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Detailed company information and analysis of results over the past few years 351

We continue a series of publications on foreign companies. In the first review of this issuer, we will try to provide detailed information about the profile of the company, as well as an analysis of production and financial results over the past few years.

Comcast Corporation is an American telecommunications conglomerate. Its history began in 1963, when American businessman Ralph Roberts and partners acquired the cable operator of American Cable Systems in a small town in the state of Mississippi during a spin-off from Jerrold Electronics for $ 500,000. Further, pursuing an aggressive mergers and acquisitions policy, by 1994 Comcast had become the third largest cable network operator in the United States. The company acquired its modern look in 2011 by purchasing from General Electric NBC Universal. NBC Universal's business is divided into the following areas:

  • Cable TV,
  • Broadcast Television
  • Production and rental of films,
  • Amusement parks.

Let us turn to the analysis of the dynamics of financial results broken down by segments over the past 4 years.

The telecommunication services segment makes a significant contribution to the financial results of the company: its contribution to revenue in 2017 amounted to 62%, and to operating profit - 72%. The main revenue of the company comes from the digital television segment, whose revenue in 2017 amounted to $ 23.1 billion. This happened against the backdrop of a decrease in the number of subscribers by 0.7% to 22.5 million and an increase in ARPU by 3.2% to $ 85.8. A good trend is demonstrated by the direction of access to the Internet - the company is increasing both its subscriber base and revenue per subscriber.

The division's most dynamically growing area is revenue from services to corporate clients, which shows double-digit growth rates from year to year. The direction of communication services shows negative dynamics in revenue, subscriber base and income per subscriber. The operating profit of the segment in question shows growth, but its profitability is gradually declining.

2. NBC Universal

In the NBC Universal segment, cable TV, which includes such channels as the USA Network, CNBC, and SyFy, accounts for the largest share of revenue and operating profit. Revenues in this segment in 2017 showed a modest increase of 1.6% against the backdrop of a decrease in advertising revenue and a significant increase in revenue from content licensing. Operating profit showed double-digit growth rates against the backdrop of cost reduction associated with the high base effect - in 2016, the company acquired the rights to broadcast the Summer Olympic Games.

The direction of broadcast television, represented mainly by NBC in 2017, showed a decrease in revenue by 5.9%. This happened against the background of an almost 20% decrease in advertising revenue; the situation helped smooth out the growth of revenue from licensing content and its distribution on third-party resources and channels. Operating profit decreased due to an increase in marketing expenses, and its profitability remained almost unchanged compared to 2016.

Moving and renting films showed excellent momentum, including Universal Studios and the Illumination and DreamWorks animation film studios acquired by Comcast in 2016. The total revenue for this division in 2017 showed more than 20% growth against the backdrop of strong box office receipts of such films as “Fast and the Furious 8”, “Despicable Me 3” and “Fifty Shades Darker”, as a result almost doubled operating profit and its profitability increased significantly.

The division of amusement parks in 2017 showed an increase of 10% against the background of an increase in the number of visits and an increase in the average bill. Last year's operating margin decreased slightly amid increased marketing expenses. In general, the NBCUniversal segment showed operating profit growth of more than 14% - up to $ 6.2 billion.

Next, we turn to the consolidated financial indicators of the company over the past 5 years.

Analyzing the data, a fairly stable growth in revenue and pre-tax profit, which reached record levels in 2017, is striking. Net income for the period under review also showed an increase. The impressive result for 2017 is due to the one-time effect of the tax reform in the United States.

The table shows the company's willingness to share profit with shareholders - in recent years, the company directs at least 80% of net profit to dividends and buybacks, while maintaining a fairly comfortable ratio of debt to equity.

Below are our forecasts of key financial indicators of the company, adjusted upward after reporting for 12 months of 2017 in terms of adjusting the future income tax rate and the mechanism for calculating the balance sheet price of a share. At the same time, the forecast of profit before tax was reduced in terms of increasing corporate expenses.

According to our estimates, in the future, Comcast's net profit will be in the range of $ 12 to $ 15 billion. The company's shares are circulating with P / BV 2017 around 2.7 and P / E 2018 around 15 and are one of our priorities in the consumer goods sector.

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Parental control

They redefined the Internet and television, as we were connected with the whole world, moving away from installing a brick mortar in order to expand access to content from directions and expand the scope of communication. But there is always a positive and negative influence of both, especially on children. This is one of the reasons you, as a parent, always want to see your children exposed to the Internet, which, even you know, can be delayed, but not avoided. The Internet also greatly expands the thought process of children. So what are you doing? As a parent, this is a lot of your concern regarding the use of the Internet and television. This is where parental control comes in reinforcing, which can keep you informed of what your children are up to on the Internet. Wouldn't it be great if you have all the controls to track usage, limit and limit the use of the Internet for children? Parental controls will help protect your child from online predators and inappropriate content on the Internet and TV.

Comcast TV is one of the most popular devices, and this article provides you with ways to set up parental controls on Comcast / Xfinity TV and the Internet, along with fixing a common problem with the Xfinity parental control router.

Part 1: Setting Up Parental Controls on Comcast TV

Comcast TV is one of the largest cable television service providers. With the world of features that comes the most important thing is the parental control function, which allows you to limit a certain type of playable content or program all the content broadcasted as you want them to be broadcast for your family. Let's see how you can set up Comcast parental controls.

Step 1: Setting the Parental Control Code

To begin with, the first to set the child lock code. Thus, using the remote control, press the menu button and the main menu appears, select the Home icon. Select Settings in the main menu.

Step 2: Setting the PIN

Select the PINs setting on the next screen, and here you can create a 4-digit lock PIN to block rating programs, names or even channels. You can even create a 4-digit Purchase PIN to prevent unwanted puchase or you can use the function by setting an option to block all programs after a power loss, until the ratings and titles are restored.

When you are done with the creation pins, go back to the main menu and select Parental Locks and enter the PIN code Locks you just created. Use the arrow buttons on the remote control to select and decide when the PIN locks should be used. You have options to block the entire channel or even lock programs based on ratings or their names.

TV Content Locks

With this, you can easily block certain types of content. You can easily block offensive content, like violent content and content with a language that you consider offensive in the TV rating, while having other content in this TV rating is unlocked. Here are the steps to install.

Using the Menu button on the remote control, select Parental Controls using the quick menu and select the “Lock” icon.

Now, select TV Content Lock and select the appropriate menu item then. You have options for blocking through suggestive dialogue, language, violence, and sexual situations.

You can use the arrow buttons on the remote control to scroll up and down the list. Press OK / Select on the remote control to lock the highlighted level content. The lock icon will appear with a number of levels locked.

Hide TV-MA and adult titles

You can also hide headings intended for a mature audience rated as TV-MA in a television listing in addition to hiding the adult rating of the program name. Here are the steps to hide TV-MA and the name of the adults.

Step 1: Choose a name to hide from the "Parental Controls Menu".

Step 2: Select the category of your choice, and then click OK or select.

Step 3: Select “Exit” or “Last” to return to the “Parental Control” menu.

On-demand locks

You can also limit unauthorized program bookings and pay for viewing events. This is a 4-digit purchase PIN that is unique and different from PIN Locks.

Step 1: Use the remote control to open the Quick Menu, then select the menu icon.

Step 2: Select “Setup”, and then by selecting the installation with pins. In order to set the purchase PIN, follow the on-screen instructions. This PIN purchase must be entered prior to any Pay-Per-View Event demand program or at.

Step 3: You can also call Comcast customer service if you forget your PIN or Locks purchase PIN.

Part 2: Setting Up Parental Controls on the Internet

Setting up parental control online is easy, where you can block access to certain websites. In addition, you can set it in such a way where you can grant permissions to certain devices in order to have access to a certain website, while other devices are not allowed to access this specific website.

While the wireless gateway allows you to block keywords in web addresses and specific sites, you can control which computers restrictions apply to.

Setting Website Blocking

Step 1: To enable this feature, check the Web Site Blocking Window.

Step 2: Enter the full name of the web address in the website or in the keyword field to block this particular site. If you want to restrict access to websites that contain a specific word, type that particular word in the Website field.

Step 3: Click on the “Add” button and enter the keyword specified in the previous step or the website specified will now be displayed in the list of blocked We sites.

Step 4: After that, you can delete entries in the list individually by clicking on the “Delete” button or even clear the entire list in one go.

You can even specify the computers or devices that you want to not depend on their choice as a trusted computer. In addition, services and ports must be blocked can also be defined by you in Parental Control.

Part 3: Configure Internet Time Limit

You can set time limits for Internet access in Parental Control. You just need to have access to the Comcast home network of the device. Here are the steps to limit Internet access in terms of limiting Internet access.

Step 1: Log in to your Comcast home network device and check parental control.

Step 2: Click on Internet Time Access Limit after clicking on parental controls. Now click on the Connected Computers button after downloading Internet Access Time Page Limit. To set a time limit, select the connected computer.

Step 3: Enter the beginning and end of the restriction after checking the days that the connected device will have access to the Internet.

Step 4: Click on the “Apply” button to save the changes.

Part 4: Fix Xfinity Prental Management Router Not Working Issue

Here are some basic troubleshooting to go in case you have parental controls not working, or if the device does not connect to the WiFi network of the connected router. It is imperative to have the correct connections between devices and Wi-Fi.

In case you are not able to connect devices to the Internet through a Wi-Fi router and set up Internet parental control, follow these steps to fix it.

1. Check multiple applications or websites to ensure that the connection problem is not specific to a specific application or website.

2. If none of the applications can connect to the Internet, make sure that the cable connections for the modem or wireless gateway and the power supply are provided. Check the Xfinity My Account App on your mobile phone if there are any outages.

3. Make sure that the account is up-to-date and that no compensation is associated with the use of the Xfinity My Account App.

4. After trying the above steps, if the correct connection is still not established, disconnect the modem or wireless gateway and reconnect it in a minute. The wireless gateway can be restarted remotely using the Xfinity App. Log in and click on Internet and reboot the device then.

Once the correct connection is established, you can have a parent set of controls to restrict or limit the use of the Internet. You can go to the router console to filter content and restrict unwanted URLs.