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How to be a driver with temporarily invalid rights?


This article considers such a question as the procedure for canceling a driver’s license (WU), as well as the termination of its validity. Previously, a similar procedure was carried out exclusively by court order. Let us consider in detail the most common cases when the VU terminates.

Driving license: cancellation or deprivation?

To begin with, readers ’attention should be focused on the fact that termination (cancellation) and deprivation of a driver’s license are completely different concepts. Deprivation of rights is carried out for a certain period (from 1 month to 3 years), but cancellation is a much broader concept that requires detailed explanation.

As an example, consider a decision to revoke rights made on medical grounds. Such a decision is made in the case when the driver, while driving a vehicle (TS), can be dangerous, both for himself and for people around him.

It is possible to restore rights that have been canceled for medical reasons if the driver passes the medical commission again, which will issue him a new medical certificate.

Regarding the validity period, the cancellation (termination) may have a specific period, but may be issued for life. But even in this case, it is not necessary to say that a person will never be able to control the vehicle. He has the opportunity to obtain rights again, for which you need to get a medical certificate and other documents, as well as pass exams at the traffic police (theoretical part and driving). If a person successfully fulfills the entire procedure for obtaining a driver’s license after cancellation, then he receives new rights and can drive a vehicle.

Cancellation of a national driver's license

So, the Russian national university is considered invalid and must be canceled in such cases:

  • After the expiration of the validity of the WU,
  • When changing personal data that is indicated in the VU,
  • If the control unit has become unusable due to wear or damage, as a result of which the information contained in it cannot be visually determined,
  • If the VU was issued on the basis of documents that were recognized by the relevant authorities as fake (false), or which were issued in violation of the established procedure,
  • When registering an application for the loss / theft of a VU filed by the owner of the rights to the internal affairs bodies,
  • When issuing a new driver to the driver,
  • When confirming that the driver of the vehicle has no previously identified restrictions or contraindications to the management of the vehicle for health reasons.

It is important to know that if the driver has one of the above conditions, the VU is considered invalid and the rights are subject to cancellation. The penalty for the lack of a VU, which the traffic police inspector will write out for such a violation, will be from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

Cancellation of international rights

When canceling a national Russian WU, an international format WU issued on its basis is also considered invalid and therefore subject to cancellation.

An example is the situation when national rights are subject to cancellation and replacement with new ones due to heavy wear (the driver's middle name became unreadable due to severe scuffs). In this case, an international certificate is subject to simultaneous replacement. This must be done (even if they are in perfect condition).

Checks to be passed by professional car drivers

In order to work as a driver for hire, it remains mandatory to undergo a medical examination once every 2 years, and before getting a job the driver must undergo a preliminary medical examination.

For drivers who are engaged in the transport of passengers or goods, it remains mandatory to examine the physical condition before each of the flights. For carriers of goods that are classified as dangerous, a post-trip medical examination is also considered mandatory. An exception is those drivers who work in emergency services going on a call, because quite often there is simply no time to undergo medical examinations before leaving.

In the case when a professional driver has detected a disease or a condition during which a vehicle is prohibited from driving, the driver must be referred for additional examination, and later for treatment. At the same time, the effect of the medical conclusion during this period will be terminated, and, as a result, the VU will be canceled for medical reasons.

If, during an extraordinary examination, the alleged diagnosis is confirmed, then the medical report is automatically canceled, which the doctors must inform the appropriate traffic police services about. In addition, the Government Decree plans to approve a complete list of human diseases and conditions, the presence of which causes the cancellation of a driver’s license for medical reasons.

Special marks in driver's license

Drivers who, in accordance with the Laws of the Russian Federation have medical indications for driving the vehicle, must have in the column “Special Marks” (in national and international rights) a special record about the conditions, the observance of which allows this person to drive. Only in this case, national and international rights are considered valid.

If the driver has medical indications for driving the vehicle, which are reflected in the medical certificate (for example, wearing glasses), then in the column “Special marks” of the driver’s license, make the appropriate mark. If, while driving, a person does not comply with the conditions specified in the rights (for example, he drives a car without glasses), then his driver’s license may be invalidated, and a fine of 5 to 15 thousand rubles will be imposed on the driver himself.

We also want to note that the first drivers have already appeared who have temporarily suspended their driver’s licenses for their debts.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the suspension of a driver’s license can be caused not only by medical conditions, but also by many other factors.

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How to be a driver with temporarily invalid rights?

If during the verification of documents it turns out that your rights are temporarily invalid, serious troubles await you until the arrest. As a rule, drivers know why and when they were stripped of their rights - this is done by court order. But if the car owner doubts this issue, he can clarify his status in the registration and examination department at the place of residence.

Having ordered a copy of your personal driver’s card there, you will see that your driver’s license is temporarily invalid or you can use it without any concern. You can do it easier by simply visiting the appropriate institution, where the employee will tell you the reason for the deprivation of rights and the duration of this restriction. To do this, you need to have with you a document proving your identity and a driver's license.

There are also Internet services with which it is easy to obtain the necessary information. Their use saves the driver time, who can find out not only the fact that his driver’s license is temporarily invalid, but also to find out how long he will not be able to use them. In addition, some institutions may accept a copy of the card by phone, and then send it by mail.

If the driver’s license is temporarily invalid, the driver usually receives timely notification about this, and he does not have such difficulties.

According to the law, such punishment as temporary deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle can be imposed for a number of violations. And in some cases, the driver does not even realize that he was having problems. Therefore, it is worth carefully looking at your correspondence so as not to miss the notice of a fine, a judicial notice, etc. Then the deprivation of rights will not be a surprise for you, which will lead to even greater difficulties.

In some cases, the driver can get his rights only after passing the second exam at a driving school. You need to be prepared for this, provided that the violation was serious. If you are deprived of rights for a short period for a not so significant violation, you will not have to take a second test.

Refrain from driving a car without rights, also do not try to get them in another compartment - this is unacceptable. If there is a single information base, all information about you will be available to the traffic police, so this adventure will not succeed.

What are temporary rights?

This document is temporary and allows you to drive for the period required to produce a duplicate driver’s license. You can get a "temporary hut" right on the day of treatment.

The current form of temporary driver’s license is approved by the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The document is a card with the following data:

  • categories of vehicles covered by this document,
  • name: "Temporary permit",
  • details (series and number),
  • Name of owner
  • Date and place of birth,
  • the name of the traffic police unit that issued the document,
  • the reason for issuing a temporary document for the right to drive vehicles,
  • details of the lost driver’s license, in return for which this document is issued,
  • validity period of a temporary permit,
  • stamp and signature of the employee of the State traffic inspectorate that issued the document.

There is no photograph on the provisional permit form, therefore it is necessary to present a provisional certificate together with one of the documents proving your identity.

In addition, it should be remembered that a temporary document gives the right to drive vehicles only within the Russian Federation.

Why are they needed and in what cases are they issued?

Temporary authorization can be issued in two cases:

  • in case of loss,
  • in case of theft of rights.

Attention! If the rights were stolen or lost, the car owner must report the incident to the traffic police and obtain a temporary permit.

Otherwise, penalties in the amount of 5,000 to 15,000 rubles will be imposed on the car owner (Article 12.7 of the Code of Administrative Offenses).

In addition, a vehicle will be delayed and sent to a fine parking lot, which will lead to additional costs.

Is a temporary certificate issued in case of deprivation of rights?

Since September 1, 2013, a temporary permit is not issued for deprivation of rights due to traffic violations.

Earlier, before amendments were made to the Code of Administrative Offenses, a traffic police officer who recorded the offense drew up a protocol and immediately seized the driver’s rights, issuing a temporary permit in return.

The question of the deprivation of rights was decided by the court and before receiving the court ruling, the driver could use the document issued by the inspector.

Currently, such an action by traffic police is prohibited by law.. The issue of deprivation of rights is still being decided by the court, however, at the same time, the driver’s license is not withdrawn until the court decision comes into force.

Only after receiving a decision on the deprivation of rights, the car owner is obliged to hand them over to the traffic police.

Soon, the State Duma will consider a bill on the issuance of temporary rights to people who have passed exams for the first time on the right to drive the vehicle. This document is planned to be issued to “newcomers” for 1 or 2 years, depending on how neat the new driver is when driving.

This temporary certificate will limit certain actions of the driver, for example, driving speed or exit on some highways.

After the expiration of the term, a temporary permit will be replaced by a permanent document without additional conditions.

We draw attention to the fact that this is just a bill and whether it will be adopted is still unknown.

The procedure for obtaining a temporary driver’s license in case of loss

The procedure for obtaining temporary authorization is as follows:

  1. Collect a package of documents, which includes:
    • passport,
    • receipt of state duty in the amount of 800 rubles (in accordance with Article 333 of the Tax Code),
    • a certificate of completion of a driving school,
    • medical certificate (optional, but desirable)
    • photo (needed if the traffic police department does not have its own photographer).
  2. Make a written statement in which you indicate:
    • the name of the traffic police unit to which you are applying,
    • personal data (name, date and place of birth, address of residence, passport details),
    • the reason for obtaining temporary rights (in this case, loss),
    • details of the lost document (can be found in the insurance policy of OSAGO),
    • list of attached documents,
    • filing date
    • personal signature.
  3. You submit documents and an application to the employee of the State traffic inspectorate and after a short period of time you get a temporary permit.

What if rights are stolen?

If the rights were stolen, then the procedure for obtaining a temporary permit will be identical with the above.

However, before this procedure, you must:

  1. Contact the police with a written statement about the abduction of a driver’s license. Police officers will open a criminal case on this fact.
  2. After 30 days, the Department of Internal Affairs will issue a decision to institute criminal proceedings. Based on this document, it will be possible to obtain a temporary permit for driving.

How long can I travel under temporary rights?

After submitting an application and providing a package of documents, the traffic police inspect the data received from the driver.

The time for monitoring depends on the workload of employees, as well as other factors and can range from 60 minutes to 60 days.

That is why a temporary driver's license is issued for a period of up to 60 days.

In accordance with applicable law, the period of use of an interim document should not exceed 2 months.

In order to get a duplicate of a driver’s license in exchange for a temporary permit, a car owner’s repeated visit to the traffic police department is necessary.

To obtain a duplicate of rights, you must provide:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation,
  • medical certificate (at the request of the inspector),
  • receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of 2,000 rubles (or only 1,400 rubles, if payment of state duty is made through the portal of State services).

Some drivers ask if you need to take a “temporary hitch”? We answer: this must be done if a duplicate of rights is issued before the expiration of the temporary permit or the driver has found the lost rights.

Can they refuse to issue a temporary certificate?

Traffic police may refuse to issue a temporary permit for the following reasons:

  1. An incomplete package of documents was submitted to the bodies of the State traffic inspectorate.
  2. One of the documents submitted is invalid (for example, a passport has expired).
  3. The documents contain errors, corrections, typos that are not properly verified.
  4. The submitted documents are fake.
  5. The state duty established by law has not been paid.

A temporary certificate is the right measure that will allow the driver to drive a vehicle in case of loss or theft of a document.

It is worth taking this opportunity if you suddenly find yourself in a similar situation. And you need to act within the framework of the rules that are presented above in the article.

Online Driver License Authentication

To verify the authenticity of the driver’s license, we will use the service on the official website of the traffic police:

The filling form is extremely simple:

  1. In the first field, enter the series and driver’s license number without spaces.
  2. In the second field, enter the date of issue of the certificate.
  3. Click on the "request verification" link.

Note. The form does not work in all browsers (programs for viewing Internet sites). So if after clicking on the "request verification" button nothing happens on the screen, use a different browser.

Validation of driver’s license

As a result of the check, you can get one of the following results:

Result of checkingValueExplanation
Date of issue and validity period, open categoriesCertificate is validMore details
Verification failedID is not validMore details
The document is not valid and has been wanted since January 24, 2019.STSI revoked rightsMore details
A decision has been issued on the deprivation of the right to drive a vehicleThe driver is deprived of his rights, the term of deprivation does not goMore details
The decision on the deprivation of the right to drive the vehicle entered into forceThe driver is deprived of the rightsMore details
The calculation of the term of deprivation of the right to control has begunThe driver is deprived of his rights, the term of deprivation is onMore details
Calculation of the term of deprivation of the right to control the vehicle is interruptedThe driver is deprived of his rights, the term of deprivation does not goMore details
The receipt of information on the payment of a fineThe driver is deprived of the rightsMore details
Conducting knowledge testing of traffic rulesThe driver is deprived of the rightsMore details
As a result of the check, information about the specified driver’s license was not foundInformation not entered in the traffic police databaseMore details

Note. If you get a value that is not in the table, then write about it in the comments to the article.

Consider the possible results of a validation of a driver’s license.

1. Driving license valid

If you received a similar picture on the screen, it means that everything is in order with your rights. They are valid and no deprivation of rights.

Please note that the screen displays information not only about the date of issue and the expiration date of the driver’s license, but also about open categories of rights.

For example, this can come in handy if you hire a driver to drive the bus. Checking the driver’s license by number allows you to immediately understand whether the driver has the right category of rights.

Another example of a successful check:

In this case, the driver is immediately open 4 categories of rights. It is suitable for driving a bus.

I note that the traffic police service provides information on categories of rights somewhat generalized. Currently there are categories BE, CE, DE and subcategories C1E, D1E. However, the form on the site shows only the letter E, more detailed information cannot be obtained online.

2. Verification failed

If the driver’s license is not valid, then on the screen you will see this message:

Hiring a person with a similar driver’s license, I do not recommend.

The invalidity of a driver’s license may be due to the following factors:

  • Rights expired.
  • Rights are replaced by new ones that the driver hides.
  • Rights obtained illegally (purchased) and are not registered in the traffic police databases.

In any case, you cannot drive a car with such a license.

3. The document is not valid and is wanted

In this case, the certificate is wanted, i.e. it can not be used when driving vehicles.

The reasons for this status may be the following:

  • The driver lost his rights and said this to the traffic police.
  • The driver is deprived of his rights, but did not hand over the certificate to the traffic police, and wrote a statement of loss.
  • The traffic police forcibly revoked the certificate. For example, rights were obtained through a fake medical certificate. As soon as this was found out, the certificate became invalid and fell into the base of the search.

4. The decision on the deprivation of the right to drive the vehicle

Such a message means that the court session at which the decision on the deprivation of rights was taken has already taken place. However, 10 days have not passed which are given to the driver to appeal the court decision.

The driver can drive the car during these 10 days, but subsequently he will have to hand over the license to the traffic police.

5. The decision on the deprivation of the right to drive the vehicle entered into force

This status means that 10 days have passed since the hearing, which are given for appeal, and the decision entered into force. Within 3 days after this, the driver must pass the certificate to the traffic police.

If the driver submits a certificate within the time period prescribed by law, the status will change to "The calculation of the term of deprivation of the right to drive has begun."

6. The calculation of the term of deprivation of the right to control has begun

The picture above shows information about a driver deprived of his rights for 18 months. This driver has handed over the license to the STSI and is currently serving a sentence.

Since such a punishment is possible only for very serious violations of the rules, I do not recommend hiring such a person. Moreover, at present he cannot drive a car at all.

8. The receipt of information on the payment of a fine

This is a new status that appeared in 2017. It means that the driver is deprived of his rights under the article related to alcohol intoxication. That is, along with the deprivation, a fine was also imposed, which the driver paid.

The certificate does not give the right to drive vehicles. However, the status, unlike the ones considered earlier, does not allow the driver to understand whether the calculation of the term of deprivation began or not. Therefore, to clarify the information will have to call the traffic police.

9. Conducting a test of knowledge of traffic rules

This status appeared in 2018. At the same time, the driver is deprived of his rights, however, more than half of the term of deprivation has already passed and the driver has begun to pass a theoretical exam to return the rights.

The driver cannot drive cars.

If during the verification of rights you found that the value of the field "Status of execution of the decision" does not meet your expectations, then contact the traffic police for clarification.

For example, you need to do this when the field says "no data".

10. Information is not in the database

The status "As a result of the inspection, information about the specified driver’s license was not found" may indicate the following:

  • a driver’s license was issued recently (today) and information about it has not yet been added to the official website of the traffic police,
  • There was an error entering the credentials.

If you received a message while checking your driver’s license that is not described in this article, write about it in the comments below.

After what time is the traffic police database updated?

Often the driver may encounter the following situation. He replaced the driver’s license due to the expiration of the validity period and on the same day checks the rights on the website of the traffic police. However, no information is displayed.

This is due to the fact that the base is updated with a slight delay. So I recommend to wait a few days and re-check.

Nevertheless, if the rights do not appear on the site in a week, it is possible that some kind of mistake was made in the issue. Therefore, it makes sense to contact the traffic police for clarification.

To summarize the article. The traffic police service for checking the rights of the database is a great tool. You can check any driver’s license for any restrictions at any time. This is primarily useful for employers with subordinate drivers.

Let's hope that the official traffic police website will continue to please us with such useful services.