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11 terrible mistakes that you make when choosing underwear


Or under tight pants or leggings?

Firstly, the underwear should be in size, and not crash into the body, showing the shape of the "caterpillar". Even on the thinnest girls, lingerie, digging into the body, does not look beautiful. Secondly, thongs correctly selected through clothes do not stand out. In the cold season, some girls wear elongated hips, they look good under the dress, the body shape is streamlined, and the figure is emphasized. And finally, some neglect underwear, for some celebrations that would look like 100, they simply wear thin nylon tights or stockings. There is already a matter of comfort.

In the simplest way, get rid of the visible line of underpants, just put on a thong under a tight outfit (dress). High-quality thongs, correctly selected, do not leave visible lines to the eye that appear from under the dress. By the way, even if the panties are full-sized, but of high quality, with thin seams and elastic, and chosen correctly - not tight and not weak, then they will not be evident.

There are generally seamless panties, the edges of which are processed on laser equipment. For options for such seamless underpants, materials such as elastane and spandex are used.

Yes, and do not forget about the color of the linen, which should match along. Because even slightly revealing underwear will not smooth out the visible lines of the underpants, but on the contrary will contrast their attention.

1. Bra Straps

Silicone straps that peek out from under your clothes are a bad manga. Demonstrating silicone on your shoulders, you kind of say to everyone around: not everything is okay with my chest!

It is better to choose a strapless bra (with a bandeau) or buy a “convertible” - a bra that allows you to change the location of the straps.

2. Lace panties made of synthetics

Remember once and for all: high-quality panties for every day should consist of 80% cotton and 20% elastane (so that they do not lose their shape). In extreme cases, they can be made of natural material, which is also based on cotton. Synthetic underwear is best left for a special occasion.

3. A bra that can be worn with an open back dress

T-shirts “alcoholics” or tops with large American armholes can be worn, but only if the bra straps do not peek out from under them. Often, girls try to solve the problem with the help of "invisible" silicone straps: they look as bad as everyone else.

Remember: straps should not be visible under any circumstances.

4. Particular attention to white

Another blunder: white panties under white trousers. They always peep. Therefore, if you wear thin and light clothes, choose flesh-colored underwear. And give preference to seamless panties.

5. The rule of "gaps" and colors

A black bra must not be worn under white clothing. Yes, a few years ago this combination was in fashion, but this time has passed. In everyday life, it always looks a bit messy.

It is also not recommended to wear translucent things, even if you put on a jacket or coat over it.

7. And again about the quality of linen

If the underwear is 100% made of cotton, you will not wear it for long: the cotton quickly stretches and loses its shape. Therefore, if you care about your health and your wallet, let a little lycra be in your underwear. About 20%, no more.

8. The rule for the home

Admit it: you often go around the apartment without a bra, right? Turns out it's bad! Even at home.

Ligaments of the chest are stretched and are unlikely to return to their original position. Chest sagging. So it’s better to still wear something that supports them. You can buy a suitable bra at the maternity store. The local bras do an excellent job supporting even large breasts and do not cause any discomfort.

One of the main mistakes when choosing clothes is the wrong size. When choosing a bra, pay attention not only to the size of the cups, but also to the length of the strapless. If you have it like in the photo, then you have chosen a corset that is too large.

10. The most important and grave mistake of young girls

It lies in the fact that lately young girls are increasingly beginning to wear thongs every day instead of “full” panties.

There are several problems with thongs. Firstly, they are almost always made of synthetic material that is not able to absorb sweat and prevents the skin from breathing. This creates ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria in the bikini area.

Secondly, a thin strip instead of a full-fledged “shield” promotes the transfer of bacteria and viruses, which means unpleasant gynecological diseases. This is especially true if you work among people and travel around the city in public transport.

And thirdly: thongs are cool, but if you always wear them, change them as often as you can (or remember to use well-known means).

11. Visible lines of linen

The large seams of the underpants that peep out from under the clothes is a barbaric greeting from the recent Soviet past, in which there was not only sex, but also beautiful and comfortable lingerie.

Fortunately, now you have the opportunity to choose underwear that, on the one hand, doesn’t stitch into your buttocks, and on the other hand, does not try to get out of the clothes.

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