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How to promote your site yourself


There are no budgets, but somehow you need to sell - a typical situation for beginner Internet entrepreneurs. I once lived a very long time without money, so I was forced to learn all the wisdom of free advertising. And here I will show you 5 options for how to make advertising on the Internet for free myself. The good news is it really is.

The content of the article:

Let's now analyze all these methods in detail.

# 1 - The main option of free advertising on the Internet

From my own experience I can tell you that absolutely nothing happens in this world. In any case, we will pay for everything we want to receive. The only question is what exactly will we pay - money or something else?

I have already given my “alchemical formula" for creating resources. And here I repeat it again.

We have only 3 main resources:

And absolutely for each of us, these resources are limited (even for the Rockefeller granddaughter, and even for Apple). To get any of the resources listed above, we will have to put together the two remaining and invest in them.

That is, if you do not have money (and you want to have it), then you will have to pay for it with your own time and effort. And with advertising on the Internet all the same.

We have an option - to pay for advertising and not to bathe. Another option is to take a lot of steam for a long time, but pay nothing to anyone. If the second option is closer to you, then here is how you can act.

A terrible word for the letter C ....

On the Internet there are several basic ways to advertise something for free. The first and main option is simple SPAM.

Speaking of SPAM, it also comes in many forms. You can do mailings on email databases, or spam links to your resources in the comments of promoted blogs, or do the same in numerous VKontakte groups.

One of the definitions of SPAM is that you stick your ad wherever you are asked. That is, the moderators of these sites will make every effort to remove all your links, and ban yourself.

In addition, spamming is a very difficult way to reach your target audience. The fact is that people somehow feel that you are using tricks for beginners (suckers), and therefore do not really trust you.

Personally, I do not blame you, because, to be honest, we all at least once in our life were engaged in spam. I even described my “white spam” method in detail here (will open in a new tab). But people who even see your sponsored links and click on them on your sites will be very poorly converted.

That is, you need at least 10-20 times more traffic to earn the same money than if you worked, say, through regular legal sources of advertising. And this, accordingly, leads to the fact that you will have to go even more on sites and VKontakte groups, laying out your links.

Or create another hundred fake VKontakte pages and send invitations and offers from them.

Semi-legal spam method through VKontakte

By the way, on the account of VKontakte mailing. Now, such a free version of advertising as “frending” is still working. This is when you design your VKontakte page for the sale of some product or service, and then just start adding friends to everyone.

Your new “friends” will go to your page to find out who sent them the application and (what the hell is not joking), maybe one of them will buy your product someday. This activity is also very laborious, given all the restrictions and protection mechanisms that VKontakte introduced.

I remember that I was engaged in such black friendliness in 2009, when I was just starting to earn money on the Internet. Life was easier then, VKontakte was younger and kinder, but still, it took a lot of energy.

I must say that such methods of free self-advertising ... really work. Bad, crooked, hard, long, but work. Therefore, if your budget is not very good, spam is a good option (we will not be such moralists).

And now let me tell you a terrible secret - how today young businesses and entrepreneurs without money become super-mega popular literally overnight.

# 2 - How to "shoot" businesses without money today

There is one interesting way to quickly and free to advertise on the Internet so that absolutely everyone knows about you (and loves you). This method will also require you to invest some time and effort. And again, in essence, we are talking about frending.

Only this is a completely different friend. This is done in approximately the same way - you make friends with someone who is already known and popular in your market, and then after a while he promotes you about his resources.

That is, we are talking about the so-called networking. Personally, I never loved and did not know how to do such things, but you can do it. For such networking you need to have a certain set of qualities - sociability, willingness to please and admire, the ability to constantly remind yourself gently of yourself, and others.

How to get acquainted with VIPs

Of course, all famous and promoted people are under constant pressure in the form of requests to give money for some ingenious product, or to become a partner in a certain project that will make it rich in the future. If you write to someone known with a request “do not teach me how to live, better help me financially”, then you will simply be ignored.

You first need to get acquainted with the selected object, then make friends with it, and only then after a while it comes to partnerships. And a big man should say only one word, even to catch a glimpse of you somewhere in an article or in an interview - and you’ll already fly from the mud to riches.

I would recommend that you first praise the services or products of some famous person. It may seem strange to you, but they really like it when they are praised and when they are thanked (if you knew how much dirt and criticism poured on them every day). Therefore, your video review or a thank-you article about them will probably be reprinted on your resources.

And then - develop success. Find how you could be useful to a person with a name, never ask anything from him, give him the opportunity to talk with you about what is interesting to him. Well, it’s not for me to teach you how to make friends and influence people.

And after some time, your new big friend will offer you some partnership options. And then you are on a horse. The only negative of this method of free advertising is the instability of your position. It is enough for a well-known partner to say one word to exalt you, and one word will also be enough to “drop you”.

Therefore, you will always have to be very careful not to offend him, and so that no one more nimble does not come to your place. All this will greatly limit your freedom. Therefore, I have never used such methods.

Moreover, there is another option - completely free, absolutely legal, and 100% reliable.

# 3 - The Most Effective Free Online Advertising Method

If we continue to talk about recommendations, that is, in RuNet there are two authorities that can give you a lot of constant and hot traffic to your sales pages. These guys are called Yasha and Gosh (i.e. Yandex and Google). They compare favorably with other authorities in that they recommend you for specific merits, and not for the ability to "make friends."

To get their recommendations, you just have to make a site and fill it with useful content on the topic of your product. Then the search engines will display your articles in the TOP, and you will begin to receive a stream of visitors every day, which will then become your customers.

Of course, in words it sounds easier than in practice. But in fact, there is nothing complicated. The trick is to constantly give people useful and interesting content. Promotion of a young site takes from 6 months of pure time. Good promotion can take 2-3 years.

Yes, as you see, here too it is necessary to invest time and effort (all according to our "alchemical formula"). But unlike other free methods, this option of advertising will probably work. And it’s also nice that this is a constant source of traffic (unlike the same SPAM, for example, which you need to deal with every day).

Personally, I like this option the most. But suddenly you don’t like to write articles, or are you so lazy by nature that you want it for free, and so you don’t do anything yourself? Congratulations, there is such a way.

# 4 - Free advertising with the wrong hands

Imagine how great it would be if hundreds of people all over the Internet every day were engaged in promoting your goods and services, and at that time you would calmly lie on the couch and drink cocktails.

Surprisingly, it’s really possible to organize work in this way. This is simply called an “affiliate program”. Of course, no one will promote you at all for free, but you will pay your partners only after the sales are made.

No sales - no money. Someone brought you a customer - you pay him an honest percentage of the purchase amount. This promotion option is very shown to all beginner Internet entrepreneurs (and not beginners too).

In RuNet, there are many half-starved specialists in various fields of marketing - contextual advertising, VKontakte targeting, SEO, youtube and others. They are half-starved because they do not have their products for sale. And they are constantly in search of some really good affiliate program where they could direct their traffic.

And if you provide them with such an affiliate program, they will love you, and will make a lot of efforts to make you happy.

Of course, this method also has difficulties. The first difficulty is that you need to build a good sales funnel. Partners, of course, are ready to drive traffic to you, but only if sales are made from it (and they earn money). If there are no sales, they will quickly forget about you and switch to others.

The second difficulty is the need to constantly motivate partners to work. People they are knowledgeable and able, but a little lazy. They need to be constantly given some kind of incentive. For example - to hold contests, give out prizes to the best partners, set higher commissions for those who sell more.

And the affiliate program itself also needs to be somehow promoted so that more and more people with new traffic come to you. As an option - you can make a two-level affiliate program. This is when partners advertise your affiliate program, and then receive commissions not only from their sales, but also from the sales of those partners whom they attracted "for themselves."

Technically, you can organize an affiliate program through various services. For example, I use the Justclick service, because it is best suited for electronic products.

And finally, let's talk about how to make advertising on the Internet for free for a million dollars.

# 5 - How to make an ad on the Internet for free for a million dollars

In the end, I want to discover the scariest “secret secret” about advertising on the Internet. If you want to make money online, the main thing is not to make advertising for free. The main thing is to make your advertising profitable.

Tell me, is it expensive or not to spend a million dollars on advertising? You can’t just say that. The question is whether this ad will be profitable or not. Spending a hundred rubles and earning zero is unprofitable, which means too expensive. And to spend a million and earn ten is profitable, and therefore completely inexpensive.

And you, too, can spend any money you want only if you have a profitable auto sales funnel set up (the same requirement, by the way, applies to the previous paragraph about affiliate programs).

Then any advertising will be free for you, and at the same time you will not have to spend a lot of your time and effort.

Hope this article has been helpful to you. Bookmark it and share it with your friends. Do not forget to download my book "Hitchhiking to a million." There I show you the fastest way from zero to the first million on the Internet (squeezing from personal experience in 10 years =)

An integrated and individual approach to the promotion of each site

To attract visitors it’s not enough to buy a domain name, place yourself on the highest quality hosting and fill out the site with useful information. It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive and high-quality promotion of the project. Many Internet sites try to give advice on how to promote the site yourself, but these tips are not always effective, structured and really useful, because they are general in nature. The issue of promotion should always be approached not only comprehensively, but also optimally and individually. By understanding what a specific resource needs, you can achieve maximum results.

How to increase site traffic

Knowing how expensive the event is to contact professional companies involved in Internet promotion, each entrepreneur seeks to learn how to promote his website for free. There are several important areas of activity that, together, will help to raise the site in search engines without any investments and affect its traffic. It:

  • page relevance
  • original content
  • high quality design
  • registration in search engines,
  • registration in free catalogs,
  • social bookmarking and so on.

Conventionally, all these methods can be attributed to internal or external optimization. Do not think that internal website optimization is less important or less useful than an attack on external resources. Just the opposite, if you take it lightly, you can put a bold cross on the site.

Any potential buyer or client who searches for a product or service on the Internet is faced with a great many competing resources. It is necessary to make it clear that it is your project that is more valuable and ideal than others. It is even more difficult to convince the search engines through which a potential consumer comes to you, therefore all the subtleties of the question of how to promote the site yourself should be given special attention.

How search engines work

The promotion process is long and laborious, but worth it. In order to move in the right direction, you need to understand how search engines work. It happens as follows:

  • the user enters "keys" in the search form, i.e. words of interest to him, which are called key, which implies the necessary website promotion by keywords,
  • the search engine algorithm, which is constantly being improved and changed, selects, according to the words from its own database, the pages that match the user’s input as much as possible - it searches for pages relevant to the request.

Search engine algorithms are complicated, but you have to figure it out in order to really optimize your resource for them. The ideology of search engines is such that they can only issue decent and high-quality material that can satisfy the target audience. Forming the results for the user, search engines analyze a whole set of various factors that allow us to conclude that this particular resource is more or less important for the user than competitors' resources.

According to representatives of Yandex, in the algorithm of the most popular search engine in Runet, factors for determining quality are about a thousand. From this we can conclude: the greater the number of such factors taken into account during optimization, the more chances your resource has to get into the top ten as a result of complex promotion. First of all, when deciding how to promote a site in search engines, you should focus on the most influential of these factors.

Internal Optimization Tools

Correct internal optimization, quality of site materials - 50% success. The site must comply with such characteristics as:

  • high-quality, most unique content, useful and interesting to the consumer,
  • search engine optimization of pages,
  • clear and simple structure
  • User-friendly navigation
  • their correct internal linking,
  • valid code
  • optimal and high-quality design.

Content optimization

Particular attention should be paid to content, i.e. site content. It should be as unique as possible. It is about 95-100 percent uniqueness. Deviation from this higher bar is permissible only in those parts of the text that cannot be unique by definition (formulas, formulations, postulates, technical specifications, names, quotes, etc.).

In order to verify the uniqueness of the articles, the network offers many tools that should be used before publication. It can be both online services and stationary programs like the popular eTXT Anti-Plagiarism and Advego Plagiatus (it is good practice to check the uniqueness of the text in both programs). После проверки, исправьте не уникальные предложения и дубли, найденные при проверке, и спокойно заполняйте страницы вашего ресурса.

Как рекламировать сайт бесплатно: основные методы раскрутки ресурса и привлечения посетителей

Если вы решили рекламировать сайт бесплатно, должны быть готовы к тому, что на достижение результата уйдет относительно много времени. Поэтому будьте готовы к этому. But such methods do not require any special deep knowledge from you.

Note! You can learn about the features of website promotion at my 4-day free training on website development. After the 4th lesson, you will receive your own DIY website, as well as receive the first visitors for it.

1. Link Exchange

A good way to advertise a site for free is to exchange links. The essence of the method is as follows:

  • you need to find sites related to you thematically,
  • contact their owners
  • offer to exchange links.

However, it is not as simple as it seems. Because not all owners want to make such an exchange. You also need to constantly prepare materials for exchange links. As an option, use the services of a specialized link exchange where site owners who are already ready for such an exchange are "pushing". As a result, you will receive many links to your site from other resources, but in exchange you will also need to place a large number of links on your site. So the method is doubtful. Although he has the right to life and even has a certain effectiveness.

Page Search Engine Optimization

All pages of the site must be optimized for search queries that are set in advance. Having forgotten about this important part of promotion, you will miss the important part of the question of how to promote your site in search engines and doom your resource to invisibility for the target audience coming from search engines. The absence of such optimization will worsen the behavioral indicators of your project, which will immediately adversely affect the progress. To optimize pages, you must comply with the rules for creating and structuring materials, namely the presence of:

  • Title i.e. the title of the page, increasing the relevance of the page, attracting robots and users with content and keywords promoted on the page (direct entry),
  • H1-H6 - headings of levels 1-6 (respectively significance) in the content of the page containing keywords in direct and morphological occurrence (H1 is used 1 time per page),
  • the presence of keywords in the text in direct, morphological, diluted occurrences,
  • the use of highlight tags in the text to focus on certain points and increase the weight of the keys,
  • the information content of the promoted page containing 300 words or more, graphics, photos and other necessary and complementary text elements of the page.

Tree structure and user-friendly navigation

The correct structure and clear navigation is a well-developed information placement scheme. It is no secret that a user who finds himself on a “confused” and intuitively incomprehensible site will immediately leave it for another resource. The behavior of search engines is no different.

Do not scatter information randomly. Be sure to consider how to optimally organize it. A tree structure is considered ideal, with sections and subsections, categories, catalogs, and so on. In addition, you need a convenient transition from one page to any other. The availability of contacts, pricing information, etc. are especially important. The reference tree structure assumes that the user will find the required data in a web project in no more than three clicks.

Navigation is one of the behavioral factors of promotion, i.e. helps the user quickly and easily navigate the resource, improves behavioral indicators and helps to improve the position of the resource in the search engines.

Correct page linking

This factor is extremely important for self-promotion, internal optimization. The success of the project largely depends on how true the internal linking is, which is responsible for the distribution of weight between pages. This allows you to advance due to the internal potential of the project. The essence of such a linking is to install internal links, anchors, translating to thematic pages. An extensive network, a web of links will not only distribute the weight, but also allow you to shift it in the direction of the most needed pages promoted by search queries. This is painstaking "manual" work, eliminating unnecessary expenses for promotion. Its result will be further improved by external optimization.

Design and valid code

Obviously, any promoted site should have a pleasant appearance and require a minimum time to load. Download speed is the main problem of many sites. An impatient user will leave the resource without waiting for the page to open if it takes more than a couple of seconds to load, and the search robot will simply reject such a resource. The result - a sharp drop in positions in search engines.

Design optimization is understood as a pleasant appearance for the bulk of users, and not for units that, due to psychological characteristics, prefer a deviation from the norm. The task of the optimizer is to make the design as versatile as possible in order to positively influence the behavioral indicators of the resource and ensure the success of the promotion.

External website optimization

Being interested in how to promote a site yourself, do not miss the important point of external optimization, but remember that its effectiveness is based on perfect internal optimization. It is not recommended to purchase or negotiate free links without completing internal site optimization. Only this will achieve the maximum effect from each link. External optimization means receiving various kinds of links to pages of a promoted resource. When choosing sites where anchors will be placed, special attention should be paid to their quality.

Ways to acquire links

Currently, there are several ways to obtain third-party links to promoted portals. You can purchase them both for free and for free. Free, as a rule, require a lot of time labor, so they are often ineffective. Do not be afraid of the word "paid." For links, this is not too much. In addition, by independently promoting your resource, you can choose exactly what it needs, and not take it in bulk. Proper purchase of links is a very important issue that should be studied separately. In short, there are temporary and eternal links. When buying them, you need to consider many parameters, such as:

  • similar to your donor site theme,
  • the presence of content on the page where the link is, its information content,
  • the smallest possible number of neighboring external links (the ideal is one, the norm is up to three),
  • the uniformity of these links,
  • the optimality of the placement of the link on the page, its visibility (the footer is excluded),
  • different anchors (optimally - one link with a direct entry plus one with a non-direct one),
  • "Liveliness" of the page where the link is placed,
  • indexing the page, preferably in several search engines,
  • donor page traffic,
  • high rates of Tits and PR, Alexa Rank - up to a million,
  • the presence of inbound links to the donor site,
  • site availability in UC and DMOZ and so on.

In addition, when creating link text, include keywords in it to promote the landing page, make the link texts different. If the created anchor is attractive to the visitor, you will get a good increase in the traffic of the promoted site.

There is another rule for promoting links: you should buy them regularly, and not from case to case, and increase the link mass of each next purchase. Do it gradually, do not buy many links at once, especially for a young, start-up project. Otherwise, you can run into the sanctions of search engines. Great help in solving the issue of the exchange of eternal links and temporary, rented links:

Exchange of eternal linksExchange links
GoGetLinks - links in posts, articles and notes.
RotaPost - links in posts and notes.
Miralinks - article links.
Sape - the oldest exchange
SeoPult - link aggregator
Webeffector - link aggregator

Other methods of external optimization

In addition to the links you will need to register the site in free directories both thematic and about thematic. Placing in non-thematic directories is unlikely to add traffic. Add a resource after registration. Enter as original information as possible.

Almost every search engine also has a registration form. Filling it is extremely necessary. Add your site to the directories Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail, etc. Only after that your site will be indexed by search engines and will appear in the search results.

On the network you can find a variety of programs that help free website promotion. You will be offered:

  • do mass mailing, which includes a link to your project,
  • place them on bulletin boards,
  • automatic registration in catalogs,
  • register in search engines,
  • include in ratings, etc.

For the free promotion of sites using the so-called social bookmarks, i.e. The site is run on social bookmarks, allowing you to get free links to the resource. To do this, you should register in such high-quality services as, BobrDobr, etc. These methods cannot be considered effective even with an integrated approach. They will require too much time and labor.

It is quite possible to achieve high positions in extradition on your own. If you carefully approach the question of how to promote the site yourself, you will certainly succeed. It is worth remembering the need for a deeper study of each of the topics discussed above. Mistakes made during the promotion process will, at best, lead to inefficiencies in the promotion, and some of them will have to be fixed for many years.

2. Free articles

The next method, how to advertise a site involves writing free articles. You need to find sites that allow you to post articles on them with links to your resource. However, you must:

  • prepare a unique article
  • make it as high quality and useful as possible.

Because non-unique or substandard articles may not be accepted for publication. The main difficulty where to advertise a site is that it is not so easy to find good directories for free posting of articles. You have to spend time and effort using search engines.

3. Use blogs and blogging platforms

There are a number of platforms that allow everyone to create a blog for free. Among those, the most famous can be distinguished:


Now about how to advertise a site for free on blog platforms:

  • creating several blogs for your site on different platforms,
  • setting links in each blog to your site,
  • periodic updating of blogs - writing articles or materials for blogs with new links to the site.

4. Commenting on blogs and articles

Another good option on how to advertise a site is quite old, but it remains effective. It is quite simple. You need to go to thematic blogs and sites, leave comments there with links to your site. Of course, not all comments will be approved by the moderators, but some will still appear before the eyes of the honorable public. And another part - click on your links. If you are interested in them with the text of your comment.

5. Optimization of articles on the site

This method does not apply directly to how to advertise a site for free - this is more of an SEO promotion. But it also represents a rather important stage in the procedure of attracting visitors to your resource. And to get the maximum result, it's simple enough to do everything according to the seo promotion scheme. If your site does not yet occupy the first positions of Google and Yandex, then we are waiting for you on a free SEO promotion course. For 3 lessons you will get the first result

In order to increase website traffic and attract readers, it is important not only to write as many unique articles as possible, but also to correctly optimize them for the requirements of search engines. The essence of the method is to:

  • articles were unique
  • they had the correct structure - with the headings Н1, Н2, Н3, with numbered or dotted lists,
  • The articles used relevant key queries,
  • images that were also signed using keywords were presented in the material.

Note! Search robots take time to index articles. Therefore, do not expect instant results.

I also recommend that you install social networking buttons on the site, at the top and bottom of the page with the article. This will greatly simplify the users ’“ task ”of sharing articles in social networks, if they liked the material. The more users share your content, the better for the site.

6. Social networks

A good option, how to advertise a site for free is to use the full power of social networks. Using them, you can attract traffic - and it is just huge. Unless, of course, everything is done correctly. There are a lot of social networks where you can organize the flow of visitors from:

First of all, you will need to install the buttons of social networks on your site.

Note! When it comes to the WordPress platform, it is very easy to do. There are special extensions and additions through which you can do all this. In more detail on this subject, I tell you at my four-day training how to make a website myself - I remind you that participation is absolutely (from the word completely) free!

This will allow users to repost your articles on their pages with one click. As practice shows, if the social network button is not on the page, then the user, even if he really liked the article, only in extreme cases will copy the link and repost it for himself. In the vast majority of cases, he will not do this. In addition, be sure to create representative offices of your site in all possible social networks. Put a link to the site in the description of the group, as well as publish links to all sections and new articles.

Such advertising on social networks allows you to:

  • receive more targeted visitors
  • significantly increase the recognition of the site,
  • have a positive impact on the issuance of a site in search engines.

Therefore, do not neglect this opportunity and do not be lazy. Be sure to use social networks for free advertising on your site. The more references to the site, individual articles in different social networks will be, the better.

7. Good structure and proper, clear navigation

So that visitors would like to return to the site, spend as much time as possible on it, it is important to create a structure understandable for them, with convenient navigation. Do not scatter articles in an incomprehensible sequence. All material should be strictly ordered in certain sections. The transition from page to page should be as convenient and simple as possible.

8. Internal linking

When wondering how to advertise a site, think about whether you have implemented internal linking on your site. This is an important point in charge of website promotion. If the internal linking is done correctly, then, perhaps, advertising will not have to be carried out too actively. The essence of this method is to establish internal links in your articles, which will lead thematically to articles and pages of sites. The user will follow these links as if on a map, staying on the site as long as possible. In addition, correctly implemented internal linking will allow you to correctly distribute the weight between the pages, as well as transfer it to the most important pages for your site.

9. Good design

By the way, when thinking about where to advertise a site, make sure that your resource has an attractive appearance. If the design is obsolete, repulsive, then all advertising will be useless. The user, going to the site, will immediately leave him. Also on the site should not be too heavy elements that lead to too long page loading. If the site is loading for several seconds, the search robot will block the request, which will negatively affect the site indexing. And not all users will wait until the site is loaded.

10. How to advertise a site in Google AdWords

In this section, I’ll show you where and how to advertise a site - it’s a Google AdWords service. Using its capabilities will attract an additional stream of visitors to the resource.

Note! Even if you have a personal account, it’s better to create a new one to work with Google AdWords. To do this, create a new Gmail email address. In the name, use the name of the site - so you will not be confused in which account you are located.

I’ll describe this method how to advertise a site in Google AdWords step by step, but succinctly:

  • register a new email account,
  • open it
  • in the same browser, go to,
  • select the country, time and currency that is relevant to you (usually they are set correctly, based on your situation, but check the data) and click "Continue",
  • finish registering your account.

After that, log into your account for and there begin the creation of an advertising campaign for your site. Настройка рекламной кампании предполагает установку нескольких факторов, что позволит определить максимально точно целевую аудиторию и исключить неэффективное расходование средств.

Сейчас вкратце, но обоснованно расскажу, как правильно настроить рекламную кампанию сайта в Гугл. Конечно, это тема требует отдельной более подробной статьи, но и лаконичного описания будет вполне достаточно, чтобы понять основные принципы данного процесса.

  • Campaign type - set to "Search Network only."
  • Location - select the region for the users of which your ad will be displayed.
  • Make a bid in one click - specify the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for one click of a user on an advertisement. The amount varies from 5 cents to 2 dollars. I recommend starting at 10 cents. Or the amount in your currency, which is 10 cents.
  • Determine the budget - that is, how much per day are you willing to spend on displaying your site’s ads on Google. You need to start with an amount of 10 dollars, no less. But you don’t need to set too big a budget.

Ad Rules

Now let's move on to how to properly compose your ad for display to users. Here you need to specify a specific one advantage of the site, do not spray. It is important to exclude common, non-binding phrases. Now briefly what you need to write in the ad.

  • Heading - it should contain keywords in the direct entry. But at the same time, the title should be beautiful, capacious, compiled according to the rules of the language.
  • The string of the first description. Duplicate the title here as well, but also add a few words that will demonstrate the benefits of the site.
  • Line of the second description. It needs to write a short call to action.
  • Next, set the site URL - you just need to exclude www and http: // from it. This URL will be displayed.
  • Here you specify the destination URL, that is, the address of the page to which the user will go when clicking on the ad. Again, without www and http: //.

For example, your ad might look like this:

  • heading: Travel Tips,
  • Description 1: Traveler tips from an experienced tourist,
  • Description 2: Find out now.

Naturally, this is not a standard of an advertisement, but a vivid example of how it may look. Next, you need to select a few keywords, when entered by the user, your ad will be displayed. After that - save everything and proceed to pay for the advertising campaign.

How to pay for an advertising campaign

Now you already know how to advertise a site, but it remains to set up payment for your advertising campaign. The advantage of Google AdWords is that you will pay not just for the impressions of your ad, but only if the user clicks on it and goes to the site.

In order to start an advertising campaign, you first need to deposit the necessary amount into your account. Here's how the payment is set up:

  • select your country from the list,
  • choose a payment option - for example, by credit card,
  • then accept the terms of advertising,
  • enter the card number and other data that the system will require - do not be afraid, the connected ones are protected, your data will not get to third parties.

Note! There are times when Google does not want to accept bank card information. The reasons for this are very different. But most often this happens because your bank may not allow these types of payments. Therefore, you should first call your bank (the number is indicated on the back of the card) and find out why the card was not accepted. If the reason is that it is not allowed to pay online, specify how to change the terms of use of the card.

For the advertising campaign to start, you need to put an amount equal to 50 dollars on your Google AdWords account. For this amount, you can bring at least 400 unique users to your site. It all depends on the theme of the site, as well as the price level for one click. If you did everything correctly and the payment is accepted, you will see a corresponding message from the system.

Track statistics

I described in detail how to advertise a site in Google AdWords. As you can see, there is really nothing complicated in setting up an advertising campaign yourself. The main thing is to responsibly choose your keywords.

I also recommend constantly monitoring ad statistics. To do this, regularly review the Keywords tab. It indicates:

  • Keywords you use
  • the number of ad impressions for specific keywords,
  • the number of clicks on an ad shown for specific keywords,
  • Average cost per click
  • other important indicators.

Regular monitoring of statistics will allow you to verify the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and make timely changes to it in order to exclude inappropriate spending of funds.

How to advertise a site: a little about paid methods

You’ve already learned how to advertise a site for free, and how to use paid ads from Google AdWords. The methods already presented, if implemented correctly, will allow you to increase the recognition of the site and attract an audience to it. Constant and painstaking work in this direction - even when using only free methods - will quickly give results. But now let's talk about how to advertise a site subject to the use of paid methods. Ready to invest some amount in promoting your resource? Then we begin to study the ways that can drive traffic to the site.

1. Link promotion method

Link promotion is one of the most effective and realistic ways to promote or promote a site. Some try to find alternative methods, however, in my opinion, if you take up the paid promotion, you should definitely use the links. For example, you can see which site is at the forefront of search engine results, and then using services such as Ahrefs or Linkpad to check how many backlinks are available. It may turn out that there are none at all. But this does not mean that the site does not use links. Chances are that mirrors are used. That is, the mirror of the main site is downloaded and links are purchased specifically for the mirror. This principle is good in that if too many links are used and sanctions are imposed on the mirror, then the webmaster simply detaches the mirror from the main site and it does not suffer.

Note! To find out if a mirror is used when promoting a site is not possible. This justifies the fact that sites can appear in the first positions of search engines, but it is not possible to identify backlinks to them.

This is far from the only reason why it is not possible to identify backlinks to the site. There are others. But, as has already been proven more than once, it is the use of the link method that allows you to achieve the greatest effect when advertising a site. Although you need to remember that you should not get too carried away in such ways, since this can bring sanctions and restrict the flow of traffic. Therefore, so that the links do not harm the site, you should use a direction such as crowd marketing. The essence of its use is to place links to your site on other resources - for example, in the text of a comment, as if by chance. That is, you write a comment on the forum or under an article on a foreign site, and in its text, put an un anchor link. Naturally, you need to leave such comments only under thematic articles. It will look harmonious, and resource owners will not accept the comment text as spam.

But in order for this method of using links to give maximum benefit, you need to properly prepare the material for your site. How to do this - I will describe in more detail below.

The first way: you need to write a unique text for a specific key request.

Note! I hope you know where to find key queries? On the services and Google AdWords. Their use is completely free, and the correct selection of keywords will optimize the article and attract more visitors to its reading.

After a unique article is written, you should use the services of one of the specialized exchanges. For example, such are GoGetLinks and Miralinks - these exchanges purchase so-called eternal links for a written article.

You need to buy links with those keywords under which the article was directly written. Thus, it is necessary to do with each newly written article.

The second way: Write a unique article optimized for certain key queries. After that, you do not need to make any link purchases. Just keep filling your resource with unique content.

After two to three months, you need to use the services of the Key Collector service to find out exactly which keywords your visitors came to your site. Having compiled a list of keywords, analyze them and leave only those that are located from 3 to 10 positions among the entire list and in terms of wordstat and Google.Adwords have more than 1 impression per month. After that, go to the eternal links trading exchange and purchase links for the most used requests. This will promote the site!

2. Article promotion method

Before telling how to advertise a site, let's figure out what the essence of this direction is. It implies writing unique, cool articles in which links to your resource will be inserted. After that, the articles will be published on third-party sites. This will allow you to get much better links to your resource than using the method described above. However, you need to remember that this method will be more expensive. Because you will need to invest in the preparation of articles, as well as pay for their publication (if you fail to do this on other conditions).

Now let's talk in more detail about how to advertise a site with articles:

  • select the keywords on which you want to promote the resource,
  • write unique articles on the topic of keywords - that is, if you want to promote the request “how to buy milk”, describe all the features of choosing high-quality and safe milk,
  • after preparing as many articles as possible for different key queries and with links to your site, look for resources where you will post them.

The most reputable, authoritative and effective exchange of such articles used to advertise sites is the Miralinks service. There is nothing complicated in working with Miralinks. Even if this is your first time encountering an exchange, you can figure out its features in a couple of minutes.

Note! Having problems with Miralinks? Write in the comments what exactly you did not succeed in - we will sort it out and solve your problem together!

After the articles are placed on the exchange, it is necessary to ensure the strengthening effect of their placement. To do this, you must perform the action, which I call the "linking page flow chart".

Do not be afraid of such a name. There is really nothing wrong with it, but the essence of the scheme implies:

  • writing unique articles
  • placing them on third-party resources,
  • Acquisition of links to pages where articles written by you are published.

Note! That is, you are purchasing links to url pages on foreign sites, where the texts you have prepared are available to readers.

As a result, you create a special three-level promotion system - an article with a link to your site is posted on a third-party site, and you purchase a couple of links to these articles. You need to understand that when promoting articles, you don’t need to spare the budget (of course, within reason).

3. Press release promotion method

Talking about how to advertise a site, I can not pass by such a method, although it is not so well-known and in demand. But in the event that you want to achieve serious results, press releases will help you significantly dilute the links leading to your favorite resource.

Note! What is a press release? This is specially prepared material, in which there is certain news about your activities, and at the bottom of the material is a link to your site.A press release is written for a specific reason. Which one is up to you as the site owner. For example, creating a new section or achieving a certain level of attendance, etc.

In the press release, the link is placed as a url, and not as a key request. Therefore, to get the flow of visitors through the "keys" will not work. However, press releases are quite beneficial for the site:

  • the site is being pumped,
  • increased trust in the resource by users,
  • confidence is also increasing on the part of search robots (this is due to the fact that backlinks should not be presented only as search queries).

Therefore, if you have a real reason that you need to talk about and that may interest the potential audience, be sure to prepare a press release. It’s worth it - such material is presented in the form of news. If you want to learn how to write correctly, find training materials on the Internet - they are available. Or, for an example, look at how other companies write such press releases. After the press release is ready, you need to find a place to place the material. There are specialized sites - both paid and free. To find free services, use the appropriate search query - according to the search results you will be presented with many sites where you can publish your press release.

Note! You can even create your own base of services, but it is better to look for new and relevant sites every time.

But when working with press releases, I still recommend investing in this area. Firstly, order it from a professional. Secondly, find resources for paid placement of material. Placing a press release on a paid basis is publishing it on a large resource. That will allow you not only to get links from the sites on which the press release is published, but also from other sites - if your material is interesting enough, then other sites will publish it with joy and desire. But links from press releases are not deleted!

Using this method will allow you to:

  • significantly increase the number of quality external links to the site,
  • significantly increase traffic to the site,
  • make the brand of your resource more recognizable and authoritative among users,
  • increase important indicators such as TIC and PR.

Do not believe that this can bring results? And you try to experiment in this direction and see how this method can be effective.

How to advertise a site: strive to achieve results using all methods

I told you in detail how to advertise a site for free and for a fee. Many of the presented methods are a great opportunity to choose the ones that suit you more than others. I recommend using the several methods described so that you can achieve the effect and the result you need much faster. Of course, if you do not have financial capabilities, rely on free methods. They are also quite effective and efficient - especially since I tested them on personal experience. But try to allocate at least some money to try and implement paid methods.

At the end of the article, I remind you that I regularly conduct authorial 4-day training on creating the site - participation is completely free. During the training, you will learn how to make a website with your own hands without even having a specialized education and programming skills. During the training, I also talk about the features of attracting visitors to the site - in the first days after the creation of the site, the number of readers of your site can reach one hundred people. Register for the training now!