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DIY shoes


Glitter shoes are very glamorous, they will add a sparkling touch to any look. Whether it’s Dorothy’s ruby ​​shoes or sparkling ball shoes for a special occasion, why not avoid running around the many shoe stores in pursuit of the perfect pair, but just make them yourself? To make shoes with sequins at home is very easy and very inexpensive, plus, you can choose the exact color of sequins and the style of shoes yourself, to your liking. Handmade has never looked so amazing.

New life of old favorite shoes

You can decorate old shoes with rhinestones, stick them on the upper part of the heel, decorate rhinestones on the cape of the shoes, draw funny drawings or inscriptions on the shoes, paint old shoes, especially if the material has peeled off somewhere.

On the cape of old shoes you can attach a brooch, buckle or other decoration. At the ankle, you can make a bow, ties or an extra strap, which will also give new shoes a new life. These are not all the ways how to make shoes do it yourself.

If the model of shoes with straps, then you can complement the shoes with various chains, fringe. You can decorate the shoes with your own hands with the help of tweezers, which have remained popular for several seasons. You can also strew your old shoes with sparkles - this is also interesting, and most importantly an easy way to decorate shoes with your own hands.

Another interesting option to decorate old shoes is not only to transform the main part of the shoe, but also to decorate the sole of the shoes. Like Louboutin shoes with red soles, you will have trendy new old shoes with colorful soles.

And now let's see some interesting videos of DIY workshops on decorating and decorating old shoes.

Wash old shoes well

After wetting the rag with water, thoroughly clean the shoes from dirt and other particles that interfere with the action of the glue. Dry your shoes. If it is made of a very soft and smooth material, the spangles may not stick to the surface. To solve the problem, sandpaper is useful, with which you need to slightly roughen the shoes in circular motions. Perform this procedure only in those areas where there will be sparkles.

Decide on the design

As soon as the choice is made where to apply glitter, the remaining parts should be covered so as not to stain. The insole must also be sealed with tape. Fill the middle of the shoes with paper towels to prevent possible contact of glue and glitter with the inside of the shoe.

Combine glitter and glue in one of the vessels

Stir everything as it should with a plastic spoon. A thick mixture should be obtained, and the color of the sparkles should be clearly visible after mixing. Set aside some dry sparkles for later use.

Move on to your shoes with sparkles

Take a little mixture on the brush and apply a thin, even layer to the shoes. Make sure that the first layer is smooth, without lumps. Let it dry. Apply a second coat in the same way. Without hesitation, proceed to the next step, without waiting for the second layer to dry.

This will help to get a richer color.

Tap the shoes lightly on the floor to shake off the excess sparkles

Perform this operation on a clean newspaper so that you can collect the sparkles and use them again. Leave the shoes to dry.

Apply a layer of glue on top

Type glue on a brush and a thin layer spread on top of the layer with sparkles. This is a very important step, especially if the heels also suffered the fate of "coloring". An additional layer of glue allows the sparkles to gain a firm hold. It also has a protective function, preventing a “shiny” coating from cracking and desquamation. Do not worry about shade distortion: if the glue does not contain pigment, the layer will turn out transparent.

Dry your shoes

Place the shoes in a dry, well-ventilated area. It can be a windowsill or a room with a fan. The longer the shoes stand, the better the result. It’s good to leave the shoes dry all night. If you put on your shoes before the cover dries, they will adhere to dirt particles. As a result, the shoe cover will become more susceptible to external irritants.

How to update old shoes. Viewers Tips (video):

Remove the edges and inspect the joints

Wipe off the sparkles with a damp cloth that accidentally fall into places taped with tape. This will help to make the shoes more accurate in appearance.

Test the new thing

Put on your “boats” and enjoy the sight.

  • Tips
    Try adding about 30% of the 2.5 mm glitter to the mixture, which has a different shape: dots, asterisks, or rombiks. Also experience a combination of two shades of the same color or similar colors. For example, pink and purple, blue and green, red and orange. Also for you, we have prepared an article: How to sew slippers - bunnies. Master - class with a photo.
  • If you let your imagination run wild, you can experiment with a rainbow effect by mixing each color in a separate bowl. Layers must be applied zonally to allow drying. This method of "coloring" looks best on white and other light colors of shoes.
  • Try mixing a small amount of white or transparent glitter that reflects spectral colors with a basic shade. It will take quite a few sparkles to create a reflective effect that looks soft and attractive at the same time.
  • For strong flicker, use glitter from 0.15 to 0.3 mm in size.
  • If you prefer a more outrageous bow, glue the jewelry stones or metal parts on certain sections of the shoes with a glue gun.
  • Buy glitter with a margin in case additional layers are applied.
  • In the same way, you can transform old ballet shoes, boots or another type of shoe that has already lost its presentation.
    This technique is also applicable to individual parts of shoes, for example, heels. To do this, the area of ​​the shoe around the heel needs to be sealed with tape.
  • Keep a damp cloth on hand to eliminate defects during operation.

TDK. Decorate shoes (video):

It is not necessary to apply too many layers (two or three adhesive coatings are enough). Otherwise, the shoes will become stiff, and when walking cracks may form at the bend.