very first stage, experienced agents will decide in which direction the girl is better to work, based on her external data. The agency clearly knows what it takes to become a top model or how to become a photo model, why a particular girl should choose the path of a promo model or limit her specialization exclusively to a model of underwear or a party model when only a certain part of the girl’s body is involved in the shootings.

Today in the world there are a lot of modeling agencies specializing in non-standard figures and in narrow areas like models of underwear and swimwear or the so-called glamorous models that are shot for men's magazines.

Many novice models believe that signing a profitable contract with an agency is a career success. In reality, this is only the first step towards a dream, which is followed by days, weeks and years of hard work in the conditions of fierce competition. Choosing this path, it is important to remember that without difficulties, failures and their overcoming, not a single stellar career has developed!

Photo: Imaxtree, Gettyimages, press service archives

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