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Subject: Configuring WTFast for a comfortable game


The WTFast program allows you to play any online games without interruptions, brakes, freezes and loss of connection with the server.

WTFast has created something that no one has done before. A unique product for gamers around the world that has no analogues.
Uniting the entire game world of the planet into a single network. It is really very cool!
With the advent of WTFast, a new era of online games has arrived.
Who still does not understand why this program is needed, we recommend watching a video demonstrating the capabilities of WTFast GPN:

WTFast GPN (Gamers Private Network), the first global gaming network designed specifically for MMO gamers and game data. WTFast GPN guarantees an optimal connection in games - increase response speed by reducing PING. With WTFast you can forget about interruptions, crashes and freezes due to problems with the Internet connection. Turning any duel into a victory!

List of the most popular supported WTFast games:
(Note - WTFast supports almost all online games, this is not a complete list of all games that are supported!)

Reset trial or download wtfast crack at the moment is not possible.
Downloading torrent wtfast also fails due to authentication on servers.
Yes and no, this is not necessary. There is no doubt about this after reading the feedback from gamers about WTFast on the official GPN website.

Setting up WTFast should not cause any problems even for a novice gamer.
Who still does not understand how to configure WTFast, the detailed instructions that we will publish in the next article will help.
Stay tuned for updates on our website.

Now is the time to experience the full power of WTFast!

Join now and immediately get an advantage in any game over gamers who do not yet know about WTFast,)
Download WTFast for free in Russian using this link from the official website or by clicking on the image below:

WTFast what is this program and is it needed?

Hello everyone. Today we will consider an incomprehensible WTFast program, I still do not know anything about it, but we will understand. We find out why she is, I will write everything in simple words. So I already see that this is something related to games. So, here I come across a forum, here people write that it seems like WTFast is a program that reduces ping in games. But most people are skeptical about this, they say it's all not true. True or not, I don’t know, but the fact that programs often promise a lot, but in fact a little less than nothing, is really a frequent phenomenon ...

Although one person writes that he did set himself the WTFast program and says that it really seems to reduce ping. But damn it, the program turns out to be paid !.

Guys, with this WTFast program I had a troubles, in short I couldn’t test it, I apologize in advance. For there is a lure, in short, I wrote about this to everyone here. The article turned out to be a big one, because I thought I could still see the program in action, but alas. THEREFORE YOU ARTICLE IS NOT REQUIRED TO READ FULLY. All the same, for what the WTFast program is needed, I wrote about it.

I read further, here again I came across a topic on the forum. Everybody writes users, the program helps someone, someone doesn’t. But you know, the program is not young, she’s already a couple of years, well, five for sure. So what can not just like that it still exists ?.

But I also found the Old, this is the MSI website. This topic is shorter here, MSI entered into an agreement with WTFast, but that’s not the point. It says that WTFast is some kind of exclusive optimized network with which gamers can bypass other players, because WTFast increases the reaction speed. Well cool, what else can I say. All the same, it is written on the official MSI website, I do not think that they will write any nonsense here.

So, I read further on the MSI website. Here the network is called as WTFast Gamers Private Network, well, it's kind of the full name of the network, and this network is great for online games like MMORPG, MOBA ... There are more than 100 game servers in the WTFast network. In general, the network allows you to reduce ping by 30-60% and remove lags in the game.

In general, everything became clear to me. WTFast is a network that allows you to increase the response in an online game. Like it or not, I can’t check. But one person wrote that he does not believe in this, but believes in changing the provider and increasing the speed of the Internet. I agree in principle, but I think it's worth trying WTFast anyway.

So, I will try to download WTFast now. I found the official site, here it is:

I turn to him. I click on the TRY IT RISK-FREE TODAY button there:

Then he pressed the DOWNLOAD button:

The wtfastSetup. file started downloading:

Downloaded, oceanokushki, run:

This window appeared, click here Run:

Hmm, you are the publisher of AAA Internet Publishing, Inc. talking about something? I don’t ... Okay, in general. Installation went on, everything is as usual, accept the agreement and click Next. In general, the WTFast program was installed, such an icon appeared on the desktop:

The WTFast program started and the following window opened:

The inscription Log in to your account indicates that you need to register here. At the same time, the tray had an icon:

The icon menu by right-clicking is:

I tried to select the Settings item here, but for all these things I need to register in the program. Well, okay, I’ll be registered =) In the program, I clicked on Create account, the Amigo browser I disliked opened and there it means I registered, entered my mail, password, came up with a login, all things. There was also a Subscribe to wtfast Newsletter checkmark, but I did not click it, then a checkbox to get the newsletter, I’ll get by in short. He registered calmly, there were no problems. Activating by mail seems like nothing. Entered mail and password in the WTFast program window, pressed LOG IN:

Then a window appeared with the inscription GAME CONNECTION:

Then it was suggested to activate the trial period of the program, well, I pressed START MY FREE TRIAL:

But something threw me out of the program, well, that is, it logged out. In short, I can’t enter the program. So, then look, try to log in, and throws me to the site:

It seems like it says that I have a test period until 2017-10-20, and today 2017-10-06, that is, it seems like two weeks of a test period. But the funny thing is that on the site, well, which opens, then you need to do strange things, namely, enter the credit card information .. or am I mistaken? I really can’t understand, but it seems so. You can’t get into the program in any way, although it’s registered, no activation link has been sent to the mail, that is, you need to enter credit card details to the campaign to confirm that you are a person. Of course I will not do this. In general, I do not like this approach. But I still clicked on VISA for fun, then see how many fields were asked to fill out:

No guys, I don’t play such games .. = (

I closed the WTFast program, it really remained hanging in the tray ..

In short madhouse. The WTFast program can be obtained on the MSI website, but if I understood correctly, then you need to register your motherboard, which should be from MSI. As I understand it, MSI gives its customers the WTFast program for free, or temporarily for free.

Guys, I learned something. In general, if you download WTFast from the official site (where did I download it), then this seems to be one version. And there is another version, I downloaded it from the software portal, it even has a different shortcut, see:

But I didn’t succeed in starting it, because the error WTFastGPNInit () failed: 10 popped up, here is this stick error:

In short, such pies, it doesn’t shine for me to see how the WTFast program works, but it's very sorry .. = (

I searched the pictures on the Internet, well, to at least look a little at the program interface. Look, this program would say so in action:

There are statistics on pings, as I see below, it also indicates which ping using the program (WTFast column) and which without (Internet column).

But I found a picture, it's like a program logo:

And here is the picture, look, here ENTER KEY is circled, this means that you need to enter the key, in short, I mean that the program is still really paid:

In general, this alignment. Now I will show how to remove WTFast, well, you never know. So, hold down the Win + R buttons, then in the Run window, paste this command:

A window opens with a list of software, find WTFast, right-click, select Delete:

In the next window, click Yes:

Then it will be deleted and will require a reboot, it is better to do it right away:

Well, here’s FSE, Malekh waved with this whole thing ...

Guys, I understand that it did not work out for me what I intended, but really sorry. That's all, sorry again. Good luck, I hope you will come to visit me again!

We configure WTFast for a comfortable game

Instructions for hacking the program WTFast for unlimited time.

First you need to download the crack and WTFast itself
First of all, install WTFast (the one that is by reference)
Unpack the archive with the crack, run RunAsDate.exe, click Browse and select WTFast.exe in the root folder where you installed it.
In the column Date / Time we change 2013 to 2999
In the line to the left of the Create Desktop Shortcut button, write the name of the shortcut to the cracked WTFast and press the button to the left, to the slave. a shortcut will appear on the table.
We close the program and cut our VPN (I use SoftEther VPN)
Launch the ArcheAge launcher and wait until the launch button appears
Disconnect VPN and run WTFast through a hacked shortcut.
In the new window, do not change anything and click Login.
In the window that appears, check the Custom box, click Add, write ArcheAge in Name, then Browse and select the ArcheAge launcher, click Ok
Next, click Sort by ping, wait and select the top server with the lowest ping in the drop-down menu.
Click Play, two times ok and start the game.
And rejoice probably the smallest possible ping.
For clarity, we watch the video instruction.

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