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Gypsum mask - an innovative facial application technology in cosmetology


The latest technology is sometimes inferior to centuries-old beauty recipes. But the beneficial effects of the latter were actively used by our great-great-great-grandmothers! Clay, herbs, and other homemade recipes are becoming popular again. So the cosmetic face mask with gypsum, known since antiquity, once again becomes relevant.

Perpetuate beauty? Take a cast!

What are its advantages? It retains heat inside the formed “cocoon”, and under it the skin is smoothed and restores elasticity and firmness. The action of the gypsum mask will prevent aging of the face, provide deep nutrition, and refresh tired skin. The duration of the procedure is approximately half an hour. And the sensations after it ... In general, no other tricks will be required: the face looks gorgeous.

Carrying out such manipulations at home is simple. It is good to conduct gypsum sessions for rejuvenation and facelift, and if the skin is problematic, then metabolic processes will normalize as a result. Plaster for the preparation of face masks we use only cosmetic.

How to apply gypsum masks

Before applying, it is advisable to carry out a light peeling of the skin and thoroughly clean it. We do not do a preliminary massage: we do not need stimulation of the blood flow. Apply fat-soluble nutritional compounds under the mask, and protect the area around the eyes with gauze soaked in a suitable product, eye cream is suitable. The composition of the mask is applied, when already lying, with a spatula from the bottom up. Evenly, we can apply the composition to the gauze base according to the size of the face, and then gently apply the foundation to the skin of the face.

Its composition may be different. This determines the type of skin and the problem that we are going to solve. We can make a nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing or detoxifying mask.

For cooking, take one hundred and fifty grams of dehydrated gypsum and dilute in one hundred grams of cool water until smooth. A cosmetic face mask will close lips, nose and eyes, but it should not completely block the air: we leave the nostrils open. Five minutes - and the composition completely freezes.

In a closed sealed space, a constant temperature of 43-47 degrees is maintained. An enhanced metabolism begins, protective processes are stimulated, the sebaceous ducts are cleansed, and skin tone is increased. A quarter of an hour - and pathogenic viruses are destroyed, and after a quarter of an hour we remove the mask. During this time, the gypsum became hard, and the temperature under it is already falling.

Now we moisturize the skin with a decoction of chamomile, green tea, water infusion of rose petals or the usual lotion. The next day, the effect of the cosmetic mask for the face will fully manifest itself: the second chin will become noticeably smaller, if it was, of course, the face contour will acquire even and clear outlines, and the skin will look younger and fresher, tighten well.

Measure seven times ...

Gypsum mask is thermoactive. Its composition can include seaweed, mud, silt and salt. Immediately after application, the composition is cool. Then it warms up. Creating a greenhouse effect. All components are fat soluble. And they need heat to penetrate the cells. By changing the base, gel or cream makes it possible to adjust the effect.

Before you try yourself in the role of a sculptor of your own beauty, you should consult an experienced cosmetologist. He will advise on optimal serums and creams, pick up suitable gypsum. Everything is selected individually. You can go through a course of gypsum cosmetic face masks completely. And, when experience appears, you can switch to independent procedures.

Ready-made formulations: take and stir

There is more than one recipe for a gypsum mask. Janssen Thermo Face Mask - anti-aging treatment. It is carried out twice a week for a month. You will need to dilute with water the entire contents of the bag to the desired consistency and mix well. Quickly apply to the skin without touching the skin near the lips and eyes, and hold for a third of an hour until it hardens. We begin to remove from the chin, wash off the remaining tonic.

The modeling composition of Biomatrix and the tone of the face will improve, and the lifting will provide, and the tired look will be removed. In order for the procedure to give a greater effect, you will need to purchase ampoules with special serum. Gypsum is applied on a gauze base. Cook as usual, mixing with water. Then apply serum to the skin, and put gauze with gypsum on top. We leave the composition of the cosmetic facial mask for half an hour.

After a chocolate mask, regeneration will improve, and the skin will be cleansed, nourished, moisturized. For cooking, mix one hundred grams of water with two hundred grams of gypsum powder with cocoa in the composition. Apply moisturizer to the face, gauze on top. We distribute the composition with a spatula in a thick layer. The mass will harden in a third of an hour, and will be removed in a whole piece.

The pink Alg Mask contains zinc oxide and talc. It will dry the inflammation and correct the oval of the face. We apply a concentrated preparation of ampoules to the skin, gauze is laid on top of it. We dilute eighty-five grams of water with water to the consistency of the paste, spread it on cheesecloth and distribute it on the face and neck. We hold a cosmetic face mask for a third of an hour and remove when it hardens completely.

You can not use gypsum masks with rosacea and rosacea, during infectious diseases, with claustrophobia. With individual intolerance to the components and at high pressure, the procedure is contraindicated. Do not do it during pregnancy.

And with cosmetic procedures, plaster cosmetic face masks ensure the preservation of a young and fresh look, relieve serious skin problems and provide a well-groomed appearance.

What are we using? Some chemistry

Gypsum (Ca [SO4] * 2H2O) is a widespread sedimentary mineral. It appeared as a result of the evaporation of ocean masses millions of years ago. Calcium sulfate has unique properties:

  • during heating, gypsum is able to release water from the crystal lattice, passing into a semi-aquatic form,
  • with a further increase in temperature, it is completely dehydrated and becomes a dense substance,
  • In contact with water, dry or hardened gypsum restores its structure,
  • chemical reactions take place with a large release of heat.

What are we using for? Physical processes

The composition of thermoactive masks in addition to the main ingredient - gypsum powder - may include seaweed, salt, mud, silt. The gypsum mask applied to the face is initially cool, but gradually warms up to 42 ° C, creating a “sauna effect”. The components used under this mask are fat-soluble. And for their penetration into the skin, heat is needed. The effect of such a facial procedure can be regulated by changing the basis (cream, gel or other mask). Thermal effect improves metabolic processes, enhances blood flow, tightens sagging skin.

Stiffening, the mask cools and takes on a hardened form, which improves drainage and provides a lifting effect.

Gypsum mask for the face contributes to:

  • improving metabolic processes,
  • prevent aging of facial skin,
  • refreshing tired skin
  • smoothing and tightening the skin,
  • modeling face contours,
  • enlarged pores for deeper nutrition.

How to apply? Getting to know technology

Properly prepared gypsum-based formulations have positive reviews. The course of treatment is best done by an experienced cosmetologist. The specialist will select the required gypsum and compositions for it (creams, serums) individually. But with some experience, you can try to do this procedure yourself.
The gypsum mask requires certain rules to be followed:

  • Before applying the skin is cleansed, you can spend a light peeling.
  • Do not massage your face, do not provoke an increase in blood flow.
  • Fat-soluble nutritious preparations are applied under the mask.
  • The area around the eyes is protected with a cloth, pre-lubricated with a cream.
  • The gypsum mixture is applied from bottom to top with a cosmetic spatula. Better in horizontal position.
  • Holds on the face no longer than 20 minutes.

Plaster mask Janssen Thermo Face Mask

Made in Germany, it is used as a rejuvenating procedure to moisturize the skin, prevent wilting, and tone up. It is recommended to use 2 times a week for a month.

  • powder from a bag is mixed with water to the desired composition, mixes well,
  • applied with quick movements, avoiding the eyes and lips,
  • waiting for the mask to solidify up to 20 minutes,
  • a chin impression is taken
  • residues are removed with tonic.

Biomatrix modeling mask

The composition from France tightens the skin, relieves fatigue, and improves complexion. It is recommended to purchase special ampoules with serum for the gypsum procedure.

  • pre-prepared gauze base for gypsum,
  • gypsum powder is mixed with water,
  • serum is applied to the skin,
  • gauze and gypsum are applied on top,
  • hold 30 minutes.

Chocolate mask with plaster

The composition includes natural gypsum powder and micronized cocoa powder. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, stimulates regeneration, and cleanses.

  • 200 g of powder is mixed with 100 g of water,
  • moisturizer is applied to the face and covered with a cloth,
  • the mask is spread with a spatula in a thick layer,
  • solidification occurs after 20 minutes,
  • removed in a whole piece.

Pink Plaster Composition Alg Mask

Thermal modeling mask from France consists of gypsum, talc and zinc oxide. Due to its composition, it dries up inflammation, corrects the oval of the face.

  • 85 g of powder diluted with water to a paste-like state are needed,
  • ampoule concentrate is applied under gauze,
  • the diluted mass is placed on top of the gauze on the face and neck,
  • removed 20 minutes after solidification.

Who is it for? Recommendations and prohibitions

Any cosmetic mask has positive and negative reviews, but as a medical procedure dictates its recommendations and contraindications.

  • young girls - moisturize the skin,
  • mature ladies - rejuvenate and tighten their face,
  • owners of problem skin - normalize metabolic processes.

It is recommended to use cosmetic plaster.

It is strictly forbidden to use plaster cosmetic procedures:

  • with rosacea and rosacea,
  • at high pressure
  • with infectious diseases,
  • during pregnancy
  • with personal intolerance to the components,
  • due to fear of confined space.

The use of gypsum masks in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures will save youth, get rid of skin problems, look beautiful and well-groomed.