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April 21, 2018 at 9:00
Anastasia Melekhova / photo: Pavel Khodinsky / LADY.TUT.BY

Psychologists say that a woman in beautiful lingerie - even if no one sees him - feels more confident, more relaxed, and this condition is reflected in her gait, posture, eyes. How to choose the right underwear so that it corrects the figure, said stylist, image consultant Ekaterina Milliner.

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All in size

Please do not take the laundry less than you need, with the hope that it will “pull off” something or you will lose weight. And when it has become small for you, it is better to completely get rid of it. Now I am talking primarily about everyday models. The various options for erotic lingerie that you periodically wear, you can leave.

I think you’ve heard that a small bra is contraindicated by doctors, as it affects the health of our breasts. And the panties just look unaesthetic, pull even the most slender figure and stand out under the clothes disadvantageously.

Therefore, underwear in size is our everything! Both beautiful and healthy. I recommend right now, without delay, sorting out the laundry, crying over your favorite kit, which is small, and parting with it.


Corrective and tightening underwear is the main assistant in creating a beautiful silhouette, regardless of age and size. Almost all manufacturers of underwear offer customers these lines: high-waisted panties that tighten the tummy, and shorts, and body, and combinations, and corsets. In general, for every taste. The materials, appearance and strength of the “buckle” are different, as is the price. Do not neglect this lifesaver when you need to look stunning and hide minor figure flaws.

Correct the figure using linen

Our task is to bring the figure closer to the shape of an hourglass, when the chest and hips have the same volume and the waist is maximally expressed. Symmetry is always more pleasant to the human eye, therefore we will strive for it.

Our beautiful and courageous readers will help us with this. They will demonstrate in practice the advice of a stylist.

Elizabeth, 23 years old, translator

If your shoulders are wider than your hips.

Our heroine has a chest and shoulders slightly wider than hips. But often this difference is very noticeable and the silhouette is close to the male.

In this case, there is the task of visually making the shoulders narrower and the hips wider. Most often, such girls have a lush or medium full chest and slender long legs.

It is important to achieve a visual balance between the top and bottom. The ideal model of bras is a balconette (horizontal support, a wide jumper), a minimizer (completely covers the chest, wide straps), a bandeau (no straps, or removable straps).

Also, visually narrowing your shoulders will allow lace tops with an American armhole, these bras are also called halter sconces. They are now at the height of fashion. This model is primarily suitable for girls with medium breast size.

But where you can give free rein to your imagination, this is when choosing panties. They can be very diverse - with ruffles, frills, patterns and various decorative inserts.

Elena, 32 years old, on maternity leave

If your tummy is pronounced, your waist, full chest, and rounded hips are almost invisible.

This type of figure is common in women after childbirth. The tummy is very difficult to remove, it will be losing ground in battle, even when the rest of the body becomes taut.
Your goal is to focus on the beautiful chest and thereby divert attention from the weakly expressed waist and abdomen.

Choose underwired bras with thin cups, without any additional lining, such as classic or minimizer. If necessary, and with a small bust size, you can still use thin linings in the cups if you want to raise the chest or give it the shape you need.

Panties with an oversized fit and extra tightening in this area will help hide the tummy. It is good to wear a corset, tight bodysuit (including with a deep V-neck and contrasting inserts on the sides) or shorts (simple or corrective). They will not only tighten the figure, but also indicate the waist. Choose underwear in solid colors (it will be perfect in the color of your skin) or with a fine pattern. Even sexier sets should not look like two strings on you - they should sit on the figure as we indicated above.

Ekaterina, 33 years old, takes part in filming as a plus size model

If you have large breasts, equal in volume of your hips and a well-defined waist, but the lady you are not fragile.

This is the most popular type of figure for plussize models. You have perfect body proportions. And, as you know, the size and volume are not important, but the proportions between the waist, hips and chest. Representatives of this beautiful type of kilogram are distributed evenly.

Such a seemingly perfect figure also needs proper design.

If you have large breasts, the first thing to consider when choosing a bra is support. Braces such as plunge (bras with a low jumper), as well as bras consisting of several woven parts, perfectly cope with this task. It is the seams that form at the junction of the flaps that provide support to the chest and help form a beautiful shape. It is also worth remembering about the wide shoulder straps; they will best keep your chest in a beautiful high place during the day.

Also, make sure that the bodice does not make the chest wider than the hips - choose models with thin pads on the sides of the cups, thereby shifting the chest slightly towards the center. For a bottom, options with a high landing are better. It can be either simple laconic seamless underwear or various models with lace inserts.

Polina, 22, actress

A taut, athletic proportional figure with small breasts.

The girl has a suitable type of figure in order to wear now popular underwear in a sports style. And to be honest, any kit will ideally sit on Pauline, from the simplest to the most exciting.

By the way, girls with small breasts can be divided into 2 camps. Some do not imagine their life without a push up, while others prefer comfort and a bra without foam. It is important to note that it is not so easy for such girls to find linen for themselves, and sometimes they have to sew to order. And if you find the right cup volume, the choice of models will be modest. But it is precisely such figures and breast size that are popular in the fashion industry, and most things are sewn on them more often.

If you still want to visually make your breasts bigger, all kinds of pushap options and sizes, bras with molded underwire cups will suit you. Also pay attention to the distance between the cups, you need to visually move the chest to the center, so models that fasten in front are good. Any decor in the form of layers of fabric, quilling visually enlarge the chest. The same goes for vibrant colors and catchy designs.

For those who want to do without extra volume, seamless knitted patterns, sports tops and the option of a lace bra like an American armhole are suitable. You can choose any bottom.

Tomorrow we will tell you how to choose the corrective underwear so that it fits perfectly on your figure and is completely invisible under your clothes.

For providing the underwear sets and the shooting area, we thank the Verally brand of lingerie