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Change the name of the Wi-Fi wireless network


Hello friends! The time has come for another useful article :). Today I want to tell you about how to change the name for a Wi-Fi network (SSID) on a router.

I think that such advice will be useful and useful to many. In the process of configuring the router, it is not always possible to change the name of the network, and the default set by the router remains.

But, when you already begin to actively use wireless Internet, you begin to notice that the neighbors have a network called “musya”, “dusya”, “cuckoo”, and you have some kind of “Tp-link ...”.

The mess :). Now fix it!

Change the name of the wireless Wi-Fi network

Let's look at this process first. on a tp-link router .

We need to go into the settings of the router. If you do not know how to do this, then I tell you: connect the router to the computer, best of all via a network cable.

In the browser, type the address (maybe another one, look at the bottom of the router) and enter a password with a login to access the settings (the default username and password are admin and admin. You can also look at the bottom of the router). If you can’t get into the settings, then look at the article

We went into the tinctures and immediately go to the tab WirelessWireless settings.

Opposite item Wireless network name invent and write a new name. And press the button Save to save the results. Reboot the router.

Work with titles

Suppose that a wireless network has already been created, and you were able to establish a connection with it, and now you just want to change its name. First of all, you need to access the web client of the router by typing its address in the browser bar. By default, most manufacturers recycle the combination, although in some cases the zero is replaced by one. If you did not set your login and password yourself, you will need to enter “admin” in both lines of the dialog box that appears. However, not all routers use such basic settings - in order to change the name of a wireless network, sometimes you have to study the instructions in detail.

After gaining access to the client, use the tab for wireless broadcasting settings - in English-language interfaces you can find it by the word "Wireless". There are the following options for the name of the tab in which you can change the name of the wireless network:

  • Wireless setup in D-Link,
  • Wireless settings in TP-Link,
  • Networking in Zyxel,
  • Wireless network in Asus.

Going to the desired tab, find the line with the name of the connection - in it you will see the name that was displayed earlier in the wireless network window of the computer or smartphone. Some linkers call the search string “Wireless network name”, but most use the standard designation “SSID”.

To change the name, simply place the cursor in this line, delete the existing characters and enter a new name that will be convenient for you. It is highly undesirable to choose the name Wi-Fi, which already exists in the immediate vicinity of you. In this case, computers, tablets and smartphones will get confused, constantly trying to connect to someone else's router - nothing good will definitely come of it. Also, experts strongly recommend that you do not use service characters, including slashes and straight lines, the dollar sign, quotation marks, pound sign and percentages. They may interfere with connecting specific smartphones and other mobile devices to Wi-Fi.

It remains only to save such settings and reboot the router using the menu item "System Settings". If after a reboot you can’t find the network you need or connect to it, you will have to reset it to the factory settings. You can restore them using the special button on the router marked “Reset”, after which you will have to configure the router again. If the device comes with provider firmware, you should consult with technical support before resetting it.

Quick and easy

Practice shows that changing the network name in 99% of cases is successful, and this work takes no more than 2 minutes, including the time to reboot and reconnect. However, some devices may refuse to connect to the network with the updated name. To fix the problem, you need to go to the menu of available wireless networks and remove the connection with the previous SSID. After that, it will be possible to retry the connection without forgetting to enter the password. If you prefer to hide the SSID by closing it for public access, you will have to connect through the menu item “Other networks”.

Preparatory Activities

First you need to find out the address at which you enter the settings of the router, since it is in the settings interface that the name of the wifi is changed. For a significant number of routers, access to the web interface is possible via IP “” Or “”.

The exact address is usually written on a sticker located on the bottom cover of the device itself. If it is not there, then it must be indicated in the accompanying documentation of the router.

On the device’s sticker, a login with a password is also needed, which are needed for authorization. And you can always find them out exactly by reading the documentation of the wireless device or the subscriber’s contract with the communication service provider.

Rename Procedure

Now you can proceed directly to the solution of the question of how to change the name of your wifi. For this, in most cases, you need to go to the WiFi tab in the web interface.

Of course, various manufacturers call this section differently, but the most common names are: Wireless Network, Wireless, WiFi, etc. Then, delete the current one in the name column and print a new one. Next, you must save the corrections by clicking “Ok”, “Save”, “Apply”, etc.

After completing the procedure, you need to restart the router. In the future, when connecting devices to the network, it will already be necessary to select a network with a new name.

In this case, the access code for Wi-Fi will remain the same (if the user did not change it in the settings).

Change the name of the network of the TP-LINK router

The desired “Wireless Network Name” field is located in the “Wireless” tab. After typing the original name invented by yourself, click “Save”.

The necessary column "SSID" is in the tab "Wireless Network". After typing the name, click "Apply."

The necessary column “SSID” is in the “WiFi” tab. After typing the name, click "Apply."

The algorithm is completely similar to the previous ones. Having entered the “WiFi Network” tab, type in a new name in the “Network Name” field. Click "Apply."

When you started searching for Wi-fi on one of your devices, you probably noticed that most of the available points are called by different names. At the same time, when setting up your wi-fi point, your router gives it a default name, and to change it, you will have to dig a bit into settings . In this manual we will explain to you how easy and fast change the name of wai faya in my house.

How to change the name of the wifi router - step-by-step instruction

First, we should go to the settings of our router. If a working Wi-Fi is already installed and connected on your computer, then this is easy to do - for most routers (for example, for Tp-link ) you just need to type in the address bar of the browser If you use a router from D-link, Tenda or Netgear, enter in the address bar. After that, log in by typing the standard Admin login and standard password 1234.

We got into the menu of the web interface, where all the settings for our own router are available to us. We need to find the Wi-Fi wireless network settings section. Depending on the chosen language, it can be called differently; in English, most often this section is called Wireless.

Further action on how to change the name wai faya also vary by router models. Most often the name Wi-fi the network is displayed in the SSID line - this is an abbreviation for service set identifier, or else just a network identifier. The value that you specify in this line is the name of your Wi-fi. Here you can also change the password - pay attention to the line WPA .

However, some users will have a question, how to change the name of the wifi routertp-link , because there is no such line. Indeed, on these routers, instead of the SSID, the name Wireless Network Name is used.

Carefully make sure that after changing the name of the wi-fi router, your new name does not coincide with one of those that already exist in the Wi-fi access zone. In this case, your device may periodically try to connect to another router, why you will have problems with the Internet.

Wifi network name , or SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​- all of us, when setting up a wireless signal on a router, once come across this concept. If, then the SSID is displayed when we select it for connection. In this post I will show how to determine the network name. As well as how to change the SSID name on TP-Link, Asus, Zyxel Keenetic, D-Link, Apple and Mercusys routers.

Word SSID sounds like “Service Set Identifier” in the original. As the name implies, this is a network service identifier.

What is a wifi network SSID?

So, the SSID wifi is the name of the wireless network, its name.

By default, when you plug the router into a power outlet, it automatically starts distributing a wireless signal and it already has some kind of WiFi network name. However, when you turn on the wireless module on a laptop or phone and try to connect, among the many available SSIDs there may be several with the same name. For example, “TP-LINK_1234”, or “TP-LINK_1234_5G” if it operates at a frequency of 5 GHz. These are just your neighbors who did not change the SSID on their Wi-Fi routers. You can find out our network among them from the sticker located on the router case. It indicates the wifi name and password for authorization if the network is initially protected.

For security reasons, the network name must be renamed immediately during the initial setup of the router.

How to find out the SSID of my wifi and change its name?

Beginners often ask where to get this same SSID - how to find it out and where to find it? In order to see the name of your WiFi network, you first need to go to the admin panel of the router and find the settings for the wireless signal there. In different models, sections of the menu where these configurations are hidden may differ. The main thing here is to understand the principle. In the wifi connection settings on the router, it is possible to find out the SSID.

In the same section, we can change the name of the WiFi network. And assign for her your individual, unlike anyone SSID.

Change the SSID of the network in the D-Link router

To change the network name on the D-Link router, you need to go to the Wi-Fi - Basic Settings section. Here you will see the column “SSID” - we enter the name we need into it.

To consolidate - read also the official article from D-Link

How to find out and change SSID on TP-Link router

Change the SSID of the WiFi network in the old version of the software on the router TP-Link You can by going to the “Wireless Mode - Settings” section. Here we are interested in the meaning of the “Wireless Network Name” field. By default, it will be called something like “TP-LINK_137B00” by the name and serial number of the router - just erase the text and write your name. Then save the settings.

To change the name of the WiFi network in the new version of the admin panel, you need to open the “Basic Settings” tab, the item “Wireless Mode” and find the same text input field called “Wireless Network Name”.

We look and change the wifi SSID on the Zyxel Keentic router

At Zyxel keentic SSID change occurs in the "Wi-Fi Network" section, the "Access Point" tab

We invent our name without changing anything else in the configuration. We save the settings and reboot the router. After changing the network name, it will be necessary to reconnect all your devices that accessed the Internet via a wireless signal.

To change the SSID on updated Keenetic routers, you need to open the Home Network menu. And change the value in the column "Network Name (SSID)"

The new name is also activated after the device is restarted.

Zyxel Support also wrote your own guide for changing your network name and password. You can enrich your baggage of knowledge with its help.

How to change WiFi SSID on Apple Airport router?

Router Apple airport assigns the default network name in the form of "Apple Express Network 123456". To change the name of the Apple Airport Wi-Fi network, which operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, run the Airport Utility program and go to the “Manual Setup”.

Here we will need the “Wireless” tab, where we look for the item “Wireless Network Name” - this is the network name displayed on laptops and smartphones. We erase and enter your own. Then we save by the Update button.

If you need to change the network name at a frequency of 5 GHz, then additionally go to the section "Wireless Network Options"

and replace the value of the string "5G Network Name"

See also:

Now let's see how to do it all on the Asus router .

Go to the settings of the router. The process itself is practically no different from what I described for Tp-link (see above).

In the control panel, go to the tab Wireless network.

And at the very top, opposite the point SS> (from below).

An important point. If you have already connected devices to the router wirelessly, then after changing the network name, delete the old connections and reconnect. And then there may be problems. See details in the article

If you are interested, then I have a network on a Tp-link router, called “Tp-link”, on ASUS - “ASUS”. As you can see, my fantasy is bad :).

Well, everything seems to be. I hope that I have not wasted my time and my article will be useful to someone.

Set the name of the wireless network on the Netis router

Go to the settings at If it does not work, see this manual. And immediately on the main page with quick settings there will be a 2.4G SS> field (if you have a dual-band router, then there will still be a 5G SSID). Just register a new name for the network.

Push Save.

I wonder what you have called a wireless network. Share ideas in the comments. I don’t know how to create, so I just have asus_help-wifi_com "

How to change SSID and password from iPhone?

Those who have already read articles about Apple Airport on this blog know that there is also a special mobile application for the iPhone to control the router without a computer. So, you can change the name of WiFi through this program. To do this, run it

and click on the picture with the router

And click on the “Change” button

and change the value of the item - what would you think? That's right, again, "Network", well, passwords for the heap.

After that we save the changes with the “Finish” button

In order to change the network name on a 5 GHz network, you will again have to dig deeper, as it was in the computer version of the application. Namely, we go back to the start page of changing settings and go not to the “Network”, but to “Advanced”

Here you can already change the configuration of the 5GHz network. But attention - the password remains the same as on the main network at 2.4 GHz - this is such a feature.

Apparently, Apple developers put such a small bolt on our connection security.

Check connection

Turn on the router if it is not already turned on and make sure that the Internet is connected to it. In addition, you need to check that your PC is also connected to the router. Moreover, it is desirable to carry out the connection through a wired connection. If, during setup, you connect via a wireless network, then when you change the name, the connection will be lost.

On the connected computer, you must open a browser. In the address bar, enter the network address of the router and press "Enter". This address, from different device manufacturers, will be different. You can find it in the user manual for the router. You can also use the IP from this list, according to your device:

  • Qwest, DLink, Netgear, Trendnet, Senao:
  • Linksys, 3Com, Asus, Dell, US Robotics:
  • Belkin, Microsoft, and SMC:
  • Apple:

The address of the router can also be found through the command line on the computer. Typically, its address is the address of the network connection gateway. Press Win + R at the same time, enter cmd and press enter. A command prompt window opens, run the command in it ipconfig . The network connection settings appear, find the value for the gateway and copy it.

If you are a Macintosh OS user, open the Apple menu and expand the system settings. Next, find and open the network settings. Now you need to find the section for the router (there it will be written “Router”). A window will open in which the local IP of the router will be indicated.

Some devices are equipped with additional drivers, which already have special utilities for management. Although, to access the parameters of the router, you still need to enter a username and password.

To gain access to the device, authorization is often required. If the device is new and you have not yet installed your login information on it, then the login and password will be standard. You can find them in the same documentation for the router or look on the Internet according to your model. Usually the login field should be left blank, and the password is “admin”.

Open the options for wireless connections

After successful authorization, the parameters of the router will open. Open the settings for your wireless network. They can be called differently, look for any name associated with a wireless connection.

We are looking for SSID parameters

Здесь так же могут быть разные названия: «SSID», «Имя сети», «Название беспроводной точки доступа» и другие, подобного вида. В этом поле будет не очень привлекательное, стандартное название, типа: «Dlink», «ASUS», «quest123» и другие.

Вводим новое имя

Теперь придумайте новое имя для своей сети. Здесь можно проявить креативность, придумать что-нибудь оригинальное, что будет выделять вашу сеть среди множества точек доступа со стандартными именами. Тем более название сети будет отображаться у всех, кто будет смотреть список доступных точек Wi-Fi

Сохраняем новое имя

После того, как введете новое имя в соответствующее поле, сохраните выполненные изменения. Для этого нажмите на кнопку «Применить», «Save», «Ok», «Сохранить» или с другим подобным названием.

После этого убедитесь, что настройки успешно сохранились. Take any device that can work with Wi-Fi (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and search for available networks. Among them should be yours, with an already changed, new name. Connect to it, check the Internet.