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How to smoke so that there is no smell?


We all know that if parents detect that we smoke, it can end with flogging, although they do it for our own good. If you are a smoker, then the worry that your parents won't catch you is the smallest experience you can have. The best advice is not to even start smoking. First things first, you should not smoke at all. Nevertheless, we offer you some tips on how to make a beginner safe from the fact that parents can figure it out.

1 How to smoke, so as not to smell in the apartment - tips

First of all, it should be understood that a reliable way to rid your home of the pungent smell of smoke is to smoke on the street, or on the balcony. But, many people practice smoking in the building on a regular basis, or occasionally. As a rule, even after one cigarette in the room there is a stench that lasts a long time. A non-smoking person will be able to determine this from the first breath. What can be done so that after smoking there are no traces left? Consider the tips.

  • Choose a room with a window - if you open it during smoking, most of the smoke will immediately disappear and you won’t have to fight it.
  • Do not smoke in the bedroom or any other place where there are a lot of textile elements - the fabric instantly absorbs any odors, and even after prolonged ventilation, nicotine stench will be present.
  • If the house has a room equipped with an electric extractor hood, you can turn it on - a powerful fan will draw out the aroma and you don’t have to be afraid to be caught in forbidden fun. If there is no such device, you can use a conventional fan - turn it on for better air circulation, immediately after all.
  • Do not leave any traces behind you - ashtrays, ashes, cigarette butts - these are all sources of smell that can ruin the atmosphere in the home.
  • Consider also another important point - the fire safety sensors located in the room can violate all the pleasure of a smoked cigarette, stay away from them if you plan to enjoy nicotine in secret.
  • For ventilation, open 2 windows or windows at once, since due to the draft everything will disappear several times more efficiently and faster.

Important! If in your family someone does not tolerate tobacco smoke, suffers from bronchial asthma or allergies, try to refrain from using nicotine, because even a small amount of allergic substances can provoke a severe attack.

2 How to smoke in the apartment so that there is no smell - ways

Smoking a cigarette without going outside is not so difficult if there is a loggia or balcony where you can do it and not worry about tobacco amber. However, if this is the first floor, or if the project does not provide for such elements, you can try several folk tricks that will help not leave traces. What are the ways?


If you are going to enjoy a cigarette without leaving your home, it is best to do it in the bathroom, before bathing - this is the most suitable place in the house where you can mask the effects of smoky pleasure in a matter of minutes. let's get a lookhow to smoke, so as not to smell indoors.

  1. First of all, lock yourself in the bathroom, and close the slots in the door for a guarantee with a damp towel or any other dampened cloth. This is necessary so that the smoke does not pass through the cracks outside the bathroom.
  2. If there is a window in the room, be sure to open it, because the smoke will come out faster and the room will be filled with freshness.
  3. Turn on hot water, and while it is typing, you can smoke. Blow smoke into a stream of warm water, so it will be neutralized immediately.
  4. Add any flavored, strongly smelling hygiene products to the water, such as foam or bath gel.
  5. Take all the traces, wash and brush your teeth so that there is no trace of the nicotine aroma.

Important! All wet fabric things, even after one such entertainment, can be soaked with nicotine, so it is advisable to immediately collect them and send them to the washing machine.

Air purifier

If you plan to smoke at home in the long term, a nicotine bouquet can become "chronic" and soak up absolutely all the things. To avoid this, consider purchasing a device that cleans the air, which will not only rid the tobacco stench, but will always maintain a comfortable atmosphere without dust and other impurities. There are options that additionally ionize or enrich with oxygen, aromatize or moisturize. That is, from the acquisition of such a device you will only benefit.

Night is the best time to disguise

How to smoke so that it doesn’t smell in the apartment, and no one at home guessed what he had done? It is very simple if you choose the most suitable period for this, that is, night. When everyone is sleeping, you have favorable conditions to go unnoticed and more time to eliminate all the evidence. How to crank this thing up?

  • Make sure everyone is asleep, lock yourself in your room.
  • Wet the towel and cover the door slots with it.
  • Draw the curtain.
  • Lean out the window and smoke.

When you go to bed, leave the window open so that all the remains are weathered, clean everything after yourself, and no one will guess what you were doing here. But, do not protrude strongly from the window, remember that this is dangerous.

Aromatic liquid

Best of all, any stench eliminates water - its molecules combine with volatile substances and block them, dissolving. This principle is used in this case. You need to draw a small amount of water into a pan or ladle, dissolve a little ground cinnamon in it (or take a whole stick), garlic, citrus essential oil and a glass of vinegar. This mixture needs to boil for 20-30 minutes with the lid open - the moisture will evaporate, disperse throughout the house and neutralize nicotine.

Wet cleaning

The best way to fix the problem is a high-quality wet cleaning. How to restore freshness to the atmosphere - useful information below.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to wipe all horizontal and vertical surfaces - particles settle on them, which are easy to clean with a damp cloth and detergent.
  2. Wash the floor, with a vacuum cleaner walk it on carpets and other textile interior items.
  3. Walls, if they are covered with moisture-resistant finishing material, should also be wiped with a damp sponge, you can moisten it in an aqueous solution of table vinegar.
  4. And of course, mop the floor!

Important! A much more active elimination of the cigarette smell is to use flavored household chemicals. Smelling textile can also be treated with similar fluids.

Industrial-made fresheners can neutralize smoke-scented particles. Aerosol options, that is, spray fresheners, provide fast action. Microscopic droplets of liquid scatter, clean the space, filling it with pleasant aromas.

For reference! You can make an aerosol air freshener yourself - add the essential oil of orange, tea tree, lavender or any other plant to boiled water, shake and use as intended.

Aroma candles

Scented candles contain synthetic and natural substances, which, during combustion, quickly spread and mask any stench. You can purchase such devices in any supermarket. Do not forget about the rules of fire safety so that the enjoyment of aromas does not end in tragedy.

Tip: if you can’t quit smoking and sometimes smoke your house, you can try to get a high-quality electronic cigarette, which can sometimes replace the usual tobacco. Such a device will not solve the problem of dependence, but at least the device will not become a source of burning and stench.

4 Alternative

The easiest secret to the freshness of your home is to give up smoking at home. If you manage to get rid of addiction, you will never need to think about disguise again. If you are not at all ready to do this, try to satisfy your needs for nicotine outside your home, when there is such an opportunity - this is less harmful to the health of your and your loved ones.