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Green Card ": what documents are needed to purchase it for the first time?


Green Card is an international insurance product required for foreign travel. It compensates for losses in accidents, natural disasters, unlawful actions of attackers. The presence of insurance is a prerequisite for a visit to Belarus, Estonia and Finland.

Key policy options:

  1. The document is printed on letterhead, issued in a single copy. If the card is lost or damaged, a new one must be ordered.
  2. To take out insurance you need 30 calendar days. This should be considered when planning a trip.
  3. Trailer equipment is subject to insurance; a separate policy is purchased for it.
  4. The validity of the insurance is from 15 to 365 calendar days. Buying a one-year policy is the most profitable.

The Green Card is checked by customs officers and police. Its absence is a reason for prohibiting border crossing.

How to get insurance?

To purchase a Green Card you will need:

  1. Collect a package of documents. Before buying insurance you need to prepare paper. The car owner will need a passport, TCP and STS.
  2. Contact an insurer representative. The driver turns to a car insurance company. He announces a desire to buy a policy, indicates its validity.
  3. Policy cost calculation. The representative of the insurer determines the price of the card, guided by the requirements of the customer.
  4. Payment. The client transfers the specified amount to the account of the organization. Use of cash and bank cards is allowed.
  5. Documents receiving. After 30 days from the date of payment, the driver is issued a Green Card.

Experts recommend collaborating with accredited insurers. This will exclude temporary losses, ensure the receipt of the original card.

Renewal option

A "green card" (see here) is issued for the period indicated on the form. It cannot be renewed or replaced. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is worth taking out insurance with a margin.

If the insurance period has come to an end, the driver spends 30 days to buy a new policy.

Acquisition of Green Card in St. Petersburg

The DokAvto company will help prepare for a foreign trip. The organization works with leading insurers, offers solutions for travelers, businessmen and ordinary citizens.

  1. Time saving. The customer visits the office on a convenient day for him. He can sign up online, over the phone, by electronic means.
  2. Quality Communication. Before you take out insurance, managers will calculate its cost. They will talk about the rules for submitting and receiving documents, and will give related recommendations.
  3. Acceptable prices. The policies are implemented as part of the 2019 tariffs. The client does not pay additional fees and commissions.

Not sure how to make a Green Card? Contact the managers of DokAvto. They will help in solving this problem.

To calculate the Green Card online, use the standard calculator.

Normative legal acts

The procedure for concluding civil liability insurance contracts for vehicle owners under the international insurance system (for the purchase of the Green Card international insurance, the list of member countries covered by it is available here) is regulated by:

  • Federal Law "On Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance of Vehicle Owners" dated 04.25.02 N 40-ФЗ (latest revision).
  • Insurance rules within the framework of the Green Card international vehicle liability insurance system as amended on June 21, 18 (approved by the Board of the Green Card Bureau on 09/23/08, approved by the RSA Board on 09/24/08).

According to paragraph 1 of Art. 31 No. 40-ФЗ in the case of temporary use of a car registered in the Russian Federation abroad in a country with an international insurance system, the car owner is obligated to insure his civil liability. Insurance will be required in case of financial obligations as a result of an accident - both in the event of damage to life and health, as well as property of the victims. It is issued for the period of temporary use of the vehicle (but not less than 15 days) in one of the companies included in the list of insurers operating on the Green Card system.

Green Card insurance conditions are established by the RSA in accordance with the requirements of international insurance systems (clause 3 of article 31 No. 40-FZ).

List of documents for registration of the "Green Card"

The list of documents required for the purchase of the Green Card (clause 14 of Chapter 4 of the Insurance Rules and the RSA website) includes:

  1. Application for concluding an insurance contract in the form in accordance with Appendix 1 of the Insurance Rules.
  2. Passport or other identification card (if the insurance contract is concluded by an individual), or a certificate of registration of a legal entity (if the insurance contract is concluded by a legal entity).
  3. One of the vehicle registration documents (Title, vehicle registration certificate, technical passport or similar document)

In accordance with paragraph 15 of Ch. 4 of the Insurance Rules, the policyholder, by agreement of the parties, is entitled to submit copies of the documents necessary for concluding an insurance contract.

In accordance with paragraph 16 of Sec. 4 of the Insurance Rules, the policyholder is responsible in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for the completeness and accuracy of the information and documents submitted to the insurer, as well as for the submission of knowingly false information and (or) invalid documents.

The document certifying the conclusion of the insurance contract is the Green Card insurance certificate issued by the insurer to the insured (paragraph 17 of Chapter 4 of the Insurance Rules).