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A la France style: 18 fashionable secrets of true Parisians


Paris wardrobe has its own unique and catchy style. Today we’ll talk about French chic with his typical fragile heroine, who came down to us from the pages of books or from movie screens. Let's look at the most basic wardrobe items that almost every Frenchwoman has.

No. 1 Perfect fit

This is the main criterion that the Frenchwoman is guided by when choosing clothes. The perfect dress should not be reaped, trousers should be hung, and a blouse should be folded. All details fit the figure, but do not constrain movements.

Remember: a Parisian will not buy a thing that is one size larger or smaller than she needs.

№2 Basic attributes

French women try to create their wardrobe from high-quality and universal basic things that can be combined with each other and with anything. For example, this is a white blouse, a knitted T-shirt, straight pants, blue jeans, a small black dress, a classic jacket, coat with a belt, ballet shoes, stilettos, etc.

No. 3 First-class materials

The whole secret of French chic in high quality materials. Style and cut may be the simplest, but the fabric should be the best and most expensive. Flax, silk, cashmere, wool are popular.

The golden rule of a real Parisian is better than two expensive dresses and one good coat that can be worn for several seasons than five cheap sundresses and three windbreakers for one season.

No. 4 Combination of branded items with inexpensive ones from mass markets

French women succeed brilliantly, in the wardrobe of the most stylish young ladies you can see Prada shoes in combination with an H&M dress. At the same time, basic things should be expensive, and combine them already with the available novelties of the season. The color scheme also includes basic shades - white, red, black, beige, gray.

No. 6 fitted silhouette

Loose fit does not mean baggy. A true Parisian will never miss the opportunity to emphasize her shape and waist. Used for this belt or tuck. In order for the cardigan or coat to sit flawlessly, resourceful girls turn to the tailor and hem the clothes exactly to the shape.

№7 Images with trench coat

A trench coat is not a raincoat or jacket, but something in between. Parisians love this light and unobtrusive outerwear. A trench coat can be worn over a dress, combined with jeans or trousers. Most importantly, it should not be too short.

No. 8 The so-called "French style"

What does this mean? The dress should be straight or slightly fitted, the recommended length of the skirt is up to the knee or slightly lower, the length of the sleeve is arbitrary. The collar can be anything from a stand to a turn-down.

A categorical taboo for everyday wardrobe: deep neckline, ultra-short mini, floor skirts with high cuts.

No. 9 Little black dress

Even if not from Coco Chanel, all the same it is a must-have of every fashionista who claims to be a la France style. It should not be too open and seductive, in extreme cases, you should throw a jacket on top or tie a scarf.

French fashion

The attractiveness of French women is a vivid example of the fact that it is not necessary to wear an ultra-short top and shorts that are more reminiscent of underwear in order to attract glances on the street.

They contrast excessive frankness and supersexuality with elegance and chic french stylewhich has its secrets. The editors have prepared 10 images for you, thanks to which you will look like a real Frenchwoman. Here it is, simplicity and elegance in one bottle!

A friend of mine, having sorted out her wardrobe, began to dress like a Frenchwoman, and after 3 weeks she won a trip to Paris. But it was her dream!

    The French style of dress implies simplicity and elegance of the silhouette, calm and soft colors, quality and good fit. This is often a classic that never goes out of style and reflects the maximum of taste.

Images in this style generally do not allow glamor or pathos. Everything should be as simple and concise as possible - natural materials of good quality and perfectly matching things.

As a result, the image should be as if the girl just opened the closet and without hesitation chose the kit.

Clothing in the French style is a harmonious combination of practicality and originality, elegance and luxury.

This style is characterized by a combination of unusual and at the same time extremely elegant thingsworn in a classic manner. Clear strokes or curls are characteristic, giving each detail an unconventional look, as well as bows on the collar. Yes, French women love them very much.

What about this image? Thanks to this combination of basic things, your appearance will become light, perky and tender.

By the way, as for accessories, their true French women use them to a minimum. Walking along the picturesque streets of Paris, you will not find a single French woman hung with bracelets, voluminous earrings, and beads. But they are madly in love with hats, berets, scarves and scarves!

Gray is not always boring. Often with a competent combination of basic things, it looks very stylish and at the same time incredibly comfortable.

Pay attention to the white blouse! A loose shirt looks very feminine, even if tucked into a skirt or pants. You can borrow this wardrobe item from your beloved man.

French style is not a race for endless fashion trends. Basically, French women make up the base of really high-quality things that will last them for many years, and then simply dilute them with fashion trends.

And also the gradient transition of colors looks very good. In this kit, for example, a stretch of colors from beige to dusty pink was used.

When choosing shades, French women rely on practicality: black, white, gray, beige, navy blue and brown make up the basic wardrobe.

Editorial Board

And if you like the elegance and sophistication of the French style, not only in clothes, but also in home improvement, you can create the atmosphere of this magnificent country in your apartment, wherever you live.

That is why we have prepared for you the secrets of an ideal interior from the famous French design guru Joseph Diran, who drives crazy not only Parisians.

As you can see, the highlight french style clothes It’s not in a lot of design things, but in the ability to combine them. To the already selected part of the wardrobe, other parts are selected for various occasions. Here you need to show maximum taste in order to harmoniously combine elegance and originality, impeccability and luxury.

But the most important thing is to maintain confidence in yourself, your individual sophistication and sophisticated personality.

What can you say about these stylish looks? Would you wear those? Share these tricks of real French women with your friends!

But what are you doing, doing with me, Paris?

Paris, like any capital, is the concentration of a huge number of nationalities. If you come there, it is quite difficult to meet purebred residents in the city. All people are completely different and have their own special personality.

But the style of true Parisians is really special. The French wardrobe for women is filled with comfortable clothes that emphasize all their elegance and fragility. Most items of clothing are combined with each other to the maximum and create a unique European look.

But what are you doing, doing with me, Paris?
Lonely clouds are flying behind you.
But what are you doing, doing with me, baby?
When you are somewhere nearby, I feel much better.

This is what everyone is crazy about. Parisian wardrobe is filled with a huge number of t-shirts of different colors and styles. White, black, gray, navy blue, beige - these are small parts of the basic French wardrobe. Girls wear them with almost any bottom: jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, breeches.

All T-shirts in most cases are not ironed, but slightly wrinkled. But this is not a problem at all. Negligence is the secret part of Parisian chic! Do not forget about the clothes with the logo, which is a fashion trend of 2018.

Two whales of Parisian chic are comfort and femininity.

In addition to t-shirts in the wardrobe of Parisians, you can also find shirts. Usually these are loose, coarse male-type shirts that fit in well with fitted jeans or trousers. Beauties prefer muted shades of blue and blue, as well as gray or white.

Tie Tops

A typical wardrobe position for Parisians is tops with ties. Girls combine them with absolutely any bottom: jeans, trousers and high-waisted skirts. Exceptions are only short denim shorts.

Silk tops and blouses can be both long sleeves and short ones. Such an explicit sexual element always levels with a low heel.

Lingerie in sight

Parisians are big lovers to wear black underwear under a light top. It can be anything: classic, sporty, lace. French ladies really like to show corrugated models with thin lace, webbing or other decorative elements.

They always wear tops and underwear so that some kind of harness or lace looks out. This does not need to be shy! If you want to add a little Parisian chic to your look, you can add black lingerie within reasonable visibility to a white translucent t-shirt. It looks pretty stylish. This combination looks much more successful than a combination with white or beige linen.

Fitted jacket

Each Paris wardrobe includes at least one fitted jacket. Usually it is slightly elongated. Although even short jackets can be attributed to the typical French style. Beauties wear them with T-shirts and jeans, over chiffon and knitted dresses, with a T-shirt, with sneakers and in general with everything you can imagine.

Aesthetic minimalism

Paris wardrobe does not have large volumes. Quite often in the wardrobe of Parisians you can find clothes in the style of minimal. It manifests itself to absolutely everything: starting from silhouettes, shapes and ending with shades.

The most relevant colors that Parisians prefer to add to their outfits:

Most often, all the colors in the wardrobe have muted halftones. But the bright and saturated paint can become scarlet and red.

Among the variety of denim, Parisians choose jeans with an oversized fit (sometimes in the middle). Mom jeans, which tighten and assemble the figure, are in the wardrobe of every Frenchwoman. But the refined beauties do not favor a low landing.

The universal European jeans length is 7/8, and a huge number of girls choose it! From the form, French women prefer: butcat, lacerated cut, small flare. Denim can be combined with silk tops, oversized worn T-shirts and tops with ties.

Beauties from the fashion capital adore shabby denim in the stylization of the late 80s, combined with a leather belt. Remember how Helen and the guys were worn in the famous French TV series of the early 90s?

Actual colors for jeans:

Almost never in Paris, you will not see short denim shorts.

A Paris wardrobe only skips medium length. Flying lightweight midi skirts with a small, neat neckline along the leg look very sexy. Parisian midi always sits at the waist and has a high rise. This length is universal for girls of any height.

Where is the Paris wardrobe without dresses? But French women prefer comfortable clothes. Now in fashion, especially in Paris, shift dresses. Girls prefer light chiffon sundresses and dresses that end just above the knee. They give a special magnetic loop.

If you want to try on the image of a sophisticated Parisian woman, then you should take a closer look at the light flying chiffon dresses with a smell and with some kind of simple print. Or pay attention to the usual monophonic minimalistic sundress in the shape of the basic colors of linen and silk. The main thing is that dresses emphasize the figure, sit well on the chest and freely enough on the hips.

French women combine these elements of clothing with sneakers, a trench coat and a vintage bag, accessories or ballet shoes.

Breaking stereotypes

Paris wardrobe is shrouded in a large number of stereotypes. The whole world associates the strip with France. But this is a big mistake. Real Parisians rarely use this print in their bows. Yes, sometimes horizontal or vertical lines can dilute some kind of outfit, but this is not always and not everywhere.

Oddly enough, but modern Parisians practically do not wear a beret. Most likely, a similar image came to us from films and staged photo shoots. Berets are most often bought by tourists themselves, prolonging his life. Yes, they extended so well that the beret became a real trend in 2018!

A stable urban heel with a height of not more than 4 cm can be found in boots, ankle boots, boots, shoes and other shoes. Most women walk on such heels, even those who are well over 80. The fair sex allows themselves a small heel, which slightly lengthens the growth, is well slim and at the same time remains comfortable to wear.

Any kitten heel with a round or sharp toe, but with a small heel will do.

Squadrons on a wedge with fabric toe and with ankle fasteners are well attached to the leg and look quite feminine. And besides, they give a small volume and are perfectly slim. They are worn with jeans, skirts or airy dresses.

In a typical Parisian wardrobe, you can find a plentiful amount of women's sneakers. In France, absolutely all wear these shoes: girls, teenagers, girls, women and even grandmothers. In Europe, all boundaries between ages are erased.

On the narrow streets of Montmartre you can see a grandmother of 80 years old, who goes in jeans, a T-shirt, in sneakers, in a trench or jacket, with painted lips, with a short square and enjoys life. With all this, she will look very elegant, and she will absolutely not care who and what thinks about her.

Parisians most often prefer universal white conversions (Converse) or Adidas Stan Smith with a color backdrop. Most of their models are snow-white, but the French are not very worried that they will somehow stain their sneakers.

Especially in the bows of youth there is some negligence: slightly wrinkled clothes, slightly shabby jeans, slightly dirty converse, etc. In the correct serving without frills, this goes crazy for them and is a characteristic feature of the French style.

Trench and coat

Most French girls have a light trench coat. Someone is more authentic, someone is shorter. Some people prefer straight silhouettes, others wear it with a belt, while others like models with lots of pockets. Most often, this is a classic beige trench coat, also happens to be brown, dark blue and black.

The Parisian wardrobe adores a universal classic trench coat. After all, it successfully combines with light dresses, with jeans, with heels and with shoes on the lower run, sneakers.

Winter in France is not as cold as in the CIS countries, so many representatives of the city on the banks of the Seine choose a neat classic coat with a straight cut in beige or gray colors. Girls wear outerwear with jeans, t-shirts, trousers, dresses and much more.

Scarves and scarves

The French-style wardrobe has many elegant accessories: neat chiffon scarves and scarves. Such stylish accents are indispensable elements of the Parisian wardrobe. The scarf can be tied around the neck or bag. It can be printed or plain. But knitted scarves and long stoles are madly in love with teenagers. It is them who wrap them in a chaotic manner.

An elegant lace or choker on the neck can also trim the girl’s subtle swan neck.

What kind of bags do French women choose for every day? A Paris wardrobe usually includes small, very comfortable hobo or shopper bags. Such accessories help girls to be assembled at any moment, because they contain a huge amount of necessary things.

A popular French accessory is woven bags. Beauties manage to very successfully combine an unusual element of the wardrobe with everyday clothes and for all occasions. And for the summer this is generally an ideal option.

Many Parisians are now dressing in the style of Jane Birkin.

Cat-rimmed glasses are one of the memorable symbols of France. Cat eye glasses with a narrowed frame, the corners of which go beyond the level of the face, lengthen it a little and make the cat look. A similar retro image sends us back to the 60-70s. Glasses look beautiful not only with vintage dresses, but also with T-shirts and jeans.

Parisian wardrobe is a combination of comfort, femininity and slight negligence. Based on our recommendations and images, you can easily compose your bows with a sophisticated French flair.

Thank you for your time.

Элегантность превыше всего

Элегантность превыше всего. Это основной посыл, который несет в себе стиль парижского шика. Вы должны всегда надевать свой самый лучший наряд и делать это каждый день, потому что не знаете, что новый день вам преподнесет.

Пересмотрите свой гардероб, и оставьте в нем только те вещи, которые делают вас по-настоящему счастливой, приносят вам радость. To learn how to dress in the style of Parisian chic, it is enough to know the basics of the style of a business lady.

As you might have guessed, there should definitely be knee-length items in your wardrobe.

Clothing combination

Combination of clothes. Parisian chic is any combination of the clothes that you wear everyday. But the combination must be correct. That is, you need things that blend perfectly and complement each other.

You can organize your wardrobe by color and style. So it will be easier for you to arrange clothes every day. Remember, it’s not what you wear that matters, but how you wear it.

The naturalness of shapes and lines

As we already mentioned, Parisian chic is an elegant style, mixed in with the naturalness of shapes and lines. You do not need to overload the image with accessories or makeup.

Rather, you should look elegant and at the same time relaxed, as if you had not spent all morning in front of the mirror. When someone sees you, they should not think that you have spent a lot of time thinking through every little thing or building a hairstyle on your head. This is the key.

For example, you can walk with her hair loose. In summer, you can tie a ribbon on your head, and in winter put on a hat. Parisians also love natural elegance. So, your hair may be a little disheveled, and your face may not have makeup. Give it a try! If you are not ready for such radical experiments, touch up your eyes with mascara.

Do not get involved in cosmetics

If you want to look like a real Parisian, do not get carried away with makeup. This was mentioned a little higher. Apply a little foundation, add a slight blush on your cheeks, tint your eyes with mascara and apply gloss on your lips. Everything should be natural.

You must be beautiful in your naturalness, sure Parisians.


Basic accessories. As stated above, the basic idea is to emphasize naturalness. All details should be thought out to the smallest detail.

For example, avoid huge brooches or beads, and anything that can catch the eye, distracting from your face or clothes.

High heels

- Nalabutenah. - Not. In heels. - Yes! Parisian women strive to emphasize their femininity by putting on high or medium heels. Walking through the narrow streets of Paris, you can meet a lady in high heels.

If you want to focus on your figure or merge with the crowd, then select leather boots or black stilettos. If you like ballet shoes, then you should also wear boats, but with low heels or moccasins. But this is an emergency. Fine!

Simplicity is the main thing.

Simplicity is the main word that defines Parisian chic. Parisians prefer to choose bright colors, rather than prints. Neutral colors (such as beige or creme brulee) prevail in Parisian chic. Moreover, where without a little black dress, which is appropriate for any occasion.

Moreover, remember that clothes should be at your time. Discard the prints as it’s hard to pick up a pair of them. The only thing acceptable is striped clothing. Stripes can be fantastic.

Blazers, jackets and men's suits

Other attributes of the Parisian style include: blazers, jackets in a la tuxedo that go well with any type of trousers, and that will make any outfit impeccable. Men's suits also look especially appropriate if you work in the office.

Classics are classics: a shirt dress, trousers, a pencil skirt, white blouses or dresses of neutral colors above the knee length are all attributes of Parisian chic in all its glory. In addition, do not neglect berets and hats. These hats are held in high esteem by Parisians.

Neutral and elegant

These tips will help you dress in Parisian style from head to toe. Do not forget about the basic rules: the principle of NPEE - neutral, simple, elegant and natural - all this is about the Parisian style. And, of course, do not forget: what matters is not what you wear, but how you wear it.

How to look stylish without big expenses

If you think that for a stylish and fashionable image you need to spend a lot of money, you are very mistaken. The concept of style is quite relative, although it always implies the ability to correctly combine clothes and feel fashion. The website offers some good tips on how to look stylish without much expense.

  • The first thing you should do is to acquire universal and basic things that will never go out of style. It can be: one-color T-shirts, blouses with a neckline and long sleeves, vests, jeans and jackets. Such garments are easy to combine and combine. We also recommend sticking with black and white when choosing basic things.

  • In addition, you need clothing for special occasions. Take, for example, a little black dress. This wardrobe item is very practical and can easily be combined with other things and accessories.

To him you can pick up a belt and necklace, making the image original and unusual. In addition, such a dress will always be in fashion and can be bought at an affordable price. If you are not sure of the correct combination of the dress with other wardrobe items, you can read our article “How to decorate a little black dress”.

  • Look for ready-to-wear clothing in stores (ready-made clothing models that are mass-produced by large fashion designers). There you can find inexpensive good shoes and basic clothes at affordable prices.

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  • Get a jacket. It seems that this fashionable wardrobe item will last in the trend for more than one season. The jacket is a universal thing, because it can still be decorated with accessories. Do not forget that with the right combination of things and a selection of jewelry, a thing can look completely different on you.

  • Jeans can be your favorite thing. This is because this wardrobe item can be appropriate for almost any occasion. For example, skinny jeans will look great with both sneakers in the afternoon and high-heeled shoes in the evening. As you can see, jeans due to their versatility will always be in fashion.
  • By the way, you can turn your old worn jeans into shorts. You can also decorate them with spikes or make them shorter to give the image brutality.

  • Practical tights will look great with any skirt. If they are torn, do the same as with jeans: tear them even more. This kind of underground style will never go out of style.
  • A pair of simple inexpensive black shoes will help you look stylish. They can be combined both with jeans and with a dress. Shoes are also ideal for special occasions.

  • Pick accessories for each of your items. From necklaces to earrings, scarves, rings and belts. All these things can be purchased at very low prices, and their use will help to refresh your appearance.

How to combine colors in clothes

Combining colors in clothes seems like an easy task, but often its solution confuses us. When choosing clothes, one has to take into account many factors, such as the color of our hair, skin tone or the ability to emphasize the color of our eyes.

On the other hand, the choice often depends on the individual style (someone likes colored blocks, and someone likes neon colors) and taste. Here we offer some tricks that will help you understand how to combine colors in clothes, and you can use them to create your style.

How to combine colors in clothes? (video):

  • In order to successfully combine the colors in clothes, you need to take into account two basic rules associated with the chromatic circle, in which we can distinguish the primary colors (blue, yellow and red) and derived colors (orange, green and purple). Two main rules you should know when creating an image:

  1. Cameo: A combination of shades of color adjacent to the chromatic circle, such as beige and brown.
  2. Contrast: A combination of shades of color located opposite each other on a chromatic circle.
  • In addition, there are a few basic recommendations that will help you easily combine colors in clothes and allow you to create a great kit for any occasion. Consider the following recommendations:

  1. Black, white, gray and light beige colors combine perfectly with almost all colors and combine very well with each other.
  2. Be careful with the drawings. It is unacceptable to use two different patterns in clothing at the same time. Instead, you can combine a garment with a pattern and another with a color that matches one of the shades present in the pattern. If you still want to combine two drawings, do it carefully and use this technique in only one of the accessories.

  1. Combine cool shades of color with silver jewelry and warm shades of gold.
  2. Pick a good basic wardrobe. There should be the main items of clothing, the colors of which are convenient to combine. It is advisable to have a white and black blouse and skirt. Get belts in various colors and a pair of jeans.
  3. Wear shoes and bag of the same color. This is not always necessary, but if you choose a plain set of clothes, shoes and a bag of different colors may not look serious.
  4. The combination of more than three different colors that do not belong to the same chromatic row is unacceptable; the effect obtained from this choice may not justify your hopes.

When choosing clothes daily, it is useful to use a small guide on the combination of different colors, this will help to avoid mistakes when creating sets of your clothes.

  • Let's start with black! As we have said, black is combined with almost all colors, it is perfect to look elegant in any environment. Black can enhance the intensity of bright colors, but you should avoid combining other dark colors with it, such as dark blue or brown, if we do not want to get an overly gloomy image.

  • White color also perfectly combines with all colors, and in combination with black color you can get the best possible combination for a sporty, sophisticated, elegant and sensual look. Combine your white clothes with your favorite colors, but avoid very light shades, such as light yellow, as this combination will give you a too pale look, and you are unlikely to like it.

  • Blue is another primary color and you should know that it blends perfectly with white, which is ideal for creating a fashionable marine look, but it also looks good with beige, camel hair, gray and red, burgundy and burgundy shades. However, the shade of blue chosen for combination should be taken into account, since not all combinations are suitable for different shades.

  • Although brown is one of the most difficult colors to combine, there is a reliable way to make you like clothes of this color: you need to combine it with other shades of the same chromatic range, for example, with beige, cream, terracotta, sand or camel color. You can also try brown combinations with warm shades such as yellow-orange or mustard.

  • Green is not the leader in clothing, but there are several shades of it, such as olive, aqua or bottle green, which can be combined with terracotta, beige, wet sand and others. It also looks great in contrast to the primary colors: white and black, as well as some shades of gray.

  • During shopping, you should always think about how the things that you are going to purchase will combine with those that you already have. Otherwise, it is very easy to buy things that you then can not combine with anything.

If you have a problem with a combination of these or those colors, you can find some simple ideas by means of search in Google.

No. 10 Dress Code

A Parisian woman will never come to the office in an open dress or short shorts. Ladies of all ages adhere to a strict style. Some liberties in everyday attire are allowed only to young girls with a beautiful figure.

No. 11 White T-shirts and vests

Every Frenchwoman in the closet will surely have several knit shirts for all occasions, a striped top with a long or short sleeve, a cardigan in a classic style of neutral color. These things can be combined with anything. What should be done, not forgetting about the bright accessories.

No. 12 Layering

And now we take the basic things from the main wardrobe and put them on one on the other. For example, a white T-shirt with a button-down blouse and a cardigan on top. Or a striped tunic dress and trench coat.

The main thing is that outer clothing should be half unfastened so that all layers are visible.

No. 13 Dresses in Priority

Skirts of different lengths, formal dresses, business suits with a skirt, evening dresses - all this is in a large assortment of French fashionistas. But the trousers are much smaller: there are always several pairs of jeans, and certainly strict black pants of a straight cut. Do not need anymore!

№14 Style a la Garzon

For him, the world is also grateful to the incomparable Coco Chanel. No one knows how to tie a man’s tie with such ease, and with such grace to wear it like a French woman. Oversized blazers with shoulder pads, suspenders, shirts with rolled up sleeves - all these things make the residents of the fashion capital more attractive and feminine than an evening dress with a deep neckline.

No. 15 Comfortable shoes

A Parisian woman will never spend the whole day on a hairpin, unless there is a special reason.

She is convinced: a woman cannot be beautiful if she feels uncomfortable.

Beauty is not worth the sacrifice at all. In any case, there is definitely no corns on the heels and back pains. And therefore, the hairpin is safely stored in the closet for dates, parties and special occasions, for every day it is better to prepare comfortable ballet shoes without a heel. But! Ballet shoes are not worn with sports breeches and leggings, with trouser suits, to work in the office. For these cases, closed shoes with a wide, stable heel or sneakers are provided.